Signing Tucker Will Drive Final Nail in Leafs Coffin

For the second season in a row the Toronto Maple Leafs are about ready to make a mistake and hand out yet another no movement clause to one of their players. After handing not only a healthy 5.75 million salary to blueliner Bryan McCabe for each of the next 5 seasons but also a no movement clause, the talk now is that the team will likely hand forward Darcy Tucker the same special feature in his new contract along with millions of dollars attached to multiple seasons.

Here’s the story from

While Tucker has been a fan favorite and has been productive (when he’s been in the lineup) the last couple of seasons, the is no reason to give him such a sweetheart deal and reward him so hansomely. This has been the big problem plaguing the Leafs the last several seasons and there appears to be no end to their madness.

Tucker indeed has been a workhorse and has gone above and beyond in an effort to help his team win. But the bottom line is the Leafs have not succeeded and a deal like this is yet another sign the team rewards mediocrity.

Tucker has had his best and most productive seasons in years where they either missed the playoffs or currently fighting for their playoff lives. Why they are willing to hand over everything to him after such results simply boggles my mind.

Sure multi year contracts for millions of dollars are the norm these days for unrestricted free agents. That is to be expected. But handing out no movement clauses and making a 10 year player who has never scored 30 goals paid and treated like one of the best players in the league is outlandish.

But this should come as no surprise as the team has proven time and time again that this is the way they do things at MLSE. They have made a living of late spending money for no good reason.

In the pre-cap world spending this kind of dough would mean little to a team like the Maple Leafs who as a company make money no matter what. But in a cap world where flexibility is perhaps the most important thing to have, the Leafs fail miserably.

Andrew Raycroft has one of the worst statistical seasons in recent years and yet gets rewarded with $6 million over 3 years.

Hal Gill who’s skill set has become an extinct breed also got $6 mil for 3 years.

Jason Allison could not play for 3 years yet was pretty much guaranteed and relatively easy 3 million in bonuses while now no other team would offer him 1 dollar.

Pavel Kubina who put up some decent numbers was rewarded along the same lines as the Prongers, Lidstroms and Niedermayers of the world for no good reason.

Tomas Kaberle’s contract was about right in terms of pay and he has played well, but he has done nothing so far in his career to deserve a no trade clause. But the Leafs hand those out like tic tacs.

And last but not at all least McCabe got his big fat cushy deal.

I and about everyone else have not and likely will not understand any of the logic behind what the do in building the Toronto Maple Leafs. The evidence above speaks for itself. It is absolutely puzzling how MLSE can let the Leafs to continue to be so happy being pathetic and out of the playoffs throwing money at players who cant help them win while at the same time have their Toronto Raptors run in perfect harmony focused solely on a strong future (CB4, TJ, Bargnani), winning and making smart business decisions.

With a Tucker contract likely in the 3.5-4 million dollar range for 4-5 seasons, the Leafs will be crippled in terms of contracts and cap space likely until after the 2010 Olympics. And that is not even taking into account what could happen over the next 3 years. He, Mccabe, Kaberle, Kubina alone will eat half the payroll and I am not even considering some other major components yet.

For next season alone, a deal of that magnitude for Tucker would bring the Leafs payroll to approximately $28.5 million for 12 active players plus buyouts.

Tucker 4 million
Steen 850K
Kilger 800K
Stajan 950K
Wellwood 950K
Pohl 475K
McCabe 5.75 million
Kubina 5 million
Kaberle 4.25 Million
Gill 2.1 million
Belak 625K
Raycroft 2 million

(Belfour still owed 770K for buyout)

As you can see, there would be another 11 spots on the 23 man roster to fill and one of those spots being for captain, star player and best player Mats Sundin. He alone will command 5-6 million at least. While the cap number is expected to go up, it likely wont go up enough for the Leafs to afford to sign all of Ponikarovsky, Antropov, Peca, O’Neill, Battaglia, Coliacovo, White, Aubin and anyone else they likely need to improve a team currently hanging on to 9th place and fighting for their playoff lives.

