Sudin Short Leash

It is past time to put Sundin on a short leash either he does something for us or we trade him while he has some minimal value.

For all you Sundin lovers what has he really done for us. This supposed superstar is not even averiging a point a game as a Leaf, the only time he has had over 100 points was playing with sacik thank you sacik for making him look better than he is.Sundin is only as good as the players around him.

A true superstar is able to raise the game of his linemates Sundin has never made any of his linemates even score 40 goals. Look what Thorton did in San Jose he made Choohoo a 50 goal scorer look check how many he had before he came not many. Ask Rob Brown about playing with Lemiex or Semenco with Gretzky.Andrychuck never scored 50 goals untill he played with Gilmour. A true superstar makes the team around him better Sundin has never done that no one has ever overachived with him. He has had linemates Mogilney Roberts while they played ok with him thee never was any true chemistry and none would have scored 50 with him. Yes part of it is Quinns fault not playing them enough together but Quinn saw the chemistry with Mogilney asnt good enough.

I say if Leafs arent doing well get rid of Sundin while he may have some value start new and and a guy like a Gilmour Sacik Yzerman Messier guys that can raise the level of a hockey team not Sundin who is only as good as his teamates around him.