Sundin needs to be traded!

Since the leafs have been down falling for the past 3 years, they haven’t made the playoffs once, and doesn’t look like it this year unless a miracle happens, and someone shows up and turns this team right around!

The first good news was that the leafs fired GM ferguson, and signed Fletcher as interim GM until richard peddie finds a new GM.

Now the weight falls on the shoulders of sundin, and his future here in toronto. The best thing for Fletcher to do is try and get the leafs acquire more draft picks, and young talent to make the leafs a better team in the future to come.

Its up to Sundin to accept a trade if a trade works out, but Sundin already said that he does not want to be traded, he wants to stay in Toronto! It’s Fletcher’s job to work something out, and help the leafs become better!

The leafs dont want to get rid of young guns like kulemin, stralman, and tlusty, they want to give away some experienced players!

If were to say that Sundin gets traded, but where and for who! The leafs need young talent, and skill!

Here is some good trades:

to toronto: tanguay, boyd, and a 1st round draft pick
to calgary: sundin, and pohl


to toronto: staal, letang, and a 1st round draft pick
to calgary: sundin, and kilger


there has been rumours that l.a. wants a goalie so:

to toronto: nagy, modry, blake
to l.a.: sundin, raycroft, and wozniewski

and call up pogge, or clemmensen


to toronto: jokinen, murphy, booth, and a 2nd
to florida: sundin, and kubina


to toronto: carter, kukkonen, and a 1st
to philly: sundin, and white

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  1. leafy says:

    What can Sundin fetch?

    Interesting story.  Check out Pierre McGuire's take on what the Leafs will try to get for Sundin.

    However, Bob Mackenzie says that might not be realistic.

  2. B-leafer says:

    Interesting trades. However, keep in mind there is a theory out there that most teams will not be willing (unless they recently hired JFJ as an advisor) to  deal a top prospect and a 1st rounder if Sundun does not agree to resign (1-3 yrs). History shows that the only teams likely to take a shot at rentals of this kind are the Wings, Rangers, Leafs, and maybe Stars and these teams are not even considered top destination for Sundin at this time.

    Here are some others that I wouldnt mind seeing (not sure how realistic they might seem)> Like to know what you think

    To TOR: Goc, Marleau, 2/3rd round pick
    to SJ: Sundin, Raycroft/Kubina

    To TOR: Eric Johnson, Lee Stempniak, 2/3rd round pick
    To STL: Sundin, Tucker/McCabe

    To Tor: Kesler, Bourdon/Salo, 2/3rd round pick
    To Van: Sundin, Tucker/Raycroft/McCabe/Blake

  3. KINGSHEW says:

    Mr zambo.. you are stupid.. florida would never give up Jokinen for sundin.. That trade offer you want is impossiable.. if florida is giving up Jokinen they would want some one that they can build on. not a 1 years rental player. they arent even in the playoff race. and they wouldnt be if they give up Jokinen.   

  4. aj_furf says:

    Based on yesterday's press conference, it seems as though the board members are unlikely to approve any plan that doesn't involved getting them into the playoffs…immediately.

    If they could convince Sundin to waive his NTC AND re-sign with the team on July 1st, then there's several moves the Leafs can make that will not be viewed as blowing the team up and starting from scratch, but would put a lot of great prospects in the system and give the team an $8M buffer under the cap.

    I know this is a crapshoot and based on nothing other than my dreams, but it's fun to speculate:

    To Anh:  M. Sundin
    To Tor:  D. Weight, B. Ryan, 1st Rd (Edm)

    * Weight is a UFA at the end of the season and is included to help give the Ducks the cap space to make this move AND sign Selanne.  Leafs would not re-sign Weight, re-sign Sundin to the same contract (5.5m), and would still be left with Bobby Ryan, their own high draft pick, and Edmonton's high draft pick

    To Cgy:  Darcy Tucker
    To Tor:  3rd round pick
    *basically, give away tucker and his $3M for anything…I'd take a 5th round pick even

    To Chicago:  P. Kubina
    To Toronto:  C. Barker
    *Chicago has been rumored to be offering Barker for a veteran defenceman.  I don't think they'd make this trade straight up, but if the Leafs needed to add a 3rd rounder, or a B-list prospect, I say pull the trigger

    To SJ:  A. Raycroft
    To Tor: nothing
    *If SJ is willing to pickup Raycroft as a backup as is rumored (I have no idea why), I'd ship him over there, along with a thank-you card, for a 7th rounder.  Now that Fletcher is running the show, he won't have any emotional ties to Raycroft and what was given up to acquire him.  I can see him trying to move Razor to anyone for anything.

    To anyone:  I. White
    To TOR:  any draft pick
    * I'd rather see Stralman on the blueline than White.  Send him to a team looking to add some cheap depth at D.