Locking up numerous players that do not help your team win and rewarding them big time while making them immobile has to make the Maple Leafs the worst run franchise in the post lockout era so far. Talk all you want about their winning ways of late, the improve play and promise of their young players, and their ability to find diamonds among the castoffs, but 9th place finishes and waiver claims do not breed championships. It is smart management, the willingness to take chances and make tough decisions for the greater good and focus ideals that will get the job done. The Leafs have had none of that and therefore we can only expect their Stanley Cup drought to continue.

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  1. 92-93 says:

    dead wrong about Kaberle. his signing is the perfect example of when to sign a no-trade clause. heading into his prime, already shown signs of consistency during his young career, perfect for the new NHL. now he is a bargain and he aint going nowhere. very nice.

    COMPLETELY agree on the Tucker situation. my views on this have already been stated countless times.

    forget about the amount, 4 years? NO WAY. no-movement clause, forget it. i hope, i sincerely hope that such demands signal to JFJ that its time to trade him. but it probably won't.

    its way too early to judge the Raycroft deal and i say this despite my own misgivings about it. no one can say right now that 3 years 6 million for a goaltender with his potential – a potential that has been displayed this season despite inconsistency – is a bad deal. its just too early.

    totally agree about Gill, McCabe, and Kubina.

    i think the reason why you are puzzled about the Raptors and Leafs resides in two things:

    1) MLSE learned from their mistake with JFJ and got a good GM for the Raptors. yet that created a paradox in which the flagship franchise for MLSE was administered by a rookie GM and their younger franchise is run by an experienced GM.

    2) i seem to remember you – and others on this site like muckies – thinking that MLSE does not care about winning. this is a hopelessly flawed argument on so many levels. the problem is not that they dont care about winning – if they didnt, they wouldnt invest their money and go towards the cap ceiling and towards $60 million in the pre-cap era. the problem is that they spend the money on the wrong players. they want to win, but they make the wrong decisions. maybe that will help with your puzzlement.

  2. Enigma says:

    JfJ and Richard Peddie DO NOT deserve to manage this franchise, period.

  3. sens_matt_83 says:


  4. goleafsgo16 says:

    Better get used to it Leafs fans, I'd estimate another 40 years.

  5. Kraut182 says:

    I was typing my own response, but basically I agree with pretty much all of this so why not save typing.

    Also did Allison get all his bonus money?  I don't know what the clauses were, but 60 points in 66 games seems like it should have got some, but not all, of the potential money.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Well first of all, I doubt $4 million, probably $3.5 million. Second of all, caps going up to $48 million as per Darren Dregehr.

    That leaves $27.5 million for these 11 players, roughly $2.5 million per player.

    Sundin may cost about $5-$6 million, but hey, lets say they pick up his option, that makes him about $7 million, okay.

    So that means $20.5 in cap space… actually about $.15 million more, but I don't want to get to detailed.

    Colaiacovo and White probably won't demand more than a million, Antropov and Ponikarovsky are probably in the same boat. Antropov will probably be the exact same. Peca and O'Neill for a total of $4 million seems about right, what they're making now. Lets assume Antropov, Poni, Colaiacovo, and White, cost a million, Peca and O'Neill cost the same as this year, well that's $8 million spent on another six players, leaving about $10.5 million on another four players.

    Of course Steen can't demand a raise, in fact,, I wouldn't give him what he's making, but okay, lets just assume a million, that's still $9.5 left for three more players.

    $3 million a player. Sign a couple wingers, add a cheap backup, hell, Aubin's doing a fine job at half a million.

    Of course, this is rough math, and Ponikarovsky could even demand more than a million, and White, Coley, and Antropov might price themselves a little higher.

    I wouldn't blame Ferguson for spending that kind of money on a thirty goal scorer like Tucker, which he will be this year. I do blame him for his overspending on Gill, Kubina, and McCabe.

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You are right.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Only 40?

