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The Flyers have been very active in the past day or so as they try to clear cap space for the return of Danny Briere. So far they have “waived a pair of veterans: center Glen Metropolit and defenseman Ossi Vaananen” and it is also noted that a trade is possible.

HTR believes that if a trade is going to happen it may be for superstar defenseman jay Bouwmeester although it is noted that “the Flyers were no closer to a deal for Florida defenseman Jay Bouwmeester, who is being shopped by the Panthers.”

Other possible players who may be on their way out of Philly or who could be sent down to the minors include Lasse Kukkonen and Darroll Powe.

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  1. wayne2 says:

    The flyers should go after Proner(who is under contract) instead and use Brière in the deal to liberate money.
    To Philadelphia:Pronger
    To Anaheim:Brière and Coburn

  2. RossCreek says:


    Montreal claimed F Glen Metropolit.
    Vancouver claimed D Ossi Vaananen.

  3. bobdole says:

    Coburn is way to good to give up for a pronger. Briere is a puzzling one because why would anahiem want an 8 million dollar man that only plays 40 games a year. Briere is talented but way to injury prone. Both sides wouldnt do this deal. 1st and 2nd and Matt Carle and mike knuble. Give then a little more offense up front. Gives them a depth d man and they get some draft picks. Carle and Knuble are good players but are hardly franchise guys. You take away little from your roster if your Philly and anahiem gets offensive player with more durabilty with a reponsable contract(mike knuble). Lets not forget what anahiem payed for Pronger.

  4. RossCreek says:

    Ducks gave up Joffrey Lupul, Ladislav Smid & two 1st round picks. I'd say Lupul, Carle & a 1st could possibly do it. I'm sure the Ducks would like the idea of reaquiring Joff as they only moved him to get Pronger, not because they didn't like him. Brian Burke may also have interest in him as well (in a Kaberle deal).

  5. bobdole says:

    i agree I just have a huge soft spot for Knuble he's just such a warrior. Lupul is signed at a very reasonably rate.I think your trade makes good sense.  But it might take a little more even

  6. leafy says:

    Philly needs to trade one of their many good forwards for a star calibre blue liner.  Much more than Boston in the other article.

  7. bobdole says:

    i agree I just have a huge soft spot for Knuble he's just such a warrior. Lupul is signed at a very reasonably rate.I think your trade makes good sense.  But it might take a little more even

  8. bobdole says:

    i agree I just have a huge soft spot for Knuble he's just such a warrior. Lupul is signed at a very reasonably rate.I think your trade makes good sense.  But it might take a little more even

  9. cam7777 says:

    Lupul's contract is horrible moving past this season.  His cap hit is only 2.3 or so this year, but 4.25 for the next 4.  Anyone who takes Lupul on is simultaneously doing Philly a bit of a favor.  That is a contract that will come back to bite them in the ass otherwise…

  10. RossCreek says:

    They'll definately be doing Philly a favor, but Lupul's contract is especially bad in Philadelphia – not everywhere. Anahiem just gave up Kunitz and he's only a couple hundred thou less than Lupul. Is it a great contract? No. Is it terrible? For some teams, maybe.

  11. bobdole says:

    I love how no one gets how the cap works. Its an average. Lupuls contract is 2,9525 million per year average thats the cap hit. not 4.25

  12. RossCreek says:

    I will respectfully & politely tell you you're wrong. Lupul signed an extension last summer that kicks in for next season. His cap hit for the next 4 seasons will be 4.25.

  13. honestabe says:

    I really can't see the Flyers brining in any sort of big name players.  That is unless they have som big salaries going the other way.
    From what i can tell they have 2 big salary cap problems.
    – First, they have to waive 2-3 guys just to make room for Briere's salary. While that isn't necessarily a problem, it reMally leaves them short staffed if they have any sort of injuries or illnesses.
    – Second, and more seriously, is that they are on pace to exceed the $56.7M salary cap by $2.5M.  (that's taking into account Hatcher and Rathje).  Somehow they will have to save $2.5 in the last quarter of the season.  if you extrapolate that to an annual salary, its roughly $10M that has to be shed.  That will take some tricky doings.  We'll probably see someone go on LTIR near the end of the year.

    Considering all that, how can they possibly bring in any big name player?

  14. cam7777 says:

    yes, but they are two different contracts.  his average for this contract, the one he is currently being paid on, is 2.3 million.  the average for the one which begins next season, is 4.25 million….

