Smolinski AND SOPEL Headed To Vancouver

According to Vancouver and Chicago have confirmed that the Blackhawks have sent Bryan Smolinski to the Canucks for a second-round pick.

According to TSN, they also acquired former Canuck Brent Sopel from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a 2nd and 4th round draft pick.

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  1. Mr_Canuck says:

    i like it, we need a veteran guy in the locker room, and a guy who can kill some penalty's…

    2nd rounder is fine, we got a lot of picks in the next draft

    any chance we can still get gelinas?

  2. mikster says:

    Yes, Nucks have a chance at Gelinas, but it will be very difficult for them to outbid other teams. Nucks are weak as far as young depth in their system and it would not even be worth it for them to trade it away for rentals.

    Besides, i think the Nucks need a player with more scoring potential rather and an aging two-way forward. He would bring a lot, but i don’t think he will make that big of a difference.

  3. rcichard03 says:

    the trade isnt a done deal yet …not until they put kessler on long term ir to free up his salery……they dunt have cap room yet

  4. AzrithEH says:

    I just got one of those TSN text alerts saying canucks aquired sopel for a couple of draft picks, I wonder whats actually going on O.O

  5. vancity4life says:

    pretty sweet, the canucks message board pretty much croaked with too many people going onto it to post and look at stuff.

  6. canucksfan1 says:

    love the trade. nazzy finally has a solid centerman and we have that 5th d-man to play with fitzpatrick

    bi bi krajicek 🙂

  7. Westcoastexpress says:

    Good job by Nonis, small prices to pay considering the insanity this year regarding rentals. If the Nucks still have cap left, I'd like to see them claim Cajanek, I think his speed & hockey sense would fit in well with Nazzy & Smoke

  8. TheDugg1er says:

    Wonderful, absolutely brilliant. I was doubting that Nonis would make a splash but he has outdone himself here. A solid center as well as the Sopester. I'll give it a couple of games to see how Smolinski gels with the team before I start runningmy mouth, but anyone who thinks the Canucks are weak/ exiting the playoffs early has to re-evaluate their opinion. I've been so happy this season to date, and seeing these players coming our way has made my week, maybe even my year.

  9. farmer says:

    My highest realistic hope this deadline was for the Canucks to pick up either Smolinski or Stumpel. Nonis did an awesome job with this trade, as I figured they would have to give up much more than a conditional @nd rounder!

    However, the Sopel trade leaves something to be desired. I still remember Sopel's consistent giveaways at the point on the PP or pinching in at inopportune times, thus forcing Ohland to babysit all the time. I hope they pair him on the third defensive unit, with Fitzpatrick, as breaking up our top two pairings would be a mistake considering their chemistry.

    I really hope Sopel comes in and contributes, he is a very liked guy in the dressing room & community. I just really hope we didn't give up a 2nd and 4th to LA for the equivalent of Bulis with longhair on defence.

    PS. Picking up Cajanek off waivers would be sweet, someone taking Chouinard off of waivers would be sweeter and Bulis for used chopsticks would make me cry with happiness! 

  10. Westcoastexpress says:

    Bulis for used chopsticks? What do you have against Asians?

  11. neilios says:

    Its believed that the Panthers are interested in re-aquiring Krajicek back from the Canucks Martin says he is young with lots of potential,which I never seen all year and I say he is always gonna be a 5or6th Dman on any team and that about it.The TSn tradecenter is saying that the possible deal could look like this.
    To Canucks-Gelinas,Montadore,and 3 rounder
    ToPanthers-Krajicek and Bulis
    If the Canucks can swing this deal they would be the favorites for the Cup 4sure,but I think with the moves they made today the already are.The new lineup now.

    Sedin      Sedin      Pyatt
    Nassy      Smolinski Morrsion
    Gelinas    Linden     Cooke
    Burrows    Reid        Green

    Ohlund     Bieska
    Salo         Mitchell
    Sopel       Montadore
    NOt a bad looking team Canuck fans get ready for a long playoff drive cause Canucks are bringing  the Cup home this year.

  12. TheDugg1er says:

    I'm not asian and I eat with chopsticks….

  13. TheDugg1er says:

    The team is really shaping up but I don't know if they should break up Cooke Morrison and Linden. That line has been dynamite, so unless it cools off I hope they stick together. Now that we have Smolinski we should be able to have three solid lines.

    Sedin Sedin Pyatt
    Cooke Morrison Linden
    Naslund Smolinski and most likely Bulis
    Burrows Green Cowan

    People say that Bulis is useless, but he has played well enough for me for the last couple months. He might not be the scorer we hoped for but he does have a deadly shot(when it hits the net) and he is solid defensively. I hope we keep Cowan in the line up because his grit is unquestionable.