  9. leaferdude2 says:

    leafy can say something intelligent!wow mark 2/9 on your calendar and write LEAFY McCLEAF SAID SOMETHING HALF WAYS SMART AND HE TRIED TO DO MATH.just one question leafy,are you actually a leafs fan.because you sure seem to criticize them an awful lot(maurice).yes some bad moves have been made with JFJ at the helm and i hate him and MLSE but come on,a true fan of any team stands behind their team 100% and loves the guys that are on it.a prime example is Archion 113.i don’t like the guy(no offence archion) but i appreciate the fact that even though his flyers are in dead last and have something like 12 wins,he stands behind them and defends them if he needs to(even if he is giving them more credit than they diserve).so if you are an actual leaf fan,i hope that you’ll either start supporting them more or just SHUT UP.this coming from a diehard leafs fan by the way.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    "leafy can say something intelligent!wow mark 2/9 on your calendar and write LEAFY McCLEAF SAID SOMETHING HALF WAYS SMART AND HE TRIED TO DO MATH.just one question leafy,"

    First of all, everything I've ever said can be easily proven with logic, statistics, science, or common sense, be it regarding sports, politics, global warming, or the 9/11 conspiracy bullshit, I can prove everything I've ever said.

    "are you actually a leafs fan.because you sure seem to criticize them an awful lot(maurice).yes some bad moves have been made with JFJ at the helm and i hate him and MLSE but come on,a true fan of any team stands behind their team 100% and loves the guys that are on it"

    I, as a fan, want what's best for that team, and I think MLSE should be sold, (what a disgrace regarding the Gardens), and want the management and coaching staff gutted to make this team better.

    "a prime example is Archion 113.i don't like the guy(no offence archion)"

    Does anyone like him?

    "but i appreciate the fact that even though his flyers are in dead last and have something like 12 wins,he stands behind them and defends them if he needs to(even if he is giving them more credit than they diserve)."

    That's because he's stupid, and puts up with shit.

    "so if you are an actual leaf fan,i hope that you'll either start supporting them more or just SHUT UP.this coming from a diehard leafs fan by the way."

    Saying I can't criticize the Leafs because I'm a fan is like Republicans saying that if you disagree with what they do then you hate America. This coming from a very very very Republican person by the way.

  11. Kraut182 says:

    I think Sundin's option comes with a cap space hit of $6.33M.

    Aubin isn't doing a fine job, he pretty much sucks, but I think they could get a slightly better guy for the same price so it doesn't realy affect your numbers.

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He's a backup, and unlike in Carolina, Paul Maurice seems content with playing Rayflop a lot.

    Well, that just puts the numbers more on my side, with the Sundin thing.

  13. Archion113 says:

    Unless they remove 29 teams, the leafs will never win the cup.

  14. Archion113 says:

    How the hell i get pulled into this.

    I just like to point out when you racist bigots step over the line.

    And yes someone likes me.  My Mother loves me.

  15. Archion113 says:

    After reading the post i know now why i was pulled into this.

    I'm a die hard fan, and leafy doesn't think they exist outside of Toronto.  I never give up on my team, ever.

  16. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    your mother likes "everyone" it doesnt count… jk i just had to say that

  17. polastem says:

    Everytime I hear people complaining about these signings, I think it's funny on who they blame it on, and trust me, it's not Fergusson. Fergie is gunna be the fall guy, but I'll tell you exactly what the whole problm is, it's simply, the Teachers Pension Plan. They own the team, and the only way they make money the "real" money is if Toronto makes the playoffs. This leads to a few things:

    1. They don't care how good the team is as long as they make it to the opening round, they make money.

    2. MLSE is forced to make sure that Toronto stays competitive, it keeps their fan base high, and the pension plan happy.

    The best thing to happen to the Leafs is they now go on a losing streak, (since they never really gained any ground on the playoff births) and miss the playoffs, pissing off the pension plan and having them hopefully sell it (whereby it would be sold to Rogers. I'm not kidding!) Toronto would get a good draft pick and would finally lose the death grip of the teacher's pension plan.

    And that my friends is the absolutely 100% REAL scene of the Maple Leafs organization, and NOT fergusson. Trust me. Although, he pisses me off too, lol.

  18. polastem says:

    that's why i like you. you're funny shit. And really, the reason why little rivalries start on here is because people can't handle a dfference of opinion.

  19. polastem says:

    Wow, something else is on your side? And here I thought homosexuality was your only friend… gosh darnet, that's impressive!

  20. Aetherial says:

    The problem is exactly what Bob McCowan on the Fan590 went on about a couple years ago.

    They won't go sign a good GM.

    The Raptors did, look at the result. They aren't contenders for the championship and will likely still battle for a playoff spot… but there is a bright future and no real bad contracts hanging around their neck like a weight.

