Six Articles in One

Titles of the six articles:

1: “Allison Rumors Still Swirl”

2: “Why Do Teams Want So Much?”

3: “Leafs Must Win This Season Or Risk Losing Face With Fans”

4: “How Do The Players Feel About Lindros??”

5: “LA Is So Close But Yet So Far”

6: “Senators Need a Centermen!”
“Allison Rumors Still Swirl”

Dallas and Boston talks have quieted down. I think both are waiting for the other to blink and see who will give in first since Langenbrunner alone is clearly not enough for Allison. They have butted heads on what else is to be thrown into the deal.

My “source” tells me that Chicago has raised some interested in Allison. And why not? Zhamnov is getting on in years and effectiveness and adding a player like Allison could be just what the team needs.

However, while I couldn’t get any of the names mentioned, it is believed that O’Connell chased Chicago off with the names he dropped for expected returns on Allison. I would have to guess that they’d revolve around players like Steve Sullivan (and some change) or Tony Amonte (straight up).

Me? I’d love either. Even though he’s somewhat small, Sullivan plays gritty Boston hockey for sure (and can play center). Amonte is a former Boston University player, and is a big scorer. I don’t know when Amonte’s contract is up, however, and believe it may expire at the end of this season. Still, I’d be great to have him (but again, doubt the Hawks would part with him).

I’d likely see the Hawks willing to part with Daze, perhaps Nylander, and some prospects or perhaps a d-man like Spacek. They’d likely try to sneak Zhamnov into any deal they’d make. Sullivan and Amonte would be too intrigal to the Hawks long term plans to part with. As it stands now, the way I understand it, is that the cordial inquiry stopped at just that (a casual inquiry that went no further). Stayed tuned.


Teams that (as far as I know) haven’t inquired, but should…… Panthers could use Allison, as could (in my mind – I haven’t hear that these teams are interested) the Ducks, Sharks, and the Canucks.

Ducks would be great for him as they have a lot of pieces they could use to acquire him. Then again, that could land them right back into the same boat they just bailed themselves out of by dealing Selanne (paying 1/2 the team salary to 2 guys).

Sharks showed lack of depth at center when Damphousse went down. Allison/Damphousse is a hell of a 1-2 punch. The Sharks still have some pieces, such as young future star Patrick Marleau.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear LA get involved soon as they are just a few pieces shy of a serious movement.

Bear in mind, those are just personal speculations.

Written by: Beantown_Boy

“Why Do Teams Want So Much?”

After reviewing all these rumours it seems that all the teams are asking for a ton of players from the rangers for some reason. I guess Neil Smith really screwed up bad. Now every team expects to rip off the rangers. I do not think Lindros will end up as a Ranger for a few reasons. First off Clarke is asking for way to much, 2nd Sather is not prepared to give up the rangers young talent for a guy who’s next shift could be his last. All we can do is hope some of these young guys start to shine like they are expected to.

Written by: Anonymous

“Leafs Must Win This Season Or Risk Losing Face With Fans”

According to every sport analayse out there the Leafs need a number one defenceman. I agree . I think the d-man they should be after is Brian Leetch after all it is apparent the Rangers are not going anywhere for the next couple of seasons. The leafs offer Cross, Dempsey and Antropov I would think New York couldn’t say no. That would give the leafs defence the extra punch it needs

Leetch Kaberle
Berg Yusky
Mcabe Errickson

Line possibilities The acquisition of Leetch would vastly improve the play of Tomas Kaberle into being the next Rob Blake. The other moves needed are shoring up 2nd line left wing I personally think Bertuzzi, or Allison, would do that line some justice.

Pat Quinn who has to relocate Antropov and Hoglund before the leafs start the season will try to bring in a second line winger for the pair. One thing is for sure The Leafs have to win this year or next or risk losing face with the fans who have waited since 1967. Leafs make the moves you have to to win. You have raised the ticket prices again so you have the money. Use that money to build a winner. I think the only other move that is needed is to put Pat Quinn back to coaching only and bring in a new GM Not that He’s doing a bad Job it is just that he doesn’t have enough time to do both Jobs effectively i.e. missing out on Rob Blake last season..