  15. LeafsNation91 says:

    So, this is completely insane trade proposal, but I want to have some fun:

    Daniel Briere(They have built a team full of size and grit, need a small guy to help them out)
    Matt Stajan
    Prospect Anton Stralman(Leafs)
    2nd Phiadelphia
    3rd Toronto
    Prospect Jimmy Hayes(Toronto)
    Chris Pronger
    Nik Antropov
    James VanRiemsdyk
    Salary Dump(Ana)(Biggest Useless/high paid players for both)
    Salary Dump(Phi)
    Just to help both teams about the cap
    This is just an insane little thing I created, just tell me what you guys believe I can do to make it better. For example, a team getting a little jipped a bit. A team overpaying, a team underpaying. Just tell me if your a Ducks/Flyers/Leaf fans just to have some fun and maybe make it more proper.
  16. cam7777 says:

    so this breaks down to stajan, antropov, stralman, hayes and a 3rd for vanriemsdyk….

    vanriemsdyk is good, no doubt, but that's an insanely bad deal for the leafs.  AND they have to take back useless salary in the process?  Antropov is worth at least a 1st round pick,  In my opinion, Stajan should also be worth at least a 1st round pick.  He is on pace for a 60 point season in his first outting in a scoring role.  Now, don't get me wrong, I doubt he'll go for a 1st if he were traded, but he is worth this to the Leafs (ie. Ian White and Dominic Moore – more valuable to the Leafs than to others).  He is also really cheap at 1.75 million, and is still signed for another year, and 4 years away from his prime.  Hayes was a 2nd round pick who was originally slated for the 1st round, but looks like he could eventualy live up to his 1st round potential.  What if he turns into an Eric Tangradi (who admittedly I'm only aware of because of the recent trade). Then we are still giving up Stralman, who according to some esteemed hockey professionals, has top pairing potential in the NHL, and is already showing flashes of it on a fairly poor Leafs Squad.

    That is a lot to give up for an unproven prospect, no matter what the potential.  Unless we have a crystal ball that says this guy is Ovechkin-esque on the left wing, then that deal is awful.

    It looks good for the other two teams though.  Philly dumps their most ridiculous contract while picking up the most attractive rental player of 2009,  one of the most dominant defensemen of the era in Chris Pronger, and a high upside prospect, all at the cost of James vanRiemsdyk and a 2nd round pick.  Oh, and they get to dump additional salary…

    Anaheim completely restocks their team with the talent they are looking for in guys that are NHL ready like Stajan/Briere, rather than getting picks and prospects for their big D-man.  Oh, and they get to dump any unnecessary contracts on Toronto, because Toronto is so desperate to acquire one good prospect….

  17. honestabe says:

    Philly needs defence and goaltending.  So they're not going to want Antropov.  Likely they would want Kaberle, Kubina or TosKala.  Plus they also need to shed salary.
    Anaheim has pretty much given up on the season.  Plus they're looking to cut salary as well.  Therefore, i can't see them wanting Briere.

    That 3-way just doesn't make sense. 

  18. LeafsNation91 says:

    Haha, thats why I said insane trade proposal…

    Just throwing it out their. Watching the Flyers game tonight though, they need a top two defenceman more than a goaltender. Nittymaki and Biron are okay, but their is no defencman in the league to help them.
    I tired to match salaries…And put the dump so the teams can put their biggest dump possible on the Leafs. Maybe switch Briere to Toronto and Antropov to Anaheim could work, but then again, someone else would probably be given to the Anaheim Ducks, and I don't know what, maybe a secound rounder from Toronto or something. Just trying to do something impossible, just having some fun.
  19. honestabe says:

    Here you go leaf fans.
    this is what you should be doing.  Pull a Pittsburgh or a Washington (trade away everything, finish last in the league for a few years, pick up some high end draft picks and then watch out)

    Trade away the following:
    Blake (because he's got some value all of a sudden)
    Kubina (defencemen fetch allot at the trade deadline)
    Van Ryn

    I don't know to whom they should be traded, but you should be able to get at least a 1st rd pick for each of the four defencemen.  Kaberle and Kubina should be able to land a high end prospect as well.
    Take whatever you can get for the 4 forwards, because forwards just don't seem to command the same price.  (just my opinion)
    Note, the leafs will suck for a few years, so be prepared. 

  20. honestabe says:

    Briere for Kaberle straight up.?

  21. LeafsNation91 says:

    We all are, this team was not built to win, but they have been because alot of players have played well, especially the youth in Grabo, Kulemin, Schenn, etc. The problem is with the salary cap, economy, and NTC's, the Leafs are in abit of a dilemna.

    They will be looking for draft picks and high prospects, and deal with whatever they can get. But right now, it looks like Burke wants to keep Kaberle
  22. cam7777 says:

    briere has almost no value right now, while kaberle is arguably the most valuable defensemen available (unless pronger is on the market, and even then, kaberle's salary makes it a close call).

    kaberle and tlusty for briere, vanriemsdyk and a 1st

  23. leafy says:


    So Flyer fans, I need to know your opinion of the stinking salary cap!

    You just lost Glen Metropolit and Ossi Vaananen on waivers. You also didn't have enough cap space to re-sign RJ Umberger last summer.

    What do you think of this useless socialism we call a salary cap?

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