  21. Aetherial says:

    I have resigned myself to mediocrity for the next 4 years since JFJ/MLSE blew it, worse than ANY other GM with is blunders, starting at last year’s trade deadline.

    There is only one thing I really hope they don’t do.

    Trade away ANY young D-men.

    I keep hearing people throw around the young D names as trade bait. My problem with it is that D-men take until their mid 20’s to truly hit their peak. The Leafs have 4 or 5 good possibilities to be top 4 D-men in this league, maybe no true 1’s or 2’s in the bunch, but a number of 3’s 4’s … Buffalo had all 3’s and 4’s, and if they stayed healthy, they would be the cup champs.

    The point is, they have to hold on to these guys for the next 3 to 5 years and see who pans out and who doesn’t. Bell, White, Colaiacovo, Wozniewski, Kronvall, even Harrison are ALL possibilities to be solid NHL D-men.

    5 years from now, when the team doesn’t have McCabe and Kubina and buyouts hanging around their neck, will align nicely with these D-men coming into their prime and demanding big contracts. The Leafs will be able to re-assess who should make big dollars, trade the others (there is ALWAYS a market for D-men with NHL experience at that age).

    Their young D is their one bright spot. It is the one area where I can see a future after the McCabe Kubina era of cap strangulation.

    Keep em all.

    … unless you can package one with Tucker for a truly first rate prospect to a cup-running team…

    Like Tucker + Bell for Bobby Ryan or Tucker + Bell for Radulov

    … which isn’t going to happen.

  22. 92-93 says:

    i believe he fell just short of them thanks to that lovely injury he got in the 2nd Montreal game in March. then the Leafs went on that great run. but he fell just short of the points and games played totals he was supposed to achieve.

    BUT, the thing about bonuses is that you might as well give them the full amount because as a GM, you have to assume that they'll be reached and so it acts as a deterent to signing other players.

  23. 92-93 says:


    and that is why i wanted to wait until July 1st of last year to see what JFJ was made of. up until that point it wasnt really his team and the circumstances and context were acting against him.

    but heck, just before the July 1st period he was resigning the right guys. but then the Raycroft deal happened and then the terrible signings went down. so its pretty clear that although he is not a terrible GM (he has done a lot of positive things), he is  a terrible GM when it comes to major signings (sans the Kaberle signing).

    but i'll tell you one thing: resigning Tucker at this stage in the game, with the demands he is making for a no-movement clause, would be the most non-sensical thing JFJ could ever do considering the UFAs available, heck, considering who is available at the freakin' deadline even.

    it just makes no sense, hence why it will happen.

  24. 92-93 says:

    agree about holding onto the young D-men. Even Bell – who is pretty good trade bait right now, especially if he is bundled with Tucker or Antropov – should probably be kept.

    heck, Antropov should be kept if he is producing the way he is for $1 million – even if its for half a season.

    i simply cringe at the early reports of the no-movement clause. deja vu. but i sincerely hope that such demands send the alarm bells off in JFJ's head and i sincerely hope he has evolved into a better GM and turns around and trades Tucker.

    i dont think the leafs will be getting either Ryan or Radulov … i just dont see either of those GMs making that move. a team that i really think its going to go down with – if it happens and it wont – is Vancouver simply because Edmonton is not in playoff position right now. Vancouver – and possibly Calgary – would be suitable destinations for Tucker.

    I would love for JFJ to grab the 2nd round pick from Vancouver (which is actually Florida's pick so it will be high in the 2nd round 30th-35th) and their prospect Grabner. I can definitely see Nonis pulling off this deal. that combination of their first line and Tucker on a 2nd line and improving their PP, with Luongo in net … that's a pretty good combination IMO.

    The Leafs could conceiveably grab either Gagner or Gillies (considering they'll finish in the top-10 or top-12 in drafting position by my estimations) and then grab Gratchev at the 30th-35th positions. ah yes, Gratchev-Gillies-Grabner … man, if i was GM my team would be friggin' poetic. it would make sense cap-wise AND alphabetically!!!

  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Please, do yourself a huge favor and get a life.

  26. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I can handle a difference in opinion, but if your opinion differs from mine, you're wrong.

