The Quickest Fix for Leafs.

Frankly, this season is done. Sure the leafs could have an above average second half, make the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round with the team they have, but WHY? So then in 2008-2009 you bring back the same cast of clowns and do it all again, sneak in the playoffs and get crushed by a contending opponent. We must rebuild and now is the perfect time.

1) I will not discuss the GM I dont care who does tho following things as long as they get done

2) Antropov. Finally producing, value will never be higher. Contender may dump a pick and prospect for the BIG scoring winger.

3) Sundin. This will be his last great season. His value will only diminish from here. Either a top notch player (Jordan Staal) or and 1st round pick and top prospect could be fetched for Sundin’s services.

The rest of the forwards are either not easily moved (Bell, Blake, Tucker) or are part of the future (Steen Stajan Wellwood) So we move to the D.

McCabe will never be moved. Kaberle shouldn’t be, his contract is reasonable. White and Carlo are the future.

4) Kubina. If anyone will take him please deal him. He is a good player but not a 5 mil player. A team with lots under the cap making a run should give him a look. he could be a #2 Dman.

5) Gill. I don’t care if he is traded. If he can’t bring lots in return hold onto him. he is a valuable PK guy, good teammate and could be a perfect fit for a team needing to round out it D corps with a veteran. A pick and low-level prospect would suffice.

Raycroft cannot be dealt. Wait for the offseason and try to deal then. These moves would leave the leafs with at least 2 first rounder, 2 second rounders, 2 thrid rounders and 3 more good prospects. Not to mention it would give Tlusty, newbury williams, stralman added roles and a chance to learn in the NHL. Also, our pick would only move higher with these moves and we could get a better player in the draft.