The Rangers DID improve.

I seen lately some people talking about the Rangers, saying they had gotten worse this summer… So I’m thinking, what’s wrong about the Rangers’ moves…To me the Rangers have improved… Sure they lost some of their players, but Lundqvist was great and he matured. Cullen is a very valuable player who can impact a team. Some say Shanahan is starting to get too old, well he probably won’t match what he got last year but he’s good for 60-70 points and 30 goals, to me that sure does help. Petr Prucha got 30 goals in 68 games; if he can stay healthy he could get over 40 goals. They kept their best defenseman when they signed Rozsival. They might have Marc Staal coming in. They signed Aaron Ward who had a solid season last year. That sounds like some improvement to me.

The only player whose departure will leave a serious hole is Rucinsky, but remember he only played 52 games and they still made it in 6th place in their conference.

To me the Rangers are one of the best teams and having the Devils fall because of money problems will let the Rangers compete with Philadelphia for the division title. And remember Philadelphia had some speed problems last year…

So tell me if I’m just crazy or if the Rangers did improve…

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  1. Potvinstillsucks says:

    your not crazy, the rangers improved

  2. Peca94 says:

    Your far from crazy! I am a Leaf fan and I watched almost all their games last year so, I should know how good of a hockey club the rangers were LAST year, I mean Jagr pretty much beat the leafs himself. And the rangers have only gotten better in my opinion by adding some tough north american talent. But, the most important thing is that they added a group of winners, two of last years stanley cup champions, and Shanny a two-time cup winner in Motown. I love my leafs but the rangers are my early pick to win the Eastern Conference. Whose gunna stop them??

    **I dont know the team too well so this is just a guess at the lines.

    Jagr Nylander Shannahan

    Straka Cullen Prucha

    Hossa Betts Hall

    ??? ??? ???

    Ward Roszival

    Tyutin Malik

    Staal Kasparaitis


  3. dewdrop11 says:

    I agree…I think the Rangers made some good off season acquisitions, though Im not sure about Shannahan….I think that he’s past his prime, though a solid talent.

    I do think the Rangers need to pick up one or two more scorers however…letting Sykora most likely walk and Rucinsky go will hurt. Does anyone know why they wouldnt want to resign Sykora?

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    the rangers are a rebuilding team, Sather and the coaching staff still wants younger players to be givin an oppurtunity to compete for a roster spot, and if they had sykora, then there would be no competition

  5. dewdrop11 says:

    Point taken..and understood…but Sykora provided some solid numbers and consistency last season…plus he was a good mesh with all the other czech players. Im just not sure who, on the current roster will step in and provide those numbers.

    Jagr, Straka, Nylander are a solid group. I love Prucha…think he is a great, determined player. We’ll have to see if he can duplicate what he did last year….I think he’ll put some numbers up. shannahan I question. Solid, power forward no doubt with some great years behind him…but he also had a hell of a lot of support…I think he’s on the decline. why else would Detroit let him go….

    Letting Rucinsky and Sykora go accounts for a good chunk of offense. Not sure exactly what their *****ulative point totals were for last year, but they produced.

    Outside of that…what offense do they have really? don’t get me wrong. I LOVE this team…and the group of players they have…youth is the way to go…but I think they need some kind of balance. While I like Betts, Ortmeyer, Orr, Hossa and all the other third and fourth liners, they aren’t really going to be the ones counted on to put the puck in the net.

    Not sure about Cullen and Hall..I don’t know enough about them at this point to see what they can do. Maybe Im just underestimating what they have.

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