Save our money now, spend it later

This is for all the Gainey doubters, as Ive said before Bob has a plan, develop from within, make some minor trades, and sign a few key free agents along the way.
Now dont get me wrong, the problem with the Habs right now is toughness and grit, however Bob did try to fix this by trying to sign Shannahan last year and Smyth this year. When we start winning the free agents will come.

The rumors I keep hearing are for Marleau, it would be a mistake to give up any prospect for him right now, he will test the free agent market next year, and will get a big raise. Do you think he will be the same player not playing behind Thornton, I dont. So lets not waste our money on Marleau for now. Also although I love the guy, Lecavalier’s price tag is way to high. If by some freak of nature he ever landed in Montreal, his salary is so big, we couldnt sign anyone else and would have to start dumping players when thier price tag went up.
What I see happening in the next 2-3 years when our prospects develope and we start winning, is thier are some players who will get substantial raises, as I see it now the following will be in for big time money,

#1 Higgins, 4-5 million he will be the best player on the team
#2 Komisarick 4.5 million Scott Stevens clone only getting better
#3 Streight 3 million, the current most underated player
#4 Pleckanek 3.5 million, If he keeps progresing
#5 Latandresse 4 million Remeber he was just a teenager last year
#6 Price 4.5 million If he lives uo to the hype
#7 Kostisyn 3 million The fastest player on the team
#8 Lapierre 2.5 million The best pest

These players alone add up to 29.5 million, that would be over half of the team salary, with another 12-14 guys left to pay. I say for now lets develop, see who is showing promise, and bring them along. I know us Habs fans are not very patient, this will be a painfull year, but a learning one for the youngsters. I know that Bob unlike his predecesors, will have patience with the kids, and not get rid of them after one bad year. So to all the Canadiens fans, just sit back this year and watch our future stars develope.

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  1. Boates says:

    I totally agree with what you're saying. But I don't thnk Lats will be worth that much. I too would love to see Vinny in a habs jersey. Let's hope price doesn't turn out to be another Raycroft. I know I shouldn't have compared him to Raycroft(blah), but I think everyone gets what I'm saying.

  2. mtlman2005 says:

    proof that Mark Streit is a very underated player, most peope don't know how to spell his name!

  3. the_word says:

    Montreal Canadians 101.   They should rename this team the Montreal Nostalgics because the only people sporting Habs championship apparel are french emo kids buying it from vintage clothing stores. Ironically these kids are equally as out of touch. No other franchise gets its identity from a fluke championship fifteen years removed from today. Today rarely if ever must one hear of the merits of Calgary who beat the Habs in 89 or hear fans of the Oilers boast about the dynasty they had in the eighties. Nope its the Canadians fans who rest on irrelevant laurels and remind all other sports fans ever day. Even this teams management is stuck in the past, if one is going to be a coach or GM for the Habs, being a former player is a prerequisite to get the job. Oh does this ever breed success. Over the last fifteen years Montreal has proven one thing certain. That they're a lock for the second round if 1. they can actually make the playoffs and 2. they play Boston in the first round . When failing to secure a playoff spot or a match up with Boston. The Habs are still a success as they'll get a mid first round pick and fans invest all hope in a player who hasn't played a game in the LNH. This allows fans to simultaneously boast of the glory of a Habs contender that will emerge in the next five years while revealing in the glory of the past. Its as if Gainey and Carey are playing together today. So all other fans can hang their head in shame in the presence of the greatness of the Montreal Canadians. A team that need not bother with the present day reality. A team that need not respect other franchises that make an effort to be consistently competitive. This narrative plays out in the free agent market as well. If the Habs are interested in a quality UFA they simply look up to the rafter, take down a name and have some hall of famer put down his great grand kids and pick up the phone. Then some poor free agent whose life is busy enough trying to secure his lively hood has to endure the awkward phone call in which he has to disappoint one of his childhood idols by telling him, no one want to play for the Habs if they have better options (like playing for a team that finished last in the Eastern Conference).

  4. camerak says:

    Is this your reply to every Habs article now?

  5. the_word says:

    I like it, looking for some feed back for some of the more arrogant Habs fans. 

