Shake up time?

With the Leaf’s season already off to a rocky start but not gone or out of reach by any means I believe now is the time to make a deal, or a shake up deal which will totally change how this team goes out an plays every night. I also believe the leaf’s have a possible trade partner in the SJ Sharks. Who have an already great team, thats way under cap, an would love to improve.

Possible ” Shake up ” deal.To SJ: -Sundin, McCabe, Tor’s 2rdp 2008

To Tor: -Marleau, McLaren.

Let’s think about the Pacific Division. Full of teams with great defensive teams and good goalies. Adding Sundin a better scorer/shooter arguably compaired to Marleau. Great leader qualities. His 6’5 frame would add to an alread AWESOMELY giantic team. Imagine on the PP or in one goal games in crunch time how hard it would be for teams to defend a 6’4 235 lb. Thornton, 6’5 231 lb. Sundin, AN!, 6’1 201 lb. Cheechoo with a Rocket shot. Not to mention adding McCabe who has a Power cannon from the blue line. Also great PP qb skills to compliment Thornton’s play. Now it’ll be rough taking on almost 6Million more in cap, But they do have space is this team’s time to win is now. I look at this team every year an wonder why they aren’t the favorites. This team somewhat suffers from playing in a very defensive division with great goalies on almost all the teams. Addin guys who have better shots and a little more offensive game to an already great defensive team shouldn’t hurt them. Not to mention they pick up a second rdp for this up coming draft.

Toronto style of play is obviously not working. The offense is right up there with the rest of the league. Now the defense on the other hand… Giving up a league most 81 goals(Nov.24th), After just making signing a goalie who you thought would be the answer. Unfortunately Toskala is playing to right around what his average is, he’s amost got a .900 sv%, but he has an amost 3.2 gaa, compaired to last year when he only had 2.35 gaa. Now sv% is almost the same,
.908(07), .895(08). The answer is simply the shots on net, or ” Quality shots on net. ” The big offensive game Toronto’s playing is leaving great scoring chances for other teams. Adding Marluea will fill Sundin’s spot for years to come, not to mention he is a better play maker even though Sundin may be a better scorer which might be a good thing after signing a scorer like Blake & Poni. McLearn might be best addition the leafs for years to come. This guy is tough, rough, mean, but plays the game within the limits. His character is contagous within a team an we see it in SJ. If you watch him often you’ll know what i’m talking about. Ex: SJ vs DET McLearn takes a shot a Drake, injuired, game goes on till the third when McLearn was getting a rough like always but laid a big and questionable hit on Zetterberg, a definate no no for teams now especailly with tough guy Dowine added to the team. Downie simply asked if he’d go, McLearn says yes an TAKES OFF THE VISOR HELMET. Representing to me he’s ready to go hurt the opposing team but willing to take what’s given back to him. Not to mention his great defensive game an skating ability. Toronto’s conferance is also loaded with teams that have great offensive skaters. I believe a more defensive Marluea an a BIG hit threat (people remember who hurt them) in McLearn will definately slow the amount of quality shots on net along with changing the offense to be prosperous but not have a few players do all the work rather work together.