Tampa looking for a new goalie

The Tampa Bay Lightning are is search of a new number one goalie.

According to Tampabay.com the Lightning will be in search of a new number one goalie by either trade or free agency. Some of the free agents that are mentioned include Olaf Kolzig and Jose Theodore and it is also mentioned about the possibility of Khabibulin returning back to Tampa Bay.

It is noted that at present the Lightning have the worst goaltending in the NHL.

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14 Responses to Tampa looking for a new goalie

  1. chanman says:

    Tampa in search of a starting goalie? Some things never change.

    You had to figure the whole holmquist/Ramo thing wasn't going to cut it. Too bad for the bolts it took a whole season to wake up to that.

    Denis was a horrible trade for them. The guy was never proven, and used to playing a much tighter game in CLB. Not the run/gun stuff the bolts deal in. 

       Nittimakki? Fernandez?

  2. mozzy says:

    These postings are getting OVERLY REDUNDANT! Same stories and comments all the time. We all know:

    Tampa needs a goalie

    Mats Sundin is going to be moved

    Toronto Maple Leafs suck and everyone wants to have an opinion why.

    Forsberg may, then may not, then will, then probably won’t return to the NHL.

    Jagr is a complainer

    Ottawa needs secondary scoring

    Devils are the most undeserving team in the NHL.

    Lets have some new articles please.

  3. hockeyfanalltheway says:

    dont blame ya. its the same shit all the time.

  4. Nans says:

    I think a good fit there, for the right price of course, would be Emery.

    Torts wouldnt put up with his crap, and i think would be the right kind of coach to get the best out of him.  And i know Ottawa is looking to sign Boyle for next year.

    Its gonna take some convincing to get them to take Emery as is, let alone get boyle in the same deal.  Emery for a mid round pic right now, would be fair to everyone, depending on if they r willing to take that risk.

    If a team like Dallas or Minnisota is looking for a top 6 forward, or a puck moving D, u could see Harding or Turco go that way too. 

    No way can Tampa take on a Huge slary unless one is going back the other way, So, no Kolzig, Bulin, or Theo, because what tampa would give up in return, is not worth those tenders. 

    top 3 goalies IMO that could land in tampa for the right deal.
    Emery (wont take much to get him)

  5. Armstrong67 says:

    I agree, it is overdone, but the media or NHL has nothing new to report to their obsessed fans.

    What's a fan to do but to discuss with other fans, that is the purpose of this site.

    Maybe you should be looking at websites that discuss Damon becoming a Raptor or the Bills playing 8 games in T.O.?

    Or better yet, don't comment unless you can make an interesting article yourself! 

  6. RoenickTheGreat says:

    I highly doubt Khabibulin would even consider returning to the Lightning after Tortorella reemed him out for "chasing the money, chasing the money, didn't want to win, chasing the money," and I think he repeatedly said that about three other times throughout the course of the interview when the media asked him why Khabibulin left. I think the perfect fit for Tampa Bay would be Ray Emery. Like the rumors before of Vermette and Corvo for Cole, you think Ottawa could package Emery, Vermette and Corvo for one of the big three? It's gonna be exciting come trade-deadline thats for sure.

  7. KINGSHEW says:

    TAMPA BAY SHOULD TAKE RAYCROFT.. do it for the leafs… Hes actually not a bad goalie.. he did play a very good rookie year.. and last year.. he didnt do that bad… 37 wins is pretty good man… Torontoians just expect too much from him thats all.  i think he would fit in Tampa.. a non hockey city with less pressure for him.

  8. RoenickTheGreat says:

    If they were considering that, I think they'd call up Denis and throw him back in there before they'd ever consider Raycroft.

  9. svenki says:

    i think they should go for either of these goalies

  10. wingsfan13 says:

    word is that tampa passed on bryzgalov.  Why?  this was probably one of the stupidis moves this organization made.  Imagine where the lighting would be if they had.  a major problem would have been solved fairly at a small cost

  11. ovechkin8 says:

    what about Dwayne Roloson hes rumoured to be on the trading block cause hes not the starting goalie in edmonton. Hed fit in great!

  12. CofRED says:

    Is this news??

    On the wish list should be (in no particular order)

    I think the asking price would be too high for Harding, Kolzig, and Turco, and likely Nitty/Biron as well.

    Second options would be Theodore, Khabibulan, Norrena, Halak, Toivanen, and Raycroft, but a guy has to wonder, between some being washed up and some being unproven, if this would really be an upgrade.

  13. rangersfan30 says:

    Phoenix was first on the waiver wire. It didn’t really matter who else claimed him.

  14. wayne2 says:

    Two proposals:

    To Tampa Bay:Emery
    To Ottawa: Denis
    A simple swap of goalies.

    To Tampa Bay: Emery,Corvo,Hennesy
    To Ottawa: Denis,Boyle.
    The sens get their replacement for Redden.

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