  6. THEGREATHAB says:

    FYI, Iam not a french emo kid, but do have some Habs championship apparel.  Obviously you didnt watch the 93 playoffs,  if you did you would have seen Roy could have won the cup himself,  Oh yeah there were a few other guys on that team too such as Muller, Savard,Desjardins, LeClaire, Damphousse, Schnieder, Carboneau, and Keane.  But I guess those guys arent good enough by your standards to win a cup. 
    Its too bad there are only two types of fans,  those who love the Habs and those who hate them,  unlike you I do give credit to teams today,  and the 89 Flames had an awesome team,  that is why them and the habs finished 1-2 in the leaque,  The oilers of the eighties were a dynasty as well,  but whos living in the past now?   Look at the good teams today,  they built from within,  which is where the habs are now,  they are at the same point now that Anaheim, SanJose, and, and Nashville were 2-3 years ago.  All I'm saying is lets not waste our money on short term fixes,  instead develope the prospects we have so we can build a contender for many years, not just be one hit wonders.

  7. the_word says:

    Montreal played no good teams in the 93 playoffs. They played Quebec, a team that hadn't made the playoffs for years before 93, Buffalo who finished 4th in their division (one of the worst teams in the playoffs), NYI statistically the worst team in the playoff and the Kings (another team that finished third in their division). It was a strange playoff year, where Montreal had lucked into the path of least resistance. A team that finishes third in their division and wins a cup is a long shot by anyone's standards.

    Muller was a mediocre star by the 92-93 standards, Savard spent the playoff run in the press box, Desjardins was good, LeClaire hadn't emerged as a star yet, Damphousse (see Muller), Schnieder was ok, Carbs was a good role player and same for Keane. How did the Habs follow that up? 1st round exit.
    I don't hate the Habs at all, there one of my favorite teams outside of Toronto. What annoys me is the arrogance of a large part of their fan base. The difference between the 89 Flames and the Oilers is that their fans aren't stuck in the past and carry themselves with a ridiculous sense of superiority based on a cup win(s) that have been buried by years of mediocre.

    Again, all that concerns Habs fan is 1993 and 2011. 2007 is just an a waiting period till the exaggerated prospect. I wasn't criticizing your article, just wanted to say my piece.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    your article pertty much proves the point for the Gainey doubters.

    if the gainey plan is to draft, trade & sign free agents, then he sounds like the other 29 gm's who also build their teams through those same three methods.  he doesn't trade better, doesn't draft better and certainly doesn't sign free agents better than any other GM. 

    if your point is that Gainey won't dump the youngsters then I would remind you that nobody has ever said that Gainey would dump all of them.  But he has dumped several that didn't fit into his plans – Ribiero, Hossa, Perezhogin, Beauchemin, Hainsey, Garon and Ward are all youngsters that he let go. 

    if you think bob should develop the youngsters then you must have been very upset that he was going after veterans like Briere and Smyth and added more vets like Smolinski, Brisebois and Kostopolous.  there is no room on this team for any more youngsters. 

    I don't know how you can write that Gainey will have more patience with the kids "unlike his predecessors."  Who did his precessors trade?  Are we going back to the LeClair trade from 94?  I agree that they should not hve lost  Arron Ashambuck in 02, but he had been with the team since 98-99.  Gainey has dumped more NHL prospects than his predecessors.  I especially love the patience shown to Perezhogin.  it's nice when your #1 draft pick is so sick of the team he flees the country.  pretty cool how gainey allowed beauchemin to play for an entire game with the Habs before he became a regular dman on a Stanley Cup winning team.  and i love that we were so patient with Hainsey that we even paid his salary so he could develop his skills for the Blue Jackets.  should i even mention that he dumped Ribiero for a higher priced player that the coach benched for half the season? 
    There is no one in the NHL who believes that Lecavalier or Marleau are coming to Montreal.    Not even Gainey.

    If the problem with Montreal is toughness and grit then how can you be happy that Gainey signed Kovalev, Samsonov, Bonk, Johnson, Dandenault, Hamrlik and Streit?

    I don't know what you mean that this will be a painful year for the youngsters.  Are you saying the team is going to miss the playoffs again?  If so, you are saying that Gainey is going to miss the playoffs in years three and four of his five year plan.  If you believe that, you shouldn't want him as your GM.  I am more optimistic.  I think the team can make the playoffs, even with Gainey as GM. 

