Should the Habs look at Daze ???

I was thinking maybe the Habs should sign him at a base salary of let’s say 500,000 $, and throw in some incentives like games played, goals and so on.

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  1. mtl_prince says:

    would be nice, but daze has only played a handfull of games over the last few years. and we already have our team set. what would they do, demote higgins or perezhogin to the minors, i think not. if this were 3 years ago when we were a little more thin on the wings, then it might have happened, but not now.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    why? they have a plethora of young forwards to develop. they don’t need to give up a roster spot for an experiment.

    Lapress is reporting that last season Ribiero, Dagenais and Theo were nearly traded to the hawks for Aucoin and Khabibulin but that he deal was scuttled when Theodore broke his ankle. It is a moot point right now but I actually believe that rumor and think it would have been an OK trade. Had they done it though, the salary cap consquences would have prevented Montreal from signing any free agents this offseason.

  3. SmileZ says:

    I was really weary about the possiblilty of landing Daze, but you make a good point. Pay him a low base salary, give him a small few incentives, and make it a one year deal. So, if he plays well for PP purposes and stays 50 games healthy he could be a valuable asset. If not, it only cost the Habs $500 G’s. I’m pretty sure Ribiero, Bonk, or (hate to say it but it seems likely with all the rumors) Ryder may be traded this year. Two of those are centerman and no Hab fan wants Higgins off the Koivu line, so maybe a depth center with actual talent might be a good idea… Interesting post Stryker

  4. stanleyfan says:

    I think another person to look at would be Victor Kozlov. He is the same age as Daze, roughly the same point totals, but he might fit better as a centre between Sampsonov and Kovalev.

    Kozlov is a free agent and played with New Jersey so you know he isn’t a defensive liability…

    I would sign Kozlov for 500k plus bonuses.

  5. icehog says:

    I think Kozlov would be a better addition than Daze. He would be better with Samsonov and Kovalev. I don’t think Robiero is the right man for the job.

  6. christos says:

    i also mentioned they should look at kozlov, thought maybe w ecould have a russian line, but then again, who knows. but if he can come cheap, with low salry and some bonuses, why not give him a try. WOuld be fn to watch, no to mention he is a big boy. 6’3 or more i think.

  7. stanleyfan says:

    The stats I had off The Hockey news list him as 6’5 235lbs. A big guy!

  8. habsoverserver says:

    why would you put a 31 yr old career third liner on a line with two all-stars?????????????

  9. urstruly says:

    Kozlov in my eyez would be a lil betta den Daze but either player only if it meant @ the bare minimum and if we got rid of a player for a draft pick…

  10. stanleyfan says:

    The reason I would consider putting him on that line is chemistry. I think they would play the same style of game and that matters more then the fact that Kozlov is 31 or has played mainly on third line.

    In my eyes Ribero is a third line centre as well. Plus Kovalev is 33, Samsonov is 27 they are not young.

    I di not feel Ribero had very good chemistry with Kovalev last season and maybe Kozlov would add something that Ribero could not.

    If I thought about who would be the perfect fit for that line I would choose an all star as well but this was a suggestion made as to who could be a cheap (potential league minimum salary because he has not had any offer to the best of my knowledge) player that would make the Habs better, and a player who is still on the market.

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