Sudin Short Leash

It is past time to put Sundin on a short leash either he does something for us or we trade him while he has some minimal value.

For all you Sundin lovers what has he really done for us. This supposed superstar is not even averiging a point a game as a Leaf, the only time he has had over 100 points was playing with sacik thank you sacik for making him look better than he is.Sundin is only as good as the players around him.

A true superstar is able to raise the game of his linemates Sundin has never made any of his linemates even score 40 goals. Look what Thorton did in San Jose he made Choohoo a 50 goal scorer look check how many he had before he came not many. Ask Rob Brown about playing with Lemiex or Semenco with Gretzky.Andrychuck never scored 50 goals untill he played with Gilmour. A true superstar makes the team around him better Sundin has never done that no one has ever overachived with him. He has had linemates Mogilney Roberts while they played ok with him thee never was any true chemistry and none would have scored 50 with him. Yes part of it is Quinns fault not playing them enough together but Quinn saw the chemistry with Mogilney asnt good enough.

I say if Leafs arent doing well get rid of Sundin while he may have some value start new and and a guy like a Gilmour Sacik Yzerman Messier guys that can raise the level of a hockey team not Sundin who is only as good as his teamates around him.

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  1. navajo says:

    How many times can this guy call somebody “dumb dumb”?

  2. navajo says:

    I think I know what’s going on here. You ever see that movie Incredibles? The little fanboy get’s turned down by Mr. Incredible? I think this guy wanted to wipe Mats’ arse and got turned down. So he’s going on here to start a crusade against him…either that or he’s one of those clowns that have the “euro’s are worthless” attidudes.

  3. navajo says:

    Um…he’s 8 dumb dumb. lol

  4. navajo says:

    This coming from somebody who calls someone a dumb dumb.

  5. 92-93 says:

    hmmm … could it be that he raised their game dumb-dumb?

    you are too easy to handle.

  6. 92-93 says:

    two things about this ‘dumb dumb’ thread:

    1) i bet sufferingleaf had no clue what a hornets nest he stirred up with this article (or he did, just to get a reaction, but clearly his spelling and arguements suggest that he probably isnt that clever).

    2) as much as i dislike the way some leaf fans badmouth Sundin (much of which have to do with his non-Canadian ethnicity), its good to see so many here on HTR come to his defence. however, even if you dont like Sundin or dont appreciate what he has done for the leafs, you can at least criticize the guy for not putting together anything worthwhile to read and not able to construct a solid argument.

  7. Pony says:

    Really? This is what I read…

    ‘The Leafs could have had Blake awhile ago they didnt because they didnt want to spend the money that is what im talking about go after a real stud ‘

    And the Leafs didn’t want to spend the money? Thats even dumber, seeing as how they were the third highest spending team in the league pre-cap.

  8. Hoondog2 says:

    Are 8 yrs old! I’m betting you’re 7-8 yrs. old!

  9. mojo19 says:

    well I think you’re right 92-93, but I don’t think this guy does know much about hockey, he’s probably a casual fan, and the biggest clue for that is that his favourite player is sacik

  10. mojo19 says:

    Hoglund had 12 goals in 78 games with MTL and Calgary in 1997-98.

    He scored 8 goals in 74 games the following year with Montreal.

    He then scored 29 goals in 1999-2000 playing with Mats Sundin.

    Pretty big jump, now just admit that I own you sufferingleaf and just made you look stupid for stating that Sundin never made the guys around him better.

  11. mojo19 says:

    And if you love Sakic so much, and believe he’s so much better than Sundin, think about this:

    Over the last four seasons Sakic has totalled 311 points, and thats playing with top quality supporting talent. During that same time Sundin has totalled 305 points, just six less than Sakic.

    Now imagine Sundin had Hejduk, and Tanguay on his wings, and powerplay time with Forsberg and some playing time with Kariya and Selanne (both of whom Sakic did nothing for), and just think of how many more points Sundin would have.

    Wow, I just completely ruined your whole argument, now read everyone elses FACTS to see why you’re so stupid.

  12. LeafsForLife says:

    He should change his name to “sufferingloser”

    And he should get a book called the dictonary before he types anything else.. and if he is a Leafs fan then I am a very upset Leafs fan if his title for this amazing peice of poop post has Sundin spelt Sudin…..