    If all this pans out, you're left with a line-up that looks very similar to this year:




    Is this team a contender?  Nope..but if the MLSE bought into the idea that the 07-08 version of the Leafs would make the playoffs, I'm sure Fletch could feed them the same B.S. about this version.  The team looks very much the same, except now you have some A-list prospects in the system, and (after re-signing your RFA's), have about 8.5M under the cap.

  5. lukeleim says:

    I like all of your proposed transactions. I think if we could receive a mid level prospect and a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick for Hal Gill, pull the trigger… Then, sign Barret Jackman in the offseason.

    Example: Hal Gill to the Atlanta Thrashers for Boris Valabik and the Thrashers`5th round pick of 2008.

  6. lukeleim says:

    I`ll be very surprised to see Mats sundin traded by the deadline.

  7. careyprice31 says:

    i think most of the trade u suggested are outrageous and 1 side deals for the leafs

  8. leafmeister says:

    All of those trades are too one sided for the Leafs except for the one with LA, I would not want any of those LA players and I would certainly not want to give up Mats for them. No way we get Staal and Letang though, I can see Sundin for Staal straight up, and Sundin for Letang and a 1st but no way can we can both in 1 trade. The Tanguay one is probably the most realistic and even for both the teams, I would definatly do that one. I like the Philly one too. The LA one just confuses me, the Kings are probably going to finish last and the Leafs wont be far ahead, Nagy is overrated, Blake is overpaid and Modry isnt that great, if they are going to trade Blake it wont be for another vet. The Florida one is no good, I would take Weiss and a 1st but that trade makes no sense.

  9. Mimo says:

    budd y are to a retard.  All that to Vancouver for a couple of crappy guys.

  10. the_word says:

    Keep it simple, a 1st round pick and a top prospect or good young player (ie Hudler) or find a way to package a bad contract with Mats, like McCabe and Sundin for Marleau.

    The Leafs should either restock the farm system, in which case take back no contracts for Mats or package trade Mats with alongside a bad contract to free up space. 

    We're most likely stuck with Kubina, Blake, Tucker and McCabe for 2-3 years, lets spend those years at the bottom of the standings are rebuild through the draft.  Ideally the goal should be Tavares next year.  A leafs team without Sundin should be bad enough to accomplish this end.

  11. lafleur10 says:

    it's always that way with the leafs fans!there players are the best in the league and nobody else has anything so that's why it's one sided!1personally carey price31 we as habs fans can watch our team offer better stuff which we have and they think what we are offering is garbage and most g.m.'s when they talk trade with gainey are asking for price,kovalev,the kositisyn brothers and our defenceman prospects and picks as where they have sundin who i admit is there best assestand they'll get a good return for him but therest of there guys they think are great and are worth anything .but in there eyes they can get all this stuff!!…….if that's the case then why didn't they do it?like for i.e there offering raycroft in these packages  ask yourself if you were a g.m would you give them anything even 7-8th r.d. picks no!!if teams are going to give up stuff they want quality not raycroft ,or blake,tucker,kubina!.but you know leafs fans they live in a fantasy world!!

  12. lukeleim says:

    Ottawa: Mats Sundin for Patrick Eaves, Brian Lee, the Senators' first-round pick of 2008 and the Senators third-round pick of 2008.

    Detroit: Mats Sundin for Jiri Hudler, Jakub Kindl and the Red Wings' first-round pick of 2008.

    San Jose: Mats Sundin for Steve Bernier, Devin Setoguchi and the Sharks' first-round pick of 2008.

    Anaheim: Mats Sundin for Bobby Ryan and Oilers' first-round pick of 2008.

    Vancouver: Luc Bourdon, Ryan Kesler and the Canucks first-round pick of 2008.

    Calgary:Mats Sundin for Alex Tanguay, Dustin Boyd and the Flames' first-round pick of 2008.

    Dallas: Mats Sundin for Jussi Jokinen, Matt Niskanen and the Stars' first-round pick of 2008.

    Pittsburgh: Mats Sundin for Jordan Staal and the Penguins' first-round pick of 2008.

    Columbus: Mats Sundin to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Gilbert Brule, Steve Mason and the Blue Jackets first-round pick of 2008.

  13. Hoondog2 says:

    What about a blockbuster from trader Cliff:

    Sundin, Kaberle, and Tucker to Calgary for Phaneuf, Boyd, and a cond. 1st rd pick that goes to the Leafs if Sundin resigns in Calgary.

  14. careyprice31 says:

    hahaha well said bud

  15. the_word says:

    Gary Leeman revisted?  Lets assume Sundin is willing to resign, Calgary would have no cap room to do so.  Substitute Antropov for Tucker and maybe its possible.

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