Sundin needs to be traded!

Since the leafs have been down falling for the past 3 years, they haven’t made the playoffs once, and doesn’t look like it this year unless a miracle happens, and someone shows up and turns this team right around!

The first good news was that the leafs fired GM ferguson, and signed Fletcher as interim GM until richard peddie finds a new GM.

Now the weight falls on the shoulders of sundin, and his future here in toronto. The best thing for Fletcher to do is try and get the leafs acquire more draft picks, and young talent to make the leafs a better team in the future to come.

Its up to Sundin to accept a trade if a trade works out, but Sundin already said that he does not want to be traded, he wants to stay in Toronto! It’s Fletcher’s job to work something out, and help the leafs become better!

The leafs dont want to get rid of young guns like kulemin, stralman, and tlusty, they want to give away some experienced players!

If were to say that Sundin gets traded, but where and for who! The leafs need young talent, and skill!

Here is some good trades:

to toronto: tanguay, boyd, and a 1st round draft pick
to calgary: sundin, and pohl


to toronto: staal, letang, and a 1st round draft pick
to calgary: sundin, and kilger


there has been rumours that l.a. wants a goalie so:

to toronto: nagy, modry, blake
to l.a.: sundin, raycroft, and wozniewski

and call up pogge, or clemmensen


to toronto: jokinen, murphy, booth, and a 2nd
to florida: sundin, and kubina


to toronto: carter, kukkonen, and a 1st
to philly: sundin, and white