    That line up is really solid and with a nice D-corps of

    Ohlund Bieksa
    Salo Mitchell
    Sopel and one of Krajicek or Fitz

    the team does look really solid now. I think Krajicek may be out of the loop because Sopel is an offensive d-man. Other than that they might spred the D around because Mitchell has been playing with Bieksa a lot so it's hard to pick definite lines.

    Obviously, with Luongo and this line up, the Canucks won't be predicted to have an early exit.

  14. BieksaForMVP says:

    what are you talking about. Krajicek is way better tehn Kitzpatrick, and if he's not it's pretty damn close, so you might as well give him some experience, but it's not like the rest of the d is (Sopel, Ohlund, Salo, Mitchell).

  15. Westcoastexpress says:

    trade you Bulis for 'em

  16. CanucksforPM87 says:

    I love the Canucks as much as the next Nucks fan.. but dude they are certainly not the favourites for the cup.. give your head a shake.. although I hope you're right and they do win:)

  17. farmer says:

    I was eating sushi at the time, chill out. I was simply trying to state the obvious, that getting rid of Bulis would be extremely beneficial. I wasn't counting on someone taking a comment so extremely out of context and try to turn  it around to be racist. Grow up.
    PS How do you know I'm not asian?

  18. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    YES FINNALY someone understands me. I was fine with the smolinski deal, but SOPEL??? come on man. I remember captain giveaway when he was a canuck and i remembered crying tears of join when he left the team. This guy is bad news, we are supposed to be a defensive team, and with all the give aways Sopel does we are gonna be in trouble. Sure he has some offensive upside, but man he is horrible defensively. There was a reason we gave him up before, and it wasn't because of the cap. It was because he sucks!

  19. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    YES FINNALY someone understands me. I was fine with the smolinski deal, but SOPEL??? come on man. I remember captain giveaway when he was a canuck and i remembered crying tears of joy when he left the team. This guy is bad news, we are supposed to be a defensive team, and with all the give aways Sopel does we are gonna be in trouble. Sure he has some offensive upside, but man he is horrible defensively. There was a reason we gave him up before, and it wasn't because of the cap. It was because he sucks!

  20. BruMagnus says:

    although I agree the Canucks now have their strongest team since 1994, they will still not win the Cup, let alone their Conference. Although theyMIGHT win their first round, I'd bet two to one odds they don't make it past the second round.

  21. BruMagnus says:

    it's idiots like you that give Canucks fans a <b> very bad name </b>.
    If your team wins two rounds you should consider it GREAT SUCCESS, as it will have been the most you have done in 13 years… simply pathetic.

    As a Pens fan that has been to the Conference Finals in this millenium, I am not so deluded to think my team will win the Conference (and thus the Cup as the East will most likely retain the Cup). Even a beatup Buffalo will beat most teams save a surging NJ, whom, by the way, has the <b> actual best goalie in the League </b> in Brodeur, Vezina and possible (dserving) Hart winner, if Crosby doesn't get it.
    For you to think your team can beat Detroit (and Hasek), Anaheim, SJ and Nashville, let alone the Eastern team's champion is ridiculous.

    I will bet you 10 to 1 odds the Canucks do NOT win the Cup, up to $1000US.

  22. BruMagnus says:

    I second that. give it a BIG shake

  23. canucksfan1 says:

    yo buddy stfu dont go runnin ur mouth bp=out the nucks wen u hav no idea wut your talkin bout

    how bout 10-1 odds 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$ US that pens would go 0-10 with ten games w/o malkin or crosby

  24. smokz13 says:

    man i remember when the got ride of sopel i went out and got drunk. not cuse i was no no no no, but beacuse i was SOOOOOO happy that he was gone. now this. it almost makes me want to drink again, but not for a good reason.

  25. Angeloc25 says:

    wow… ur so ignorant. the reason why we got sopel was to upgrade our 5/6 defensemen and thats exactly what nonis did. hes an upgrade because he can move big bodies around the net, something that krajicek was having a hard time doing and also come playoff time when other teams will be at their best, the only way their gonna beat luongo is if they push him and run into him and thats exactly when we need the big D and also to get him for a 2nd round pick and a fourth and not change the nucleus of the team is amazing. and as well sopel fits in to the team as he played here a couple years back and knows some of the players and sopel is willing to play any role AV gives him and thats always an asset. And im tired of ppl wanting to trade kesler. you cant trade him if your a serious hockey fan you would know why. Also the Northwest is not a weak division its actually one of the most competitive divisions out there.

  26. farmer says:

    I think you're referring to a different article, as none of your points corrolate to mine.

    Agreed about Kesler, both because of his untradable status and because I think he has played really well this year despite mediocre numbers. He has shown some definate potential and has grit and energy which is essential for a playoff run.

    I also agree that getting Sopel is a depth move, that's why I suggested putting him on the third defensive pairing, especially if Salo or Ohland get hurt as they're apt to do. I also touched on his meshing with the current group and his contributions in and out of the locker room.

