Sundin and Fletcher talking?

TSN is reporting that Maple Leafs center Mats Sundin has been talking to Cliff Fletcher about his future with the Leafs. What should Mats do?

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  1. Goleafs1992 says:

    I think he should Stay

  2. FarFromFreedom says:

    i love reading Leaf articles but honestly this Sundin situation is getting annoying. Do we need a different article on Sundin every day? What does it matter what we think Mats should do. None of us will make a difference in the organization and Mats decision. I didnt come in this article to read what you had to say but mainly to make my statement.

  3. yarfangor says:

    Not like it matters at this point, leafs wont make the playoffs, and with Mats having a career year, it still wont cut it. So as far as he and anyone else cares, he should just buckle down and rack em up.

  4. Goleafs1992 says:

    No matter what he decides he will always be my icon no matter what team he's on.

  5. Armstrong67 says:

    Mats got the Leafs a point last night against Carolina.  The team played relatively well but did not win (blame it on the refs, if we must).  Characteristic of the whole season.  This is not his career year, that happened when he got over 100 points with Quebec.

    Waive the NTC.  Go get a cup and bring lots of future help to T.O. while leaving.  Re-sign in the summer as the number 1 centre, but Assistant Captain only.  This should keep everybody happy accept maybe Mats!

  6. Armstrong67 says:

    I think he already has a girlfriend!  Why is he your icon?

  7. darcysucker says:

    The leafs have to trade sundin, what you guys should do is throw this season, and next season, get a lottery pick, and hopefully land both Samkos and Tavares, that way you're set with 2 future toronto based stars, and leaf fans will have 2 guys to cheer about for the next 10-15 years.  I know it would suck to have a crappy team for 2 years, but you've had a crappy team that hasn't made the playoffs the last 3 years, what's 2 more years?  And besides you'll have 10-15 great years after that.   If you trade sundin, you get some prospects in return, and on top of that the team gets way worse, he accounts for most of the scoring, so without sundin the leafs should be a shoe-in for last place overall in the league.  You're only 5 points away right now.  You guys are closer to the bottom of the league than the playoffs, might as well throw in the towel

  8. the_next_agent says:

    I think he should go.  The Leafs should try and trade Kubina to Chicago for Tuomo Ruutu.  And McCabe back to the island for one 1st round pick.  You all would be suprised at the amount of first rounders that are thrown around near the deadline.  The Kubina trade i can see happening.  He is doing well for being third on the depth chart and usually not being on the top PP line and Ruutu seems to be the bait to land a top 2 d-man, which is what Kubina is.   If these palyers go the Leafs will definetly get the number pick.

  9. carson1620 says:

    MATS needs to stay and finish what he started with the leafs, he's our leader, we need him, no matter what the trade might be, we will not get a player as skilled and respected and loved as Mats Sundin…. on a side note when he retires #13 better be retired with him!!!!!! can any LEAF fan really picture Sundin in a different jersey? he bleeds blue and white, and has stuck with the leafs (as shitty as they have been) and has never requested to be traded to a contending team, he's the man, and i hope he stays!

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