  9. habsoverserver says:

    Harsh and well written but slightly inaccurate.  The NHL is full of former Habs coaches – Lemaire, Tremblay, Vigneault, Therrien and Julien, all of whom got their first nhl coaching job with montreal. The latter three never played for the Habs.

    oddly enough, the present day reality for the habs is the best it has been since they won in 93.  it's a mediocre team.  but there is upside. 

    i think calling briere a "poor free agent trying… to secure his livelyhood" is somewhat melodramatic.  i mean the guy made $5mil last season and spent all of 20 minutes unemployed before signing a $52 million deal. even if his $5million signing bonus didn't clear for a couple days,  i think he probably managed to deal with the stress of being jobless for that minor interim period. 

  10. habsoverserver says:

    one other point, montreal is near the salary cap, so they are not "saving their money now." also saving money now doesn't allow you to spend more later.  the cap limits how much you can spend.

  11. jpmac says:

    So how do you justify la beating your beloived leafs in that same playoffs? And even if they diodn't play any of the "top" teams, the teams they beat earned their spot their by winning.  And don't be jealous that we have a history to be prooud of..unlike some teams, and to say that we always bring that up is wrong.  There was another leaf fan on here who declared that habs fans talk way too much about their prospects.  So you you should take your pick…do we talk too ,uch about our history or too much about our past..don't be jealous that we beat your leafs hands down in both categories.

  12. the_word says:

    Yeah, looking that over, it was worded a little awkwardly, by 'poor' I was referring to the unfortunate situation of having to tell a legend like Belleveau that he didn't want to play for the Habs and by 'securing his livelyhood' I was referring to the fact he was in the middle of making a huge decision in his life and shouldn't be bothered by other distractions. My bad.

    I wasn't trying to write a polemic, but rather simply a rant of what annoys me about the Habs fanbase and organization. The tone was intentionally dramatic.

  13. the_word says:

    The Leafs were mediocre that year too (finished 3rd in their division as well), the Leafs did make the conference finals in the following year as well, but of course they overachieved in both of those seasons.

    Its not a matter of jealousy, its that condescending attitude that some fans use to simply brush off legitimate criticisms of their current situation and revisionist history that ignores the 14 years of struggle that followed that cup win that I'm ridiculing. Its unique to Montreal, if I were to criticize the Flames on these boards I wouldn't expect a reply along the line of, 'yeah but we won a cup in 89-90, so we're awesome and you're jealous'. Its cool to have history, the Oilers have history, hell even the Leafs have history or even Jersey has recent history, but their fans don't romanticize the nostalgia of years past.

    Again, its not that I think Habs fans talk too much about their prospects. I usually find talk of prospects interesting as it brings a level of understanding of who is coming up in the game. However, when fans assert their ego and proclaim that all of these players will be a force or that a certain number of them will become allstar caliber players, I find such wishful thinking juvenile.

    I think you meant, I should take my pick between talking too much about history and too much about the future. But again you're missing my point. Habs fans are doing both, living in a revisionist past where they were successful and in the future where they may be success again. By simultaneously living in both conveniently ignore today or this season. Like I said its as if Gainey and Price are playing on the same ice, the reality of the matter is made irrelevant.

  14. habsoverserver says:

    it was a good rant. 

    perhaps montreal fans forget that there is a dichotomy between 20 stanley cup wins and 17 consecutive years of finishing third, fourth or fifth in their division.  i agree entirely that respectibility is more about regular season wins and continuity than cinderella playoff runs.  there have been 16 different stanley cup finals losers since 1990.

  15. justmisterp says:

    No we want to spend are money now!!!!! The faster we get a cup the faster we will be satisfied!

  16. Quebec4Life says:

    Hey man, I’m a french emo kid super nostalgic and yes I’m wearing my vintage jersey that I bought for 400$ US dollars of the Rocket on Ebay. I still find it a lot better than being a fat American-like coach potato (or computer chair potato if you prefer)¬†Toronto Leafs squarehead queen Elizabeth lover¬†fan, who’s been waiting since 1967 and who spents his time on NHL rumors forum instead of enjoying the summer, play in the pool or with the kids or simply getting a job… You got to agree…

    and no, I’m not emo nor wearing a vintage jersey that I bought from Ebay, I’m just a fan of the habs happy that his parents chose Montreal over Toronto to live in…

  17. jpmac says:

    Honestly I never seen anyone talking on here about the nabs winning a cup in 93..we never won one in 89-90.  I think a lot of hab fans are excited about the prospects we have, and we realize that we aren't going to win a cup in the next couple of years..but after that if things work out then we might have a chance.

