Teams salivating over the Coyotes Defense

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Rumors are swirling that a number of teams are trying very hard to pry a number of key defenseman out of the Phoenix Coyotes.

The two teams that are working the hardest to acquire some of the Coyotes top defenseman include the New York Rangers and the Flyers. It is reported by Bruce Garrioch in the Toronto Sun that the Flyers are trying very hard to try to make a move for Derek Morris. They apparently feel that they are only a few pieces away for being a top club and feel that Morris could be part of the pieces of the puzzle. According to the article, the Boston Bruins are the other team who has put in a call to acquire about Morris.

The other rumor is that the Rangers are actively and continually trying to land the services of Ed Jovanovski. As reported here on HTR a while ago the problem with Jovo is that he was given a huge 6.5 million dollar contract along with a no-trade clause. It would take some major wheeling and dealing for the Rangers to pull this deal off because they would first have to unload some major contracts and then give up some quality players for Jovo because in the right environment he could prove to be a huge asset.

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11 Responses to Teams salivating over the Coyotes Defense

  1. markjohnston says:

    who is the rangers pp quaterback?

    why don't they take one of mccabe/kubina from us poor leafs fans?


  2. leafy says:

    A valid point, but knowing Glen Sather, he is likely to want to give us crap for those players, in which case I would rather keep them than give Sather the satisfaction.  Besides, once we give the Leafs time to gel, I like the pieces they've assembled, including their depth on D, and they have the potential to have a highly successful season.  We have the makings of a good team, I don't care what people say.

  3. markjohnston says:

    I think the leafs are a good team too, but I'd rather have

    – a 2 million dollar stay-at-home bruiser dman
    – 3 million in cap room


    pavel kubina.

    I think kaberle is a fantastic pp qback, and despite mccabe's suckiness on D, I think he's an important part of the team too.

    but, kaberle, mccabe AND kubina is too many. I think kaberle is the best of the three (the guy is like 90% breaking the zone on the pp), so one of the other two should go.

  4. intelligentscorpio says:

    Rangers should get Jovonowski. They need a quarterback for their pp. Jovo is not going to do anything for the Desert Dogs. They are the worst team in the league and would remain the same for a long while.

    Flyers may want Morris because they let Pitkanen walk. And they will be fully capped with their next acquisition. That’s a good thing. Then they will settle down and play the rest of the year without rocking the nhl too much.

    As far as Leaf defensemen are concerned, please no one touch them. They will be fine in the Tor uniforms. All 15 mil tied in 3 defensemen. Let Tor pay for their foolish or lavish signing of these D. Looks good on JFJ. The Leafs will continue to struggle to make the playoffs again.

  5. SabresFan220 says:

    While I don't see Jovo going anywhere unless the team is willing to give up a major portion of their future, the Yotes would be dumb not to trade Morris. He's overpaid for what he does, and they're still in rebuilding mode. At his age his value is more for current playoff teams. Ripping a young defenseman and a top 6 forward that makes less than him from someone for Morris would be smart. If someone is willing to eat his crazy contract and give the Yotes value in return why not do it?

  6. leniwm1 says:


    If Jovo waives his no-trade clause, does that mean it is void for the rest of his contract or is it still in effect with a new team?

  7. senators101 says:

    I'm pretty sure that the no-trade clause is still in effect.

  8. Rico71 says:

    Jovo would be a nice addition to the Rangers blueline…I hope it never happens. lol

    This would fit in well. Another vastly overpaid player to add to the bunch.

  9. jarcpitre says:

    I agree with you, we will trade McCabe to the Rangers for Jagr's dirty jock. Then we will get all the Leafs to smell it to wake em up. Please take him Rangers, he's really really good.

  10. A-Train24 says:

    Too many things have to go right for the jovo to NYR trade to be made, so it is unlikely to happen.  I could see Morris get traded but I think that many teams will come knocking on Phoenix's door for Nick Boynton, who will still have a 1 year left at 2.9 million at season's end.  He is a premier stay-at-home defensemen that many teams lack.

  11. mvand77 says:

    Uhhh, what's there to salivate over?

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