The Habs are imploding

I have been a fan of the Montreal Canadiens since I was born. I have never seen the insanity going on here. First every one complaining about Gainey not talking, the lack of effort on the ice. Now super cancer Kovalev comes out and slams the whole team. Saying that the rookies are acting like vetrans and not listening, he is also saying that Carbo doesen’t like russians. Well im happy that the young kids are stepping up and trying to take leadership, cause it seems like the vetrans aren’t. I don’t think Carbo hates russians, but I do think he hates lazy players ie: Kovalev,Samsonov,Markov. Kovalev’s act has run thin. He’s not the player he once was, and I think he’s realizing that now. he’s got to go. Trade him, waive him, realease him. If no one picks him up, don’t send him to Hamilton, cause he will just infect our young players there. Tell him to just stay home. I have never seen this kinda of thing happen in Montreal. This is the most storied franchise in hockey, and it’s sad to see what has become of it. People complain that no UFA’s want to come here, well I can’t say I blame them. Bob has to pull up his slacks and do something. This franchise is in serious need of clean up. Koivu: Has to go, he’s not showing any leadership when the team needs it most Ryder: Too streaky, doesen’t performe on a regular basis. Kovalev: CANCER Samsonov: Doesen’t care Dandenault: Multiple cup winner, well it doesen’t seem like it Bouillion: Not playing physical anymore Come on HABS fans what do you think should happen ?????