Surging Blueshirts continue trend……

The Rangers have proven once again that they are for real, blanking the Flyers 5-0 was only one of many recent signs of the Rangers return to respectability, many people wrote this team off when they were at 12th place and shanny got hurt, but the team defense has been great. The offense seems to have gotten better with the 7-0 Boston game and tonights game, also the physical side of the game, after Todd Fedoruk went after Colton Orr and Orr knocked him out, literally, it seems will be harder to push around Jagr now.

Also to note, Jagr scored again tonight, making it 2 straight games after 8 without any, feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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  1. mcpeach2 says:

    Yup they are looking good!  Taking it one game at a time.

    Hope Fedoruk is ok…that was a nasty punch.  He's had a rough year w/ fights.

    Habsoverserver said in another post that Avery might have been the trade deadline deal of the year….tough to argue at the moment.


  2. joeypenn says:

    I was a bit sceptical about the rangers getting Avery because i rarely saw him play, but after watching him play when he was with the rangers he is one of my favorite players right now.  He plays with so much energy and grit….. and he can SCORE.  Rangers will make the playoffs this year and hopefully do some damage

  3. Gagne1286 says:

    Flyers were very flat tonight, hope Fedoruk is ok, Orr got the best of him in that bout. Fedoruk is not the same fighter he was a few years ago, I think the plates in his face is effecting his ability to throw them (understandably). On another note the Flyers really miss Gagne and Upshall, team misses their speed and goal scoring touch. Hopefully the game March 31 is a more competitive one.

    Go Flyers!

  4. BieksaForMVP says:

    Avery wasn't the best deadline deal, it was some how getting Coburn for Zhitnik. The Sopel deal was great too.

  5. FlyGuyBully13 says:

      Ok so the rangers are a streak.  It is about time, considering how bad that have played for most of the season.  I hate sitting here and read all the NYR fans coming out of the wood work saying.  "OMG look at our team now were good so I am gunna root for them."  We don't need to see a article after every NYR win, I mean come on.  Anyways,  they have not solved the problem of protecting Jagr.  It was one fight and yes Fedoruk got belted, but it was one fight.  Fedoruk has fought maybe 4 times since coming to the Flyers and has lost his touch, so to be quite honest beating him is not saying much.  If I am correct the Rangers got swept in the first round last year and Jagr was a big factor?  Right?  Yeah yeah yeah he got hurt but still.  I will give it up to the Rangers that Avery was a great acquisition for their team and fits their scheme perfectly.  But best at the deadly, maybe but I am going to go with Tkachuk.  Hess got 9 points in 10 games with the Thrashers and has helped keep them on track and have almost secured the top sport in their divison!  I still think the NYI and Rangers will bothbe watching the playoffs from home but we will see.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Jagr and Lundqvist were both not 100% in that series.  The Rangers basically had no chance.

    Right now, the Rangers have been doing it with a ton of injury problems and a ton of call-ups from Hartford.  Two of three wins being absolute blowouts, and it's crunch time, as far as the season goes.  Shanahan is just now back, but now Straka is out.  No matter how you cut it, it's a very impressive stretch of hockey.  At this rate, the Rangers are in.

    We'll see how Tkachuk does in the playoffs.  With the exception of possibly Alfredsson and Yashin, there aren't any players who have a history of choking more in the playoffs than he does. 

  7. dewdrop11 says:

    of course you hate it…you're a philly fan. The Rangers will make it this year…and hopefully they will be hot going into the playoffs which is a HUGE HUGE factor….last year it is one of many things that killed us.What is different this year as opposed to last is that while Jagr is a major factor on this team, he is not being relied on for all the goals this year now..with some other players stepping up.

    Last year, that burden weighed heavily on him, and once he got hurt, we were done. I think every NY fan new that. Should be an interesting playoff scenario this year…as always. The Rangers could go deep into the playoffs…depends on their health, which has been tremendously bad of late, and their goaltending, which has been tremendously good.
    Sorry to see about one wants to see a guy get hurt…what the hell is he doing still fighting with two plates in his face…gutsy guy. The team is having a tough year so I feel for you…if I know Philly, you'll be right back in the thick of things next year, giving the Rangers and everyone else hell.
  8. dewdrop11 says:

    I meant knew..not new 🙂

  9. Hoondog2 says:

    Man, your Vancouver bias is just too much!