  27. 92-93 says:

    interesting report out of Phoenix concerning Curtis Joseph. Now, I don’t advocate for trading for Joseph AT ALL at this year’s deadline – and certainly not for a 1st rounder (LOL) that it says in the report.

    but upgrading the back-up position in Toronto is a key concern this offseason IMO. I’ve talked about Legace in St. Louis filling that role but he’s doing pretty well for the Blues and I dont think they’ll let him go.

    It makes sense for the leafs to invest some dough – $1 million to $1.5 million – on a reliable, proven goaltender to back-up Raycroft. Obviously the situation today – re: ‘riding’ Raycroft right up until the end of the regular season – is NOT the ideal situation for the Leafs. Signing Joseph in the offseason as a UFA for less than what he is making now ($2 million) and for one year makes sense to me.

    Right now his numbers are approximately the same as Raycroft’s (except the wins of course) … and he is the kind of goalie who still has the kind of talent that would make him a very solid back-up. He’s not the Cujo of old of course, but he’s definitely an upgrade over Aubin or Tellqvist – AS A BACKUP – for that matter.

    As a starter over the past 4 seasons, Cujo has proven he can win 30 games for Detroit and Phoenix (if you project his games played last year for Phoenix, he has only played 37 games, he would easily have 30 wins). To me, a Raycroft-Joseph tandem would be a solid one for the Leafs next year, and one that won’t cost them more than $3.5 million combined.

  28. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    Ya, the Leafs need to trade Tucker before they screw themselves in the offseason.  24.5million for 11 active players sounds much better than 28.5mil for 12players…  I think that the Kaberle deal was perfect, the Kubina deal might have been worth it,  and the signing of Gill was not that bad.. it was only 2 million and wasn't he leading the leafs with +/- half way through the season?  and Mccabe is for sure not worth the money we're paying him for the next few years to come.

  29. leaferdude2 says:

    this coming from leafy mcleaf.WOW! he's telling someone else to get a life. truth is,he needs one badly.leafy try watchin a "sport" like water polo or least that way there you can't criticize anybody.actually, you'd probably find something to say about that too.

  30. vindictiveb says:

    The best thing to happen to the Leafs and us fans is for Rogers to buy the team.That would be damm cool!

    and I wish It would not have to happen! But at the end of the day. Tucker has to go!

  31. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Current roster for next season includes 14 players at 32.5215 million (including Sundin at his option).

    Assume cap is 46 million.

    Sign Tucker at 4 years, 16 million, no trade
    Resign Harrison, Bell, Suglobov, Williams for half a mil each
    Resign Colaiacovo, Devereaux, Battaglia, and Aubin for 1 mil each
    Resign Antropov and Poni to long term deals each worth 1.5 million per
    Resign O'neill at 2 million, 
    Trade Suglobov, Kronwall, Wozniewski, Harrison to Philly for their 2nd round pick

    Salary at 45.75 mil




    the leafs can resign the team if they don't sign Peca

    The problem is the season after when Stajan, Steen, and Wellwood ask for raises.

  32. Kraut182 says:

    I'm pretty sure the Leafs (and thus the Ontario Pension Fund) make money regardless of whether they make the playoffs.  They just make more if they do make the playoffs.

    In fact a quick search found this:

    Its a list of the teams in the NHL, ranked by what Forbes estimates to be their income last year.  Toronto is ranked 1st, more than doubling their nearest competitor, at $41.5M.  And that's with not making the playoffs last year.

    So I don't really buy the "The Leafs only want to make the playoffs" argument and I don't see the teachers selling any time soon.  The NHL has given them a liscense to print money with the salary cap.

  33. 92-93 says:

    Tucker for 4 million and a no-trade?!?!

    that team doesnt look much improved from this year’s squad. and you have Tucker – who is taking up a huge chunk of change now with a 4 million dollar-a-year deal – on the third line.

    why should Philly trade a 2nd round pick for those 4 players – two of which were waived already this year?

    I hate to say this but, JFJ is likely going to do exactly what you suggest here – sans the Philly trade.

  34. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Tucker is worth 4 mil, no more.

  35. Aetherial says:

    Oh yeah… there is no way in hell that Ryan or Radulov are coming here. Those were the first names that came to mind. I think that Toronto would be hard pressed to put together ANY offer that would land one of those two.