    Please do us mature Leaf fans a favor and Google yerself a 12 years or younger Leafs fans site and post on there pal…

    Oh and PS…. I would take Sundin over most of the guys you typed in a later post when arguing with someone else.. Heck I would keep Sundin over anyone except Lemieux’s Class…. If your so smart dumb dumb..”lol”… If we had Thornton, Iginla, Rat Face, anyone else whome has had as many points as Sundin in the past 8 years.. THEY TOO WOULD BE THE FREAKING SAME AS SUNDIN IF THEY HAD TO PLAY WITH A ANTROPOV OR PONI or whomever else Sundin has played with so Freak off and play with them pubichair less friends of yours…

  13. LeafsForLife says:

    One last thing I would like to say to you sufferingfool….

    If the Leafs had one of Sakic (thats how you spell his name by the way)…lol…Thornton, Iginla, Modano even Messier in his prime.. If we had one of those guys lead this Leafs team under Quinn and with the crap players Sundin has had to play with.. YOU WOULD BE RIPPING ON WHOMEVER ELSE IF WE HAD THEM LEAD THIS TEAM LIKE MATS… So ummm yea… thought you might need to see this thought…

  14. mojo19 says:

    Oh yeah, he definitely would, its the grass is always greener on the other side…. Don’t take Sundin for granted.

    Mike Modano had 14 goals, and 30 assists, and was a -21 in 76 games in the 03-04 season. Sundin never had a season that bad.

    Iginla’s numbers bounce up and down every year.

    Sundin consistantly puts up big numbers and is always one of the top scorers in the league, his consistancy is part of what makes him great.

  15. mojo19 says:

    yep, over the last 4 years, sundin has ac*****ulated the 9th most points in the NHL.

    So if he’s not a super star because he “only puts up a point per game” then according to sufferingleaf, there are only 8 superstars in the league.

    in 2002 out of the top scorers: only iginla, naslund, bertuzzi, jagr and tkachuck put up over a point per game. I guess they were the only superstars that year.

    in 2003 there were 12 guys over a point per game

    and 2004 just the top 5 scorers in the league put up over 80 pts and averaged over a point per game.

    That doesn’t mean there weren’t other superstars. A point per game is considered good to me, if someone puts up between 75 and 80 points every year, he’s a genius and a superstar.

  16. leafsrule31 says:

    i cant believe this guy?

    how many people have to beat you and your shit assed comments to death before you reach into your ass and pull your head out?.. dude.. realize that you have no grammar, cant spell, and your supporting the most inane points i’ve ever seen come out of someones mouth? meanwhile.. shitting out useless defences and fupquad theorys that try to make yourself appear like that useless shit actually makes sense?

    just roll over and die.. you have no case here.

    i really am embarrased for your 14 year old ass.

  17. leafsrule31 says:

    you guys seriously just cannot encourage this monkey by wasted attempts to counter his nippleheaded arguements.

    theres been a hundred comments straightening his 10 year old ass out.. and his replies get dumber and dumber, the only way to make a complete moron go away is to pretend he doesn’t exist.. because hes never going to just shut his hole and realize hes wrong?.. i realize its hard when someone is this stupid and agitating.. let alone arrogant and ignorant, but its worth no ones time humouring him by making him think he actually exists in the world of thought.

    i apologize for leaf fans everywhere on behalf of this f*cking clown. whaaat a goof.

  18. scrubs says:

    Sundin is a Bonified Superstar you tell me after this ,ruff #s whith in a year so be nice. Sergie fedorov 95-2006 # of 30 goal seasons 6, Wendel Clark 1985-95 #30 goals 3 seasons, Doug Gilmour from 1983 -2003/30 goals 4xs, Daniel Alfredsson from 1995-06/30 goals 3xs, Markus Naslund 1995-06 # of 30 goal seasons Just 6, Peter forsberg 30 Goal seasons from 1994 to 2006 just #2, Dave keon 1960-70 #30 goals-#7 nice!!,Frank Mahovlich 1963-73 30 goal seasons #6 , Mr hockey Gordie Howe 1946-1956 #30 goal seasons 6,Darly Sittler from 1970 to 1980 30 goals 8x real nice. But reaching 30 GOALS 9 XS from 1990/91 season to 1999/2000 9 xs who is the Bonified Best. Just what would happen if he had someone to play with and why is he the Captain of the olympic Team

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