Sturm on his way out of beantown????

The Boston Globe reports that the on going GM meetings may be the time for Peter Chiarelli to swing a deal involving Marco Sturm.

It is well known that many teams are interested in Sturm and that he is a hot commodity on the trade market. Adding to the interest that he may be generating is his recent hot play of late. notes that he has recorded 6 points in last 6 games. Sturm is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

One of the teams that is said to be very interested in Sturm is the Vancouver Canucks who would love to add a character guy of his nature to their team who would not disrupt their team chemistry.

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8 Responses to Sturm on his way out of beantown????

  1. intelligentscorpio says:

    Sturm would fit in nicely in Pittsburgh. The Pens need an experienced winger. No doubt about it.

  2. yesca22 says:

    Yea, I've heard that the Pens are the latest team to enter the hunt for Sturm. Shero is very shrewd and I do not expect any NHL ready players to go the other way. A couple weeks ago I would say Malone, but feelings are changing about him in Pgh. They have many draft picks and some good minor league talent to offer up since they don't need any more youth. I think the Pens have the ability to outbid many teams as long as the trading partner is looking to gear for the future and not an immediate short-term fix.

  3. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    How about Bruins are close to resigning him? It doesn't look like Sturm's going anywhere now… Bruins are hot lately and are in the playoff race yet again. According to this article, Sturm looks like his name will be on the back of a Bruins jersey until 2011.

  4. Tachmo says:

    Boston would be very smart to lock this guy up. He is struggling this year, but watch out for this guy. He is entering his prime and will be a solid 35 goal guy and about 60 – 70pts. By no means is he a art ross candidate, but he makes things happen with his speed. I am really liking Boston's new GM and would think highly of a contract extension for Marco. What does anyone think his contract might be worth per season?

  5. Bruins78 says:

    I have mixed feelings about this one. I like Sturm and glad to see he has warmed up to the city of Boston, however I think there are some cheaper alternatives in-house that could be used. I think if Petr Kalus or Martin Karsums were to ride shot-gun with Savard or even Bergeron I think they could potentially chip in 25-30 goals next year. If not you could move Kobaskew up, when he scored 20 for Calgary he was averaging about 13 minutes a night, plus we all kow how stifling Sutter's system can be for offensive players. I just feel the team would be better off using that $$ (I'g guessing 3.3mil – 3.7 mil if he resigns) on some blueline help this offseason. Would love to try and pry Okposo away from NYI with a Sturm/2nd rounder package…doubt they would go for it, you never know with the Islanders though

  6. Tachmo says:

    I see your point of view and may have to agree with you that we have some options in house. Kobasew should be given a good chance. He is capable of 20 + goals a season. Maybe Boston should trade Glen Murray and get some defence help. I love Glen Murray but his $4.5 million salary is too high. However he could reach 35-40 goals this year, but maybe only about 65 points. Plus I have never seen him come close to dishing out a hit.  

  7. Bruins78 says:

    Yeah, i have also come to the conclusion that Bochenski is Glen Murray Jr…for pennies on the dollar. The guy was averaging a goal a game in the AHL and has scored goals at every level. He is also a guy with size who does not play physical and who has great value only if he is playing with a talented center who can set him up in the slot. Maybe Chiarelli is thinking that way and will sign Sturm then dish Murray…San Jose's offense has been horrid of late and I'm sure they would love to get Murray tp pair with JT….hopefully in not such a one-sided deal this time. Perhaps Segotuchi and Kaspar and a contract coming back.

  8. ian_strat says:

    personaly i'd rather see boston re-sign him long term because he's at proven 20+ goal scorer he's not know to be injury prone, and he is still young.  boston has a good core of young players and they need to keep them together instead of crossing there fingers and hoping someone from the farm is going to step up and score 20+.  they need to start rolling 4 strong lines so they can compete at a high level every night.  they are almost there, just missing a few pieces. 

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