    They should be top 10 or 12 drafting…

    I am terrified that this will be the McCabe thing all over again with Tucker… and then we have something like 28 million tied up in 6 players and one goalie playing elsewhere…

    and 17 players left for about 17 million.

    How JFJ can’t do basic math is beyond me.

    It would be one thing if it was Phaneuf, Pronger, Ovechkin, Nash, and Heatley tieing up that kind of cash… it is quite another when it is McCabe, Sundin, Kaberle, Kubina, Gill, Tucker

    God, I am going to make myself sick.

  36. Aetherial says:

    It is sickening. Seriously sickening.

    I can see it happening. And Tucker turns into a mediocre sideshow Bob again and becomes a worse liability tham Samsonov is in Montreal.

    You have got to believe that Sundin would love to get the hell out of there.

  37. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Heres an idea:

    Steen, Wellwood, Stajan will all recieve raises after next season.

    Offer Stajan: 11 mil over 5 years extension, averages with next seasons salary to be 2 mil per season cap hit over 6 years.
    Offer Steen: 14 mil over 5 years extension, averages with next seasons salary to be 2.5 mil per season cap hit over 6 years.
    Offer Wellwood: 17 mil over 5 years extension, averages with next seasons salary to be 3 mil per season cap hit over 6 years.

    This increases the cap hit of all of these players THIS SEASON, but reduces it over the next 5. This is a long term advantage, even if it wastes money short term.

    McCabe and Suglobov to Tampa for Campoli a 2nd round pick
    (McCabe waives no trade clause to play in NYI, who desparatly need a top D-man)
    Tucker to Edmonton for Lupul and 3rd round pick

    Pick up Sundin's Option
    Resign O'neill at 2 mil
    Resign Poni and Antropov long term at 2 mil per season
    Resign Battaglia, Devereaux, White, Colaiacovo for 1 mil
    Resign Campoli at 0.5 mil.
    Trade Harrison, Kronwall, Bell, for Picks
    Sign Legace 3 yrs 3 mil per


    White-Gill(Colaiacovo on PP)


    Salary 46 mil

  38. 92-93 says:

    to sum up the Pens against the leafs (especially the call against Antropov in OT):

  39. broc says:

    a 3 million dollar backup goalie?

  40. Aetherial says:

    The call against Antropov was pretty badm as was the call against the Pens player seconds before.

    What bothers me is that going down to 3 on 3 favors the Penguins more than perhaps any team in the league.

    Getting sick of the BS calls by the refs. I like the crackdown, but lets keep it to a "no harm, no foul" level.

  41. 92-93 says:

    actually, i am not too concerned about the calls. players should know by now not to touch the guy with your stick (which i am still certain Antropov didn't do but anyways) …

    my problem is and always has been: call the infraction if you see it, BUT also call the dive too. you CAN do both and the difference between the Pens penalty on Stajan is that he kept his feet moving and wasn't shot. the Pens player went down as if he was suddenly re-enacting a scene from Bambi-on-ice.

    call the dive.

  42. 92-93 says:

    good news for the struggling Marlies. Things are starting to clear out a little bit in terms of their roster and, most importantly, Jeremy Williams returned from a long injury last night and got an assist.

    With Brendan Bell likely being traded at the deadline, the Marlies defence corps seems pretty much set with Harrison, Kronvall, and Wozniewski leading the way.

    However, Woz will likely be called up after the dealine since he is only on a conditioning stint. Harrison is struggling mightily this season and Kronvall has much more upside.

    With Suglobov on the Marlies, he too could be traded but its doubtful. Williams will help this team get out of 14th place in their conference. I've said this for a long time: he'll make a difference with the Leafs in the coming years and possibly in the coming months.

    The Leafs right now are pretty deep up front when you consider that Wellwood, Tucker, and Peca are all out and guys like Devreaux, Kilger, Pohl, and Battaglia are producing the way they are. Hence why it makes perfect sense to trade Tucker and even guys like Antropov and one of their depth forwards. Williams could be playing in the NHL today. Like Steen and Stajan before him, he would struggle at times but would be contributing on a daily basis too.

  43. 92-93 says:

    last night Tlusty got 4 assists and plays again today at 2pm.

    i’m following this kid and he’s getting better as he recovers from his injury. 22 pts in 22 games and if he played the full season he’d easily be in the top-5 in rookie scoring in the OHL.

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