Shake up time?

With the Leaf’s season already off to a rocky start but not gone or out of reach by any means I believe now is the time to make a deal, or a shake up deal which will totally change how this team goes out an plays every night. I also believe the leaf’s have a possible trade partner in the SJ Sharks. Who have an already great team, thats way under cap, an would love to improve.

Possible ” Shake up ” deal.To SJ: -Sundin, McCabe, Tor’s 2rdp 2008

To Tor: -Marleau, McLaren.

Let’s think about the Pacific Division. Full of teams with great defensive teams and good goalies. Adding Sundin a better scorer/shooter arguably compaired to Marleau. Great leader qualities. His 6’5 frame would add to an alread AWESOMELY giantic team. Imagine on the PP or in one goal games in crunch time how hard it would be for teams to defend a 6’4 235 lb. Thornton, 6’5 231 lb. Sundin, AN!, 6’1 201 lb. Cheechoo with a Rocket shot. Not to mention adding McCabe who has a Power cannon from the blue line. Also great PP qb skills to compliment Thornton’s play. Now it’ll be rough taking on almost 6Million more in cap, But they do have space is this team’s time to win is now. I look at this team every year an wonder why they aren’t the favorites. This team somewhat suffers from playing in a very defensive division with great goalies on almost all the teams. Addin guys who have better shots and a little more offensive game to an already great defensive team shouldn’t hurt them. Not to mention they pick up a second rdp for this up coming draft.

Toronto style of play is obviously not working. The offense is right up there with the rest of the league. Now the defense on the other hand… Giving up a league most 81 goals(Nov.24th), After just making signing a goalie who you thought would be the answer. Unfortunately Toskala is playing to right around what his average is, he’s amost got a .900 sv%, but he has an amost 3.2 gaa, compaired to last year when he only had 2.35 gaa. Now sv% is almost the same,
.908(07), .895(08). The answer is simply the shots on net, or ” Quality shots on net. ” The big offensive game Toronto’s playing is leaving great scoring chances for other teams. Adding Marluea will fill Sundin’s spot for years to come, not to mention he is a better play maker even though Sundin may be a better scorer which might be a good thing after signing a scorer like Blake & Poni. McLearn might be best addition the leafs for years to come. This guy is tough, rough, mean, but plays the game within the limits. His character is contagous within a team an we see it in SJ. If you watch him often you’ll know what i’m talking about. Ex: SJ vs DET McLearn takes a shot a Drake, injuired, game goes on till the third when McLearn was getting a rough like always but laid a big and questionable hit on Zetterberg, a definate no no for teams now especailly with tough guy Dowine added to the team. Downie simply asked if he’d go, McLearn says yes an TAKES OFF THE VISOR HELMET. Representing to me he’s ready to go hurt the opposing team but willing to take what’s given back to him. Not to mention his great defensive game an skating ability. Toronto’s conferance is also loaded with teams that have great offensive skaters. I believe a more defensive Marluea an a BIG hit threat (people remember who hurt them) in McLearn will definately slow the amount of quality shots on net along with changing the offense to be prosperous but not have a few players do all the work rather work together.

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  1. 92-93 says:

    watching the man-to-man-bumper-car-chase-the-other-guy defensive zone coverage that all us leaf fans have come to know and love, and yes, some changesa need to be made.


    Maurice (still playing man-to-man i see – the honeymoon is over – when something doesnt work, you make adjustments, and Mo simply isnt doing that).

    etc. etc. etc.

    BUT, the one thing i can honestly say i never want to see: the trading of Kyle Wellwood or Tomas Kaberle.

    I know kaberle is struggling a bit, but he is stll a pleasure to watch. And watching Wellwood play on the PP is worth the price of admission alone. this guy is so creative and he is so UNIQUE. i cannot compare his style of play to anyone else.


    the way he holds onto the puck, skates, passes, everything. its just so weird to watch … but he creates TONS of chances.

    so yeah, its 5-1 Phoenix, changes will come i'm sure – and it may be precipitated by games like this one (again, how can you blame Toskala for any of these goals – just poor coverage, decision making all the way around, the Leafs ARE NOT GIVING THEIR GOALIES A CHANCE).

  2. 92-93 says:

    anybody see the Hotstove tonight?

    i think theres changes a comin' … but are the people making those changes are part of the problem.