    My main concern is his defensive lapses. Yes, his point shot will work on the second unit powerplay, but his giveaways will be harder to make up for with a lower scoring team than last time.

  27. TheDugg1er says:

    HAHAHA well said canucksfan. Other than that good luck with roberts and your early exit from the playoffs. The Nuks easily skate with all the top teams, I consider our game against buffalo to be a spanking because we had sabourin in net who a. had not played in at least a month and b. is not very good but is improving. If we had Luongo in net it wouldn't have been a game, we would have killed them.

    We've beaten every top team in our conference, we've beaten detroit twice in 3 games. We got blown out once by anaheim then lost in a close game then beat them in a close game. We dismantled just about every team in the east. Just you posting about how the Nuks stand no chance is a laughing matter. I hope your pens make it to the finals so our Nuks can absolutely trounce them. The Eastern Conference is so weak it's sad. NJ is the only solid defensive team. All the East is is offence and since no team, save the devils, has note worthy D thats the reason why the better offensive teams have better records. Take any team from the East barring the Devils and throw them into the meat grinder, which is the West, and they would barely be making the playoffs.

    Get your facts straight before you trash my team boy. We haven't even had the chance to play Philly 8 times so please go shove your inflated record in the toilet. It's the same with Detroit and Nashville. I won't argue, they have good teams, but their records are majorly inflated due to the fact they each play chicago, st louis, and columbus 8 times a piece! Meanwhile the Canucks are left with 4 solid teams that are a threat every single night.

    1st: People said Luongo will be a bust, you're eating your words now
    2nd: People said this team can't score, well we're scoring now and most people are eating their words.
    3rd: People said this team would slow down, Well they've played 26 solid games in a row and show no signs of slowing down.
    4th: People say one injury will take out the nucks, we lost Kesler who was a heart and soul player, we're still going
    5th: Now we've picked up two great additions and strengthened our team at every aspect.
    Now people just revert to the old standby line, "The Nucks haven't won a Cup."
    That point will soon be my,
    6th: People said the Nuks would lose in the playoffs early, not only did they survive the 1st and 2nd rounds, but they go on to win the cup.

  28. libralounge says:

    excellent trades for the 'nucks! this will definately bolster the lineup.
    as a member of leafs nation i only hope that JFJ can pull off something similar. great job nonis!

  29. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Ignorance has nothing to do with it.  I am speaking from fact.  The only reason Sopel was a fit in Vancouver the first time around was because we had Crawford as a coach who had a offensive only approach to the game.  Crawford obviously didnt give a sh't about defense and that is why Sopel was an option during his time here. At that time we were scoring anywhere from 3-8 goals a night so defense wasn't as big a deal as it is now. Sopel is a defensive liability, and while he was prone to score a timely goal here and there… his defensive play was liable to let in at least twice as many goals as he set up.  I remember pulling my hair out numerous times while he was here.  In all honesty, i think he lost us a lot more games then he helped win us back then.  On top of that, he would have to be placed with a defensive defenseman or else his true +/- will appear and trust me honey, that aint a cute number.  The only options that he could be paired with are Mitchell, Ohlund or Bieska.. and guess what.. they already got their tango partners.  Do you really believe we need to disturb the great chemistry we have for a guy who is overpaid and will lose us those one goal games that we are so proud of?

  30. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    I agree exactly with you.  Man talk about bias in the east.  Everyone in the East says that the western teams are weak, etc.

      Yet, when it comes down to it, the western teams have defeated the eastern teams like 90 percent of the time over the past 2 years.  The canucks are like 11-2 against the east over the past 2 years or something along the lines of that. 

    Sure we may not be the offensive powerhouse we used to be, but we can still spank the eastern teams any day. 
      You talk about the penguins winning the cup in the last 15 years or so but for the past like 4-5 years they have been drafting first overall, which puts them at dead last or close to it for the past year. 
    With all those draft picks and players like stall, malkin, crosby and fleury, you guys better make an impact by now, cause frankly its embarassing. 

    The nw division is truly the most competitive division in the league.  The playoff race is always close with our division as we are always within 5 points of each other.  Only recently did teams like colorado and edmonton begin to slip behind but even then its nothing like it is in the east.  The competition is firece and we all put in full effort to get the points needed to advance to the playoffs.  And guess what, i wonder why the "weak" nw tends to spank the "powerful" east as well.

    Thankyou come again.

  31. canucklehead_101 says:

    Krajicek Wasnt Traded… no one was…booohooo

  32. canucklehead_101 says:

    Sign Briere and keep Smoke and Sopes for next year it'll look like this

    Sedin   Sedin   Pyatt
    Naslund   Briere   Morrison
    Raymond?  Smolinski   Cooke
    Green   Kesler   Linden

    Salo   Krajicek
    Ohlund   Sopel
    Bieksa   Bourdon


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