Should he stay or should he go??


I think it’s obvious that this kid is doing what is required of him to make this team, and he now has another year under his belt. While he put points on the board after being sent back to Drummondville, I think we can all agree that he didn’t have a stellar year(including not getting much playing time for team Canada). This time around, if Gainey sends him back to Junior…he will be without the guy who gets him the puck(Brassard is out for the year).

So clearly, sending him back would be a mistake.

But now, who’s place on the roster will he take???

Many people here in Montreal have been pointing the finger to Perezhogin, but is that really the solution?

I think Gainey’s hand might FINALLY be forced to make a move to clear up a roster space. We need help on defense, and that should be his focus.


Opening night roster should look like this….

Samsonov Higgins Koivu

Latendresse Koivu Ryder

Perezhogin Plekanec Johnson

Begin Bonk MurrayOn another note…

Thinking towards next season, this is something that if I were Gainey I would look to do.

Promote Sergei Kostitsyn to Hamilton.

Put together a line of Grabovski between the Kostitsyn brothers, and let them gel as a unit. They would probably become the highest scoring line in the A…and the HABS would be ready for all of them next season

Man Montreal’s future finally looks GOOD!

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  1. parker says:

    Yeah, with Koivu’s eye injury he also gained the ability to play on not one but TWO lines. Awesome.

  2. habs4eva says:

    Opening night roster should look like this….

    Samsonov Higgins Koivu

    Latendresse Koivu Ryder

    Perezhogin Plekanec Johnson

    Begin Bonk Murray

    Y is koivu on 2 lines and were is kovelv thats unless u meant…

    samsonov higgins kovalev

    latendresse koivu ryder

    Perezhogin Plekanec Johnson

    Begin Bonk Murray

    but still i think it is no good….

    ribs should stay because he and latendresse have great chemistry and i think he will ahve a stellar year.

    higgins koivu kovalev

    samsonov ribs latendresse

    Perezhogin Plekanec Johnson

    Begin Bonk Murray


  3. Drifter says:

    I agree that Latendresse should crack the roster, but why does everyone always say Ryder should go?…HE’S OUR LEADING SCORER!

    Ryder has heart, which is what the Habs need right now, Latendresse is showing that he also has heart and wants this badly. The Samsonov/Ribiero/Kovalev line is not producing at all in the preseason, we need to find a way to motivate these guys and get Ribiero off his ass and producing with these Russian talents.

    I think the lines to try are…





    Obviously it would be a test for chemistry, but that’s what Coach Carb has to do right now, find chemistry. It also appears that Perezhogin and Kostitsyn have great chemistry, so it’s a matter of getting our russian guns to gel either together or find who they gel with.

    Go Habs Go

  4. Pimpblu says:

    I find it funny how everyone is quick to let our leading goal scorer for the last two years go for what would amount to a 5th/6th defenseman at best. I don’t understand the logic to this train of thought as these same people complain about the lack of a true scorer on the team. Ryder continues to improve himself year after year and I could see him hit 40 goals this year if he avoids the slump he hit last year for parts of the season. I also think Ribeiro has more talent than any of the kids at this position and is a good 2nd line center to have playing with the explosive offensive weapons (we hope) of Kovalev and Samsonov. If he can’t cut it this year and produce like we all wish he would then I’m sure Gainey will be thinking trade. I for one hope he proves himself this year but I found myself saying the same thing last season. I guess it could go either way. The idea about Grabovsky and the Kostitsyn brothers playing together in hamilton is a great one. I saw Grabs play with SK at the Rookie Tourny and it was something special to watch. The Bela-Russian connection was definitely evident. My bet is that SK will spend the year in London though and continue his development, next year he’ll be in Hamilton though and by then AK will probably be promoted.

    go HABS go

    sorry for the long response, its my first post, juss wanted to say a few things, ciao 🙂

    Shawn B

  5. mtl_prince says:

    we ain’t trading ryder, get over it already!

    ya lets get latendresse in there so he can score 12 goals and dump ryders 35!!!!!!!