  3. leafsrule31 says:

    wow.. i need not read the rest of the article. the trade proposal was enough for me.

    i think this is the perfect time for the big wigs to finally admit that this team needs to rebuild. the core we have just isn't going to do it. we're not a competitive team, let alone a threat. the team lacks heart, motivation, among other things. if a change is going to made.. which i think should be… it should start in the general managers chair. and from there.. the leafs should be sellers for once, and be on the flip side of those panic deals which are made just to keep teams at that fringe level. if.. and i say IF.. sundin ever goes. a top 10 draft pick, and a huge top level prospect have to be coming back, not more guys pushing there 30's.

    as far as i'm concerned… i'd like to see us make a push for an impact young star.. pretty much parallel to the trade made for sundin so many years ago. someone with loads of potential whos had a solid first year in the league.. malkin? theres about 3 leafs who id prefer to stay on the team.. and wellwoods one of em. but why not a deal like tucker, wellwood, steen and robbie earl for malkin and scuderi? thats where i'd like to see the leafs start. deal with a top 6 pick this year.. try to trade for another top 10. maybe someone would give it up for stajan or steen.. if there's any interest in mccabe kubina blake or raycroft.. take it. who cares what it is. an extra large double double and case of kokanee for the lot of em. and go from there. stick with toskala, let pogge back him up. try to trade for a guy like shea webber.. if thats even possible. just.. rebuild. stock up on top picks grab up young talent.. and build around that.

    i'm definitly not saying that any of this is possible.. or maybe even the exact right thing to do. i'm saying that its been 40 years since we've won a cup, what we're doing right now isn't working, and the questions can start being answered by booting that  goon who traded tukka rask.

  4. habs_punk says:

    Throwing McCabe in there ruins this possibility. I doubt San Jose would be interested in taking him, his lack of defensive play, and his contract (not to mention McCabe would have to ok the trade). Replace him with someone else, and maybe you've got some talks starting.

  5. MR40 says:

    Honestly it doesn't benefit either team.

    Sundin is UFA, can sign anywhere he wants and might not re-sign with San Jose, and then the Sharks have to take McCabe who is garbage. Malreau is having a slow start and won't benefit the Leafs.

    Marleau just got an extension and won't be traded, and Toronto can probably sign a similier player in the off season since he's not really a game breaker. McLaren is a good player, and there's no reason to get rid of him.

    The only reason it make's sense is because McLaren is a defensive d man, and the Leafs need one of those.

  6. morrissey says:

    Why would anyone give you two good players for an aging UFA and a grossly overpaid average d-man with an NTC????? And you are throwing in more high draft picks?!?!?? Don't you Leaf fans get it yet???

  7. morrissey says:

    Sundin has limited trade value – he's old and a UFA… you won't get more than picks for him. MaCabe is untradeable, forget the NTC, no-one will take him at his salary – you are stuck with him so get used to it. Same goes for Gill, Kubina & Raycroft. JFJ really *****ed the Leafs over for quite some time- sucks to be a Leafs fan, but I'm not so haha bloody ha.

    1) Trade Sundin, Kaberle & Tucker for picks
    2) Keep your remaining damn picks
    3) Accept that you will suck for the next 4-5 years
    4) Get excited again when the new young talent develops

  8. habsrock99 says:

    You may be settling for Kokanee, but at least you have good beer taste lol

  9. wayne2 says:

    One player the leafs should consider trading is Jason Blake.He doesnt appear to be happy there and could bring you guys something good in return.Vancouver and Columbus are looking for a top six forward.

  10. avsjoendryan says:

    Clearly your not a leafs fan, but trading your Captain and assistant captain not to mention there best forward and defensemen might really screw up this team for a long time to come… i hate the leafs but its a good thing that your not the gm and if you were you wouldnt be for very long 

  11. chanman says:


     Trade Tucker. Trade Blake (if you can) Trade Gill and McCabe and get some high picks.

    Keep Sundin. Keep Kaberle. Keep the young guys. They will develop and be the start of a real team in TO.
    Sundin and Kaberle will give the fans something to talk about trading as their team sucks for another couple and those high pick develop.
    Let whoever run the net for now – get a smart GM and coach in and let the GM steal someone through trade or maybe just do something anyone could do and grab a guy like Brygsalov when he is sent through wavers…

    O and forget 2008. It's not happening guys…no defence – no playoffs. No goaltending, no defence, = top 7 draft pick.