Written by: dugvader

“How Do The Players Feel About Lindros??”

It’s obvious that most fans think Lindros is a selfish dick. Think about how the players feel about him, especially the guys in the farms trying desperately to break into the NHL. They see a guy who has the privilege to play professional hockey and is turning his back on it. He has to be one of the most hated players in the game now.

If Lindros does ever enter the league, he will be a target on the ice every shift. This is something General Managers must have considered. Not only would they have to surrender several players to obtain Lindros, plus pay his absurd salary demands, but they would also have to get enforcers to protect him every game; and who would really want that job?

Every player in the league, especially the unknown guys would be looking to put themselves on the map by ending Lindros’ career permanently, ultimately ending that team’s investment.

Lindros, as everyone has said, should agree to be traded anywhere. Although he will still be hated by fans, and booed, he would eventually be welcomed back much like Yashin was last year, provided his performance backed it up. Otherwise, grab a Molson, pop a squat and watch another season go by.

When Wayne Gretzky retired, he said one thing that Lindros should really take to heart….”No player is greater than the game.”

Written by: pat

“LA Is So Close But Yet So Far”

Do the LA kings have the talent to win the Stanley Cup? Not yet. What have they done this off-season? The have been too quiet. They need to make a big splash. Sure, they got Heinze but he is a depth player. They lost Lucky Luc which is going to hurt but they need more to win. We have three decent goalies. We need to trade Storr or Fiset and get some decent players in return. What i think they should do is sign Brett Hull. He is almost the same type of player as Robitaille. Robitaille’s goal production will be tough to replace, but Hull can do it. We got some decent youth coming up but they won’t score like Luc did.(Jared Aulin and Alex Frolov) I think that they need to sign Hull. How will we ever beat the Big 4 (Dallas, Detroit, Colorado and St. Louis), sure they beat them last year but come on lets be realistic, that will be tough to do again. If they add a couple more players like a Hull i think they can go. Dave Taylor is a smart man. Blake for Deadmarsh, Miller, and youth, and Potvin for a 5th round draft pick. He will be the goalie that wins us the cup!

Written by: KingstoCup

“Senators Need a Centermen!”

The Ottawa Senators are in need of help at the center position. After the trade of Alexei Yashin to the New York Islanders on draft day, the Senators have a hole to fill. Senators are looking at Radek Bonk to fill the role of number one centermen, Bonk was the number one centermen and had 59pts while Yashin held out .Radek Bonk has the potential to be a number one centermen, he had 60pts while playing on the second line last year.

Other centermen that the senators have right now are is 3rd line centermen Mike Fisher, who plays gritty, hard-checking but has yet to mature enough to be anymore then a 3rd line center. Senators also have Todd White who had a ok season last year as 4th line centermen and was great at face-offs and showed signs of some offensive talent but is a borderline minor-leaguer-NHL call up.

The Senators also have 2 prospects that could make the team to fill a hole at center, QMJHL star Antoine Vermette and this years 1st round 2nd overall pick Jason Spezza. But honestly Spezza and Vermette are a year or two away from joining the team. The problem with the picking a prospect, is that the Senators are already very young at the center position and need some veteran experience.

In order to fill the gap at center the Senators must sign a free-agent or make a trade. Ottawa has held talks serious with free-agent Doug Gilmour, but talks have stalled either because of playing time or money. After Gilmour, the Senators options of signing a free-agent are slim after the mad dash of free-agent signings during the first couple of weeks during july. These are the only free-agent centers left to choose from
Len Barrie ($400,000)FLA,
Steve Dubinsky ($450,000)CHI,
Mark Janssens ($800,000)CHI.

The other option for the Senators is to acquire a center via a trade, the name that keeps popping up is unhappy Washington Capitals center Adam Oates who fits into the Senators style of play and is in their price range. The Capitals are interested in moving Oates for a goaltender prospect to play behind Kolzig, the Senators do have a few Goaltender prospects but are they willing to part with them?

The Senators do have a few options at this point but if they don’t make a move soon some of those options may disappear. Either way the Senators have a hole to fill at the center position, just a question of will it be a prospect or will it be a experienced veteran.

Written by: chrisyak

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