The Sedins what will they bring to the table this year

One of Brian Burke’s genious draft day moves.. possibly the best move a GM has pulled off on draft day ever. these guys along with Roberto Luongo will make the Canucks contenders for years to come. This being all said they have never played with a player expected to do huge things… my question is Why.. they have proven to be guys who make other players that play with them better even in there earlier years with guys like

Jason King: 13 goals earlier in his first season was looking like rookie of the year for a time granted hes gone nowhere since he was made a better player by these guys.

Anson Carter: seemed to be a washed up player when he came to the canucks player with these guys and got 33 goals in a season wow! and now look at him he hasnt done a hell of alot since what does that tell you about these guys.

Taylor Pyatt: Great season playing with the Sedins he is a great player and will continue to get better.

But this is my point.. these guys have never been given a fair shot with a natural born sniper.. and i know you will all say well what is Markus Naslund, Markus Naslund has proven he is a good player but he needs a big body to protect him when hes on the ice or he struggles his good season have all come when Todd Bertuzzi was playing along side him and this is why he never worked out with the Sedins.. the Sedins need a guy who is fast as young as they are and has a scoring touch… To throw out an example and by no means am i implying that this is reality… look at a guy like Nikolai Zherdev… if the canucks somehow swung a deal to bring him in and play him with the Sedins I belive that you would not only see the Zherdev’s number go to a new extreme level but you would see what the Sedin twins are truely capable off.. This could be a line that produces 3 100 point players

DAVE NONIS NEEDS TO FIND THESE GUYS A NATURAL BORN SCORER… if he does this I belive that the Canucks will be one of the toughest teams to beat this upcoming year… as for Pyatt he belongs on a line with Morrison and Naslund a solid second line for the Canucks

I await everyones thoughts?