  12. Jrugges says:

    First off morrissey I am not a Maple leaf fan. I'm actually a Red Wings fan. More importantly I'm an overall hockey fan who likes watching all teams. I just wrote up an article of a POSSIBLE, very unlikely but POSSIBLE trade. Now you did say your not a leafs fan either an it's very clear you don't watch them very often as well. If you haven't sort of noticed Toronto has a few quality young stars in the making with Wellwood, Steen, an Poni. Not exactly settler but it's something. Trading Sundin is almost a must especailly if things don't turn around in the next month or so because his value may actually be at it's highest. Everyone is forgetting that this "AGING UFA" is also getting a point per game right now on a ROUGH team. Imagine what he could do in SJ. Especailly with the best defensive players OFF him an on Thornton's line. McCabe was rough an brave on my part to throw in the deal an I knew i'd get bashed but SJ was thinking about or actually did, don't know, signing Ozolinsh to help on PP.(spelling) Now we all know McCabe is better than him, even if it's going to cost'em it might be worth it especailly if SJ. won. Half of McCabe's point's are on the PP. It doesnt exactly take the smartest coach in the world to give McCabe limited play during 5v5 hockey, an then use him like he's your star defender on the PP. Someone also pointed out that It was a dumb idea trading the leaf's 2rdp. Well shit to me it was too less. I mean Toronto is giving up alot of contract not to mention taking in decent players. I thought a 2rdp was a little low. Then I realized that SJ wouldn't actually be paying this years full 7 mill. Next year he only gets around 6 mill and the following two years he's gonna be paid a managable 4 mill. 

    MR40 pretty much be-littled my article. An yeah it actually does benefit BOTH teams dumbass. I can't understand how, HOW this trade wouldn't benefit TOR. You said b/c Marluea's slumping… welp Gee, think if he got First line ice time he'd be outta the slump? Welp Gee… I also forgot players slump forever. (with the exception of Samsonov.) Toronto NEEDS a player like Marluea so bad b/c guess what… there isn't another center avaliable with Sundin's caliabler avaliable.
    Adding McCabe to SJ. would make the PP better. Sundin would make a one two punch that could be formittable to the Forsberg/Super Joe days in COL. Or Yzerman/Federov, Jagr/Lemuiex. Yeah Sundin/Thornton are that good.
    Sj receives a better player(right now) in Sundin, an the PP qb they want on D. Which is a risk but this could easily push them over the top to a cup. Don't forget the biggest part of McCabes contract is over. They'll take a hard hit next year but after that he'll be managable. Trading any player to win a cup is a fair trade to me. It's not like SJ doens't have a bunch of Young/Younger physical defenders either. McLearns loss might/might not even be felt.

       Sorry for being mean, but the point of the article wasn't the trade really, it was just a thought, the point of the article was how the Leafs style of play isn't working an new faces might be needed to help change that style.

       Lol, if I could change anything it'd be the whole front office too, including scouts… but I just kept it to the players.

  13. ChyldProdigy says:

    First of all we don't HAVE a 2nd round 08 pick (damn you Perrault!).
    Secondly, I don't think that pot needs to be sweetened.  A 1 year Sundin rental is equal to Marleau for 3 years I think, especially given the pressure SJ is under to excel these playoffs. You are right, a Thornton/Sundin PP line would be the envy of most teams in the league.
    Thirdly I am not in favour of ANY deal that sends picks away from the Leafs.  We need to be taking picks in at the pace we are going, so dropping picks will only be more of the same.
    Despite how negative I have been so far I AM in fact in favour of the Leafs getting Marleau.  I think he is a good example of the type of leadership this team will be missing once Sundin is gone, and I think he plays a redundant position in SJ because of Thornton.  His grit, defensive game, and leadership are exactly what the Leafs need to Captain this team into the future and be a role model for all are young talent.

  14. sharmuta44 says:

    I hope we trade for picks in 09 and then keep playing like shit and hope for a chance at Tarveres. This is the worst team since the mid 80's atleast then we still had Wendell, it seems as no one this team even cares.

  15. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    I'm tired of this crap.

    MLSE get off your ass and do something.

    I'd love to see JFJ get fired and Peddie quit.

    A man can dream, can't he?