  10. prucha25 says:

    i'm sorry, i was unaware that i had to justify me being a fan of the rangers by posting on this site.  i figure i'd go to the games and watch the team on tv and see how that went.  they have sort of solved the problem of protecting jagr as that fight sets a tone.  it says the rangers don't have a short memory and if we don't get you that night, look out, we'll be coming for you.  it doesn't matter what the guy's medical history is, he stepped up and got beat for what he did.  nice sarcasm with the jagr was a big factor, the guy got injured and even missed one game.  the fact he needed surgery and still isn't a 100% after the surgery almost a year later shows how severe the injury was.  avery is the best deadline deal cause he's stepped up with points (13 in 20 games), something he hasn't shown consistently prior to coming to NY.  he's also kills penalties and renney was even quoted saying he is always talking to guys on the bench and in the locker room, giving us that leadership role they need.  the fact the rangers were 12th when they lost to the flyers 5-3, an ugly game which i was in attendence for, and have now righted the ship and are in 7th shows how avery helped straightened that team out.  he's had more of an impact than tkachuk who led a team to first in a division with two teams at the bottom of the conference, i'm sure 16 games against washington and florida could really help any team's divisional climb.  hopefully they can continue winning and get into to the playoffs.

  11. habsoverserver says:

    did anyone see how well avery forechecked last night? he took the body then the puck.  created a lot of chances.  i was really impressed with his play. 

  12. cecilturtle says:

    Avery's forchecking prowless is most certainly impessive…  More importantly though he has the skill to play on the second line with the likes Shanahan and Straka/Callahan etc.  Because Avery (surprisingly to me) has the skill to play with these top line players, his physical presence on the ice seem to make Shanahan and Straka/Callahan look much bigger and appear to be more physical then they play.  A even more impressive forcheching job I feel goes to the 4th line…  Betts is centering Hollweg & Orr, But Renney is putting them out against the other teams #1 line every time he is able to match them up…  So that means that when you see Hollweg and the others on his line flatten at least two or three opponants on every shift, the players getting nailed are most often the other teams top players :).  If the Rangers are able to make the playoffs???  I can't wait to see this line beat up and wear down the other teams top line players over a long series!

    Because the Rangers have two very physical lines that will force the other teams players to make sure that they are aware of where every Ranger player is at all times…  The other team get taken out of their game a little.  Insted of trying to set up or make plays, players will first try to avoid a hard check (even if no one is around them sometimes) and then try to make a play.  Going perfect (lately) with the two physical lines is the Rangers first line which seem to posses the puck forever with Jagr and Nylander taking the puck deep in the opponents zone and (Kovaleving-"with a purpose":) the opponants D into exhaustion (especially on the power play).  Also benefiting (even more so it seems) from the physical presence is the Rangers third line of Cullen centering Ortmeyer and Prucha…  This line is as fast as any other forward line comprised today.  They also have a real good amount of grit and a bit of a scoring touch.  But when you sandwich this line between two physical lines…  There speed becomes flat out scary!  When the Rangers change on the fly and this line is mixed in with the second or fourth line, the game will often get very entertaining.  When teams are in the mindset set to counter the phisical play faced before them, throwing in that kind of speed and straight forward grit right at them is almost unfair!   If a player does not notice Hollweg or Orr leave the ice, Cullen/Prucha/Ortmeyer speed will quite often surprise them and cause really good scoring chances off a forced turnovers.  Anyway, the Rangers are playing really really good right now and if this keeps up for the next 8 games???  Anything could happen in the playoffs…  Anything!


  13. cecilturtle says:

    Fedoruk playing on a division/city team rival with absolutely nothing to win or lose is very dangerous to the overall health of the team facing him.  Fedoruk would have played every 4th shift last night and would have been headhunting with absolutely nothing to lose just like the last game these two teams played.  I think it was real important for the Rangers to send a message (right off the opening face off) that if you or any other player is going to go out of your way every shift to put a hurting on our allready beaten up team???  We will force you to fight all throughout the game so you will stay harmlessly in the box away from our skilled players!  I would hate to think just how many Rangers would have been banged up last night if a care free head hunting Fedoruk were running around uncontrolled?  Anyway, Fedoruk is fine…  People get seriously hurt when they take multiple punches to the head.  One shot knockouts…  The brain quickly reboots and all is fine.  I don't think even Orr is strong enough to dent let alone break steel or tytainium facial plates.  Lucky Orr did not break his hand.  Fedoruk should have received an extra minor as if he fought with a vizor or metal cage face shield!  But I understand I am most likely in the minority along that line of thinking?


