Souray Requested to be TRADED!!!

Sources say on the Team 990 Sports Rage, Gabriel Morency more specifically, that Souray wants out of Montreal. Also Gainey has agreed to grant this request from the D-man. One particular reason for this request is obviously for Souray getting closer to his daughter who lives in L.A. with his ex-wife. Detroit for now would be a most logical destination maybe in a package deal with Abby. Never say Never with Gainey!

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  1. SensDude says:

    Sorry to burst your bubbles this morning but Aebisher ain`t going anywhere at this time, if he goes it will be at the trade dealine next year.

    There are no more rumors after what happenend yesterday. Souray ain’t going anywhere either, if he goes it will be the same for him , at the trade deadline.

    The only players that could be traded in the next few weeks or months are Ryder or Ribeiro.

  2. PolO780 says:

    Souray will be dealt to California before the start of the season. I’d like to see him go along with that third round pick we just got to the Kings for Vishnovsky, one of the best offensive d-men in the game right now.

    And Ryder isn’t going to get traded buddy. Don’t you know that he, Kovalev and Koivu are the only untouchables on this team. Cause if you think you could get Gagne for him, forget about it. He wants to stay in Philly and will because Primeau’s going to retire and that will open up plenty of cap space for them.

  3. PolO780 says:

    NO FREAKIN WAY is Ryder getting traded. Since your a Sens fan you wouldn’t know that Gianey has already made it clear that Ryder’s untouchable. He’ll sign a long term deal.

  4. SensDude says:

    Have I said anything about Ryder for Gagné in the past ?? never I said such a thing, only player that could be tradable for Gagné is Latendresse but Gagné made it clear that he doesn’t want to leave Philly.

    That trade for Souray will only happenned in the middle of the season or trade deadline.

  5. SensDude says:

    ok ok it`s now time for you to breath….hiiiiiiii hahhhhhhhhh …hiiiii hhahhhhhhh loll

  6. Les-Habitants says:

    Well, at least there is finally a ‘source’ to these Sourary rumors…

    I like our d-corp as it is, despite other people whining, but if Souray wants out, then best of luck to ya buddy. Whatever we trade Sourary for, don’t expect Gainey to rush it…and now our most pressing concern is getting another offensive d-man, even more so then that power forward.

  7. SensDude says:

    only one good D-man still available is Danny Markov or there is one he`s a RFA Micheal Rozival from NY, according to Sather he is available for a trade.

  8. passionch says:

    If Souray is going to be traded because of his request, Gainey will surely take his time and look everywhere for a deal that will improve the Habs with an equal or better d-man. We got enough defensive defenceman so an offensive one would be likely if a trade would occur.

  9. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Not to compare Souray with Pronger, but when trade requests happen, the team who’s in the fiddle doesn’t get much in return. For example the Pronger trade. Now Lupul was a great aquisition in return for Pronger and he has potential to become a franchise player but is it truely enough for PRONGER ! A defencmen Gms only dream to have, takes care of the PP, takes 30 mins of ice time if not more and is the quarterback of the team. Now Souray is no Pronger so what can we really expect in return… not much I’m afriad.

    The only thing going in the habs favour in this one would be our Gm’s name is Bob Gainey … like i said you never know with him!

  10. toughend says:

    This Souray is a piece of work- first of all it started with him boozing, cheating and gambling in Vegas and his wife kicked him out and filed for divorce. Then she finds out he has a “secret love child” of another girl he dumped 10 years.(so now he has two daughters and has never wanted to meet the first one and won’t claim it. And his current or I guess ex now is a national co-chair for the N’tl COalition for Domestic VIolence org.!!!Supposedly he has threatened her life. And he says he wants to get traded so he can see his daughter??? I doubt it. I think if he would put as much time on the ice as he does being a party animal off he would be as greatplayer as anyone. Too bad. Maybe Montreal should let him go.

  11. toughend says:

    Let him go! Montreal crushes players like him with abusive pasts. He would do better in the states where people don’t know his track record.

  12. LuckyLuc98 says:

    I guess this Team 990 dude isn’t such a reliable source, O well i liked souray except when he gets deeked by the likes of Spezza and company…

  13. Les-Habitants says:

    Rumor SHUT DOWN.

    Reliable sources next time please…

  14. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Pronger also denied his request look where he’s at now… anyways you dont like the source you can call Gabrial Morency on the team 990 himself… Tel #5147900990…

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