    To me that is better than coming on here and saying that we will finish 4th in the conference this year which some leaf fans do.

    And another thing that gets me is when leaf fans say that they would have done better last year if it wasn't for all the man games lost to injury.  59 of those games were to Andy wozenski, and 79 to players who do not contribute.

  18. JokerJam says:

    To all of you 'fans" from Montreal, you should all be banned from watching your "team" play! I'm not going to mention names..but…some of these "fans" make me sick!!! You all no nothing of our heritage and our sport. You all just say the most ridiculous stuff. Do you even know who the GM's before Gainey were?! And, didnt you notice that the team hasnt done anything since Roy left the team? Now we have a GM who loves this team, and who is willing to wait until the RIGHT players ( prospects) are ready to play. You are begining to sound like MapleLoof fans, the lot of you! I think because of people like (*******) Im staying away from this site!! STAND UP AND ENJOY YOUR TEAM< AND REALIZE, THAT GAINEY IS NOT GOING TO BUY A CHAMPIONSHIP, HE WILL EARN IT!! Just like the Penguins will, through DRAFT PICKS!!! and the SENS!! You all make me sick to my stomach! FAKE FANS!!

  19. the_word says:

    Thats cute little post you wrote there, but allow me to bring some clarity to your confuse but cliche message board response. I only post here when I'm bored at work, I don't post here at night or on weekends, I have better ways to spend my own time.

    Dude, you express yourself like a cartoon of that ignorant narrow minded fan stuck in 1993, whose hockey insight is as shallow as his personal attacks. Thanks for validating my original post.

  20. the_word says:

    I get annoyed at overly optimistic Leafs fans as well. Thats not the point here, why is that if someone buries the Habs like I did in my original post the immediate reaction is to point at the Leafs rather that actually discuss the Habs.

    As for 89-90, you misread my post, I said, I wouldn't expect a Calgary fan to brag about a championship won in 89-90 (when the Flames beat the Habs) when discussing hockey today.

    I see 1993 about as much as I see 1967. Its amuses me, because pretty everyone from both of those eras are retired today. They both have nothing to do with 2007.

  21. the_word says:

    Its funny, Gainey has no interest in buying a championship, yet he went to great lengths to sign Daniel Briere and Ryan Smyth this off season. Both UFA who are questionable long term investments. Gainey failed in securing either of those two UFAs, then overpaid Hamrlik (who will probably fit in well with the Habs, but  without question is overpaid).  Its important to keep in mind Gainey's intent to sign free agents and his inability to get land them. This being the case and assuming you're right, then Gainey's failures are his strength.

    I'll take fake fans over shallow analysis any day.

  22. Quebec4Life says:

    Exactly see I wanted to show you what it feels like to hear some ignorant comments like you take the time to make… Funniest part it you even took the time to had another little personnal attack. It's funny to see that I just did the same thing you did to make you realize, but obviously you are dumber than I thought I was making fun of you, but you did it yourself good job Winner! 

  23. the_word says:

    Whatever you want to tell yourself, read my original post, its better most shit that gets put up on this site and is a pretty spot in describing the culture of the Habs. 

    "good job Winner!"

    Yeah, you sure showed me up. 

  24. Quebec4Life says:

    Rofl no argument funny…

  25. the_word says:

    Well apparently you don't argue, because you like to present yourself as being above such discourse.  Consider this an invitation to talk hockey, if you've actually have something to say.

  26. Quebec4Life says:

    I have something to say, its just half you toronto leafs fan are self-minded

  27. 68north says:

    come on now leaflover admit your jealousy is reeking out of your tiny little 4 brain cells left. always dissing what you want to be on the inside ahab lover-go back to your skinny little condo on queenie st. and keep choking your chicken you idiot

  28. THEGREATHAB says:

    I can appreciate your comments,  and they are well written.  However the purpose of my post was to tell our most impatient fans to wait a little while for a contender.  It is not going to happen this year, unless Gainey sells all of our prospects for a couple of stars,  that might put the Habs in the playoffs this year but do nothing for the future.  I know there were some big name UFA's that we were unseccessful in landing,  which would have helped develope some of the prospects,  but in the end I would rather see the Canadiens save some money to keep the prospects that will be deserving of big contracts in 2-3 years,  instead of spending big bucks on a star now,  that will not be deserving of thier contract in 2-3 years ala Kovalev.

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