  14. bleedingblu says:

    Tell me about it…. how about the Keith Tkachuk deal?

  15. habsoverserver says:

    i split season tix to the rangers, mostly to see good hockey, not because i am a big rangers fan. i went to a playoff game last season and the blueshirts were as flat as i have ever seen them.  the past couple weeks they have shown huge hussle.

    last month, i thought they were going to fade away, but i think you are right.  they have a shot to do some damage in the playoffs. 

  16. Gagne1286 says:

    When did Fedoruk go head hunting, you mean the last game when he hit Jarg with a clean check? The last game the Flyers dominated the Rangers with their physical play, this time the Rangers got the better of us.

  17. UsedandAbused says:

    Rangers real test comes in the first round of the playoffs where Jagr always seems to dissappear when things get physical. They made the playoffs last year and are expected to make it this year. Can they get past the first round? That is the question. They are playing good hockey right now. Jagr is the key in the playoffs. If he goes soft yet again they will be knocked out in the first round.

    As for the Flyers.. Cmon.. You are talking about the worst team in the NHL that has its best players out of the lineup right now. Beating them shows me nothing.

  18. cecilturtle says:

    Head hunting looking back now (maybe???) was the wrong word to describe Fedoruk's play…  I just ment he was hitting everything in site, yes cleanly which I have no problem with.  It's just tough to watch someone skate around like that hitting everything in Ranger Blue.   I have no problem with Fedoruk's play and in fact I respect it.  What he does is not easy and I would not want his job!  I would ONLY have a problem with the "Rangers" if they continued to let it happen without doing anything to stop him!  But Orr did do something to stop him, his primary job and it was done way before Fedoruk ever had a chance to take out a piece of Ranger Blue.


  19. wheresthesoda says:

    we gotta make it first, so i'm not even thinking about the playoffs right now. I just want to make it to the dance first.

  20. Gagne1286 says:

    Yea it was the Rangers coach fought last game for not dressing Orr against the Flyers, when you have Fedoruk and Eager out there, you better have some muscle on the other side. But Fedoruk's hit on Jarg was a lucky one, because he came out of the Penalty Box and caught Jarg spinning towards him. But like I said before Fedoruk shouldn't even be fighting with the plates in his face, but I guess he has to, just keep a job in the NHL.

  21. prucha25 says:

    nothing?  it shows me, after they were being physically overpowered the last time these two teams met in a 5-3 flyers win, that they will stand up for themselves and be physical and battle.  that if some one messes with jagr then they're going to have to answer to that.  the team they played isn't the issue here, it's what happened when they met previously that makes this win so huge.  i bet every rangers fan was nervous that the flyers were coming into the garden again cause they weren't sure if the rangers were going to stand up to them.  well turns out they did, and when they did they won 5-0. 

  22. ranger_fan says:

    So fellow Ranger fans…


    who do you want to see us face?

  23. Dynamo710 says:

    I think you can change that last line to Atlanta/Tampa Bay.  Tampa's only 2 points behind Atlanta so they're not assured of the division.  Here's how I see it against all these possible opponents:

    Buffalo: 4-0 or 4-1 to buffalo, they're just too good

    Pittsburgh: 4-3 to NYR.  Rangers have the veteran leadership that will prove decisive.  Even though they are good, Pitt is too young to make a run this year.  Next season they could be unstoppable.

    NJ: 4-1 to NYR.  NJ is fading fast, and Henrik can keep up with Brodeur.

    Atlanta: 4-2 to Atlanta. They have a lot of talent and Tkachuk will prove invaluable in the playoffs.  They have played well against the Rangers this year and seem to have their number.

    Tampa Bay: 4-2 to NYR.  Shut down their first line and you shut down their team.

    Overall, if they make the playoffs, they stand a good shot of winning a series as long as they don't finish in 8th.  Still, they need to make the playoffs first.  But with Hank in net, anything is possible.

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