Tampa Bay Fans – Need Your Help

We always hear the rumors out of Montreal about us trading 24 pucks for lecavalier, and that the wants to come here ‘because he’s french’, but with the recent slide of the Lightning, I’m looking for Tampa Fans to tell me What you would want from Montreal for him.
I know every habs fan will start with ‘ halak + streit for Levavalier’, but i’m looking for Real Tampa fans to give a real insight.

If i were Tampa Bay, i wouldn’t even consider anything unless it started with Carey Price.

Tampa fans, time to speak up!

What would it take to peak your interest?

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  1. habs_punk says:

    Vinny's contract makes him touchable. Price's age and contract status make him untouchable. Vinny will be a UFA in a couple years, Price has got about 8 before he is. That is where the key differences lie. If you've got the probable next superstar goalie for at least the first 8 years of his career, you don't trade him for anyone.

  2. habs_punk says:

    You're already asking for the best goaltending prospect in the league who is on a rookie contract and will not be a UFA for minimum 8 years. Halak is an excellent prospect, but we're talking the difference of having a future Luongo and maybe better vs. having a future Nabokov. Nabokov's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I would take Luongo 10 times out of 10. Vinny will not lead Montreal to a Cup without a goalie that can get it done in the big games. Price has shown that big games don't phase him last year in the Calder Cup and the World Juniors. It's no Stanley Cup, but it is the highest level of competition he could possibly have been exposed to at that point in his career. Huet seems to always be getting injured, and there's no guarantee about how Halak will do in a full regular season, let alone the playoffs.

    A bonafide superstar forward will not lead Montreal to a Cup without a bonafide superstar goalie. A bonafide superstar goalie can lead Montreal to a Cup without a bonafide superstar forward. If Tampa insists on Price, this deal does not get done, plain and simple. Big deal. This rumor has been going on for years now, I'm not going to lose any sleep over Montreal not trading for Vinny. I would love to see him in Montreal, but why trade the centre-piece of the franchise for a player who probably will strongly consider signing there in two years if Montreal is able to ice a contending team.

    Throwing in any extra players that aren't a salary dump along with Price is very insulting indeed. I never said anything about Huet and Ryder for Vinny, so seriously piss of with those moronic snide remarks, jackass.

  3. NHLman says:

    What has Price accomplished in this league? Tell me, how many games has he played? If you have the opportunity to get Lecavilier, Price cannot be the sticking point. It's reasonable not to want to trade a talented young goaltender, but to say he is untouchable is bull. You Habs fans are just like Leafs fans, everyone is giving you their treasure for your trash. Price is not so far and away above every other goalie prospect in the NHL. If the Lightning want a young goalie as the centerpiece of a trade Halak or Huet will not be enough. Not when Boston has Tuukka Rask or the Rangers Al Montoya, or Minnesota's Josh Harding. or Jonathan Bernier in LA, or Cory Schneider in Vancouver… get the picture.

  4. habs_punk says:

    Maybe Price isn't far and away ahead of those goaltenders, but he is generally considered ahead of them. He is considered to be the best goaltending prospect in the league. The reason he hasn't done much in the NHL is because he's too young. That argument is crap, everyone knew Crosby and Ovechkin were going to be stars before they played in the NHL. Everyone knows Price is going to be a star as well. The only question seems to be will he be a Luongo-ish level star or a Roy-ish level star. You don't trade that kind of a player.
    That bullshit comment about everyone giving us their treasure for our trash is overdone. It's been mentioned about 20 times in this thread alone. Never once have I talked about giving our "trash" away, unless of course you consider Price the only player of any worth on this team. When it comes to Lecavalier, I have already said that I don't think anyone on the team is untouchable other than Price. Halak is a very solid goaltending prospect, not too far behind the guys you mentioned. If he gets a shot on another team, he could end up being better than many of them. Plekanec and Higgins aren't trash, they're two very highly regarded young forwards. Montreal has a ton of high end defensive prospects, possibly the best of which is McDonagh, who I have mentioned in potential trades. I haven't even mentioned Koivu because  I don't think Tampa would be interested in taking him. High draft picks aren't trash either. I haven't once mentioned guys like Ryder (who actually might attract some interest from TB), Streit, or anyone else that I don't think TB would have serious interest in.

    It's all fine to rattle off those other top goaltending prospects, but you've then got to find one of those teams willing to part with that prospect as well as any other pieces that may need to be included.

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