  16. Hoondog2 says:

    I've been defending this Leaf team since the beginning of the season as being a quality team.  I'm starting to think that its more quality players than a quality team.  This roster has more talent then a lot of teams but, cleary they cannot play as a unit.  If there is going to be a shake up, it needs to begin with the leadership of this team, i cannot watch any more games where i am more pissed at the other team then the actual Leaf players.  I'm seeing a bunch of players who just don't give a sh*t.  Our leadership players are supposed to be the calming influence on this team, but i find them to be more of a problem than the young guys themselves.  We need to get tougher, not as in fighter tougher, i'm talkin mental toughness, physical toughness, players who give a crap when the other team chases our goalie out of the nets in the first 10 minutes of the game.

  17. lookche says:

    3) Accept that you will suck for the next 4-5 years

    EVen now Toronto fans aren’t accepting that when it’s evident, lol.

  18. senators101 says:

    I'll have to disagree.  Even if he were to suck, it wouldn't mean he's fired.  Look how long JFJ lasted?

  19. senators101 says:

    I don't think they'll be in the worst 7…maybe 12 (if they play they way they are now).  However…. regardless of what draft pick it is, if JFJ is still around, that pick is also gone for another bottom 2 defenseman and a 4 year, 4 million dollar contract with a No Movement Clause. 

  20. 92-93 says:

    you are dead wrong (and a little vague) on Sundin.

    he'll yield AT LEAST a first rounder and a prospect or two (or an NHL-level player that is somewhat decent).
    at least.
    and as a leaf fans that lived through the quinn era when there was no young talent, its very exciting to watch the players they do have (especially wellwood and Tlusty). hopefully they can builid on that and add more top-tier prospects.
  21. morrissey says:

    Ya I'm so wrong about the Leafs, I've only grown up watching a team that's won over a half dozen cups since your team even played in the finals – haven't learned a thing about hockey from that, nothing whatsoever… Go Leafs, you guys sure know it all in Toronto, no doubt you'll fix all this and win the cup before the decade's out…

  22. 92-93 says:

    ok, it is these kinds of moronic statements that get spewed all the time by non-leaf fans like you and muckies (wonderful company you find yourself in by the way):

    so by your logic, before the soxs won (both red and white), their fans were dumbasses? what about the Cubs, all cub fans are dumb since 1908?
    need i say more. 
    as you clearly exemplify, all teams – REGARDLESS OF THEIR ON-ICE SUCCESS – have fans who are intelligent and dumb and the two ARE mutually exclusive from one another.
  23. 92-93 says:

    ive said this before and i'll say it again.

    PLEASE change your name, that such an idiot can like morrissey is really turnng my world upside down. there should be some artists, bands, films, etc. that people like you should not be ALLOWED to enjoy because of some of the dumb comments that you make.
    change your name to Brooks_and_Dunn or something.
    thank you.
  24. morrissey says:

    You Leaf morons always piss on anyone who dares to say your team sucks… we've been saying it for years, I've been saying it while watching Stanley cup parades go by… but you still don't get it….every year is the same old crap from you know it all experts, we've heard your opinions, trades, over evaluations and  quick fixes all before and they still suck… maybe you can  join a golf forum and preach your expertise there…idiots.

  25. 92-93 says:

    my gosh. you seem to get dumber with every post.

    1) you generalize all leaf fans (generalizations are for small minded, simplistic minds)
    2) you assume that i and all leaf fans piss on anyone who says the leafs suck. in reality, i've been very realistic about my team and frequently engage in enlightened conversations about the state of the leafs with non-leaf fans (i'll let you in on one so you know what its like to have such a conversation, debate, etc.)
    3) your last statement is the equivalent of Homer Simpson calling the dean a 'stupidhead.' 
    again, the success (or lack of success) of your team does not CORRELATE to the intelligence of the fans. only a very dimwitted person would say or think such a thing.
    hence, you.
  26. morrissey says:

    One only has to look at your past posts to note your complete lack of hockey understanding. You're right up there with LeafyMcLeaf in terms of your infatuation and over evaluation of a team that has done nothing for 40 years despite probably being the highest average spenders during that period. Vaunting the Leafs farm system, inserting the likes of Smyth, Nagy & Legace into the lineup, ridiculous trade propositions involving McCabe… it only gets worse, your posts speak for themselves. Keep up the fantasy leaf boy, I'll be enjoying a real franchise in a real hockey city discussing the game with real knowledgeable fans.

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