The Official Boycott of the Toronto Maple Leafs!

I am tired of terrible management! The only good GM we’ve had since Punch Imlach was around is Pat Quinn! And he was forced to resign as GM before he could make the team perfect! We coulda won with Quinn leading the way in 2004, and now we have John Ferguson, and the team looks like it did in the Ballard days.John Ferguson has driven the team into the grount, and is on the brink of turning down a combination of two of Lindros, Carter, and/or Peca for Jason Allison!

Now, every team, even the bloody New York Yankees have had times where people didn’t show up because the team stunk, I ask you to join me in my boycott of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I say no one goes to see a game until we’ve got a compitent team.

I wouldn’t mind sucking so much if it weren’t for the mistreatment of the players and Pat Quinn that John Ferguson has shown.

And as for Darcy Tucker, Jeff O’neill, Tomas Kaberle, Mats Sundin, Chad Kilger, Ian White, Alexei Ponikarovsky, and Carlo Colaiacovo, the Leafs I still enjoy watching…. that’s right, there are 7 Leafs I still like… I hope they all get traded to teams with a shot in hell at winning the Stanley Cup, that way you don’t have to sit through the opressive Ferguson regime.

Leafs suck!!!


(PS, If I chose to buy a Clark or Gilmour or other Leaf jersey off ebay, thats not giving money to MLSE, because the jersey was bought years ago, so no one can get mad at me over that. And btw, is my boycott void if I go see the Raptors?)