  6. christos says:

    well, i think we as habs fans are in pretty good shape if the city has been in this huge debate on whether or not we keep the 19 year old. Not to mention the other youngsters we have. Since the lid stepped on the ice, al we can say guy guy guy! its great. But space ? many of you jump the gun, and point fingers on who should go, whether its bonk, “ryder”, ribeiro, whoever. But why? look, OUR team is a strong team, i think the younger guys matured, and well the older are moving aside slowly but surely to led our futur players take us deep into the post season. Now on latendress, he definaly deserves a shot, he is only 6’2”, but the guy plays like a giant. just look at dimaio last night, it was clean, he didnt havethe guys back, it was the side. It puts carb under the gun.But in all honesty, as much as i want this, unless MTL does move a player or two, maybe to balance out our defensive situation(although streit is a solid as we first thought), but unless a move is made, i dont think there is space for him. Although, him being on a checking line couldbe fun, but would he be getting the ice time he needs to bloom!? i nwo this post is long, but i have lots on my mind, and our situation is a good one, many people were saying the habs were washed out, and had nohting to trade away, well look again, we have a bunch of kids who are ready, or maybe need a lil work to be ready for this league, and will make an impact one day. Thanks for taking tiem to read!

  7. habsoverserver says:

    good points. there is no advantage to throwing ribiero on the scrap heap.

    habs fans should be more concerned about the thin defence than the overloaded offense.

  8. oop007 says:

    That line up is ass. People are so stupid stop putting koivu on line 2, and make sure kostitsyn is in the line up, duh.

    1 thing is true tho, ribiero must go

  9. allStar says:

    I don’t think Higgins can play as 1st line center.

  10. mtl_prince says:













    Bob told me the revolving door is between Pezerhogin, Kostitsyn and Latendresse, with 99.9% chance that Latendresse will be the odd man out due to the fact that the other 2 have experience and are older. He (Latendresse) needs to play alot, not spend most of the night on the bench in montreal.

    All in all, no surprises here, Bouillon injured, thats about it.

  11. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Waiver draft is coming soon, so maybe with Murray out we can fit Latendresse on th 4th line and give him some powerplay time as well.

    I’m sooo glad we didn’t sign Dumont, especially having the bunch of young guns we have now!

    Anyways a line of Kostitsyn/Plekanec/Perezhogin would break the speed of sound in terms of speed, i wouldnt mind seeing them together too!

    All in all, i tried hard to think about it, and I find it really difficult to fit Latendresse in this years lineup. Anyways we will have to wait and see.

    What a game last night against Tampa, overtime PEREZHOGIN BABY!!!

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    why does everyone ate ribeiro, hes a 50 point guy maing 1.9 million, thats reasonable. i’ve seen him in the defenive zone, its ot pretty, but i someone getsinjured you’re going to want this guy more than ever.

  13. blarneylad says:

    in due time my friends, in due time the canadiens will gel, the dynamo russian line will be stellar, look for 30 goals by sammy, it is still the preseason, have patience holy crap!!!

  14. oop007 says:

    Okay man. Ribiero first line center? Are u gay? Ribeiro shud be traded if anything.

    Your Lines:


    try this:

    Higgins/Koivu/Ryder <– Koivu, ryder our best goal scorer, and higgins our best rookie from last year. LINE ONE MORON.

  15. oop007 says:

    He's already played on the Koivu/Kovalev line and he did a good job.

  16. oop007 says:

    Why does everybody hate Ribiero? Cause he's a puck hog and he's not skilled enough to be one. He's also a douchebag in real life. Met him before. Plus he's shit. He blames Ryder for not being able to put the puck in the net when he "sets" him up. Okay man, maybe cause your not a playmaker Ribiero, your a playwaster. Good job ribiero, going in 2 on 1 and not passing when Kovalev is open on his scoring side and the goaly clearly has Ribiero beaten on his side.

  17. oop007 says:

    Hey guys, imagine:


    30g+ for each? That would be insane. That's 180 goals alone in one season, lol.

    I'm certain Kovalev/Ryder/Samsanov will, Higgins most likely. Koivu will have good points on the assists. Ribiero will get at least 20g. Shud be sick.

    Plus Kostitsyn or Latandresse either or could have a beast first season in the NHL.

  18. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    did he get lots of ice ime last season? cuz leaf fans trash antropov all the time, and its because Quinn played him too much.

  19. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Too bad Ryders the only guy who did that last season.
    150 for the top 6, 80 for the bottom 6 and defenemen.

  20. oop007 says:

    Okay man, a lot of ice time means you can’t pass? Stupid retarded leafs fan.

  21. oop007 says:

    Does sound more resonable, but I think MTL shud trade some of their shittier forwards for even more defense and bring up Kostitsyn minimum.

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