Thoughts and Prayers to Mr Gainey and his family in this critical time

Woman missing at sea is Bob Gainey’s daughter

The Canadian woman who was washed over the side of a tall ship in the mid-Atlantic Friday night has been identified as Laura Gainey, the daughter of the general manager and executive vice-president of the Montreal Canadiens.

Updated Sun. Dec. 10 2006 10:44 AM ET News Staff

A spokesman for the Canadiens said Gainey is with family, specifically his three other children, and has temporarily stepped down from his role with the NHL franchise.

Captain Daniel Moreland, who was not aboard the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia-based Picton Castle when the incident occurred, identified the missing 25-year-old woman earlier Sunday morning.

He said she was apparently swept into the sea when a powerful wave struck the ship about 750 kilometres east-southeast of Cape Cod when it ran into rough seas.

“It sounds like the deck was swamped long enough to take one person over the side,” Moreland said.

He told CTV Newsnet she is a “strong woman, smart, hard working, passionate about ships and the sea and intending to make it a profession.”

Gainey was a trainee with the 55-metre ship, and had previously taken part in a three-month voyage from Cape Town, South Africa to Lunenburg. The Caribbean expedition was her second with the ship.

He said she “was not a professional sailor but a strongly experienced amateur.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. coast guard says the search is in the crucial stage.

Spokeswoman Faith Wisinski said aircraft resumed searching at dawn, and a U.S. coast guard vessel continued searching through the night. The crew of the Picton Castle, along with an oil tanker in the area, are also involved in the search.

However, Wisinski said that as of 9 a.m. this morning, Gainey has been in the water 30 hours.

She said the water is warm in the area, but it’s expected hypothermia would normally take a person’s life after 36 hours.

Gainey wasn’t wearing a life-jacket when she went overboard.

Moreland said weather conditions have stabilized at sea, and the search will continue until Gainey is found, or all hope is exhausted.

“They’re going to carry on,” Moreland said. “There are cases of people being in the water at this temperature for extended periods of time.”

He said Gainey’s family and her fellow crew members are in shock.

Moreland stayed on shore for the first time in a decade when the ship set sail three days ago.

He was at home in Lunenburg when the crew notified him shortly after 9:30 p.m. Friday that a crew member was missing. She was one of 29 people on board.

“Losing a crew member is the constant fear of a skipper at sea, regardless of the size of the vessel,” he told CTV Atlantic on Saturday.

Owned and operated by the Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company, the ship has berths for 40 trainees and 12 professional crew members. It has taught hundreds to sail the high seas over the last decade, completing four around-the-world voyages.

With files from The Canadian Press

25 Responses to Thoughts and Prayers to Mr Gainey and his family in this critical time

  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     God bless Bob, his children and the rest of the family and her friends. Everybody should say a little prayer for her and the Gainey family.

  2. dave1979 says:

    Though realistically chances are slim of finding her alive and well right now,  BUT there is still a chance and I sincerely hope that rescue crews can find her and she will be ok. Thoughs are going out to Mr Gainey and his family.

  3. leaflova says:

    i really do hope she's ok, its just sad to hear about that kind of stuff

  4. gg_idiot says:

    Yeah, this is horrible, hopefully they find her. But that doesn't take away from the fact how ridiculous it is that we act as if this is more important than anyother missing persons or unfortunate case of death. I think its stupid that because someone is a CEO that we focus more attention on them, like shit, this sucks but in perspective how many people go missing or die each day. P.S. Hockey trade rumours. P.P.S. Don't give me shit like well its hockey related. Ex-Hockey Stars die every year and there are no articles about it.

  5. Lint07 says:

    here I am giving you shit that it's hockey related.

    it's hockey related, someone sent an article on it, we post it.

    as far as ex-hockey stars dying goes, go ahead and write an article when it happens and it'll most likely be posted.

    tip: when I go to a website and I don't care/don't want to read the article, I don't click on it.

  6. gg_idiot says:

    Its not that I don't care/don't want to read about it, like I said it is a horrible thing. It's that I am insulted by the amount of importance we place on a guy like Gainey's daughter when I've never seen an article on here about anyone else who died.

  7. mtl_prince says:

    this will deffenetly affect the team! ****!!!! gainey is the leader, ****!!!!****!!!!****!!!!!

  8. Lint07 says:

    I know but like I said, it's hockey related… as simple as that.

    If we post about Michael Jackson being arrested, then you'd be right to complain.

    As far as Gainey's daughter goes, I'm sure many people of the site cared enough about this news to make it worth posting.

    I get your point but still I really think this had to be posted. I'm not saying I would've made an article on it but I wasn't going to just delete the article received either.

  9. tancred says:

    Terrible news, indeed.  Poor woman.  Hopefully she can be found soon.  It sounds like they have a lot of high-tec equipment being used in the search, and the Coast Guard are the best at their job.  Good thoughts and prayers out to the entire Gainey family.

  10. monley89 says:

    so sad, and what makes it even more sad is she had no life jacket, no human being can tread water that long and survive, so sad

  11. Mainer87 says:

    For the Gainey Family, I hope that everything turns out okay for them. Bob seems like too nice of a guy for this to happen to him and his family. Bob has done everything positive for the habs and its fans and we want all the best for him.

    In Bob We Trust

  12. lynchmob540 says:

    I agree with your point, 100%. This tragic story does have a connection to the NHL. So, IF someone posts an article about this, i'd expect that it deserves to be put on-line to allow other to post their POVs.

    I understand that there are so many other tragic stories that don't get the attention that this story will receive…but that's how the media works…like it or not.

  13. lynchmob540 says:

    Get a LIFE!!!

    Who cares if it affects the team. Your "leader" might have lost a 25yr old daughter. THAT is more important than anything connected to YOUR team's performance!

    Now pray, like the rest of YOUR team!

  14. HabsRUs says:

    youre right. And this story was all over the news before the media announced it was Gainey daughter. A young woman is missing somewhere in the atlantic ocean. Hockey/football/Baseball related or not, its gonna make for a top story.

    As for the connection to Gainey, its just like when Dungy lost his son last year. These guys are well-known in the sports world. BTW, its gonna be brought up sometime anyways. What would people be thinking if Gainey just suddently disappeared from the Bell Center for a couple weeks, months, or so on? Where did he go? If nobody knew that his daughter was missing, then we wouldnt know what was going on with him.

    I encourage everyone to say a little prayer for the Gainey family right now. I lost two good friends last fall who fell out of their canoe while bird hunting. Their bodies were found 12 hours after they went missing. Nobody can last very long in the cold atlantic ocean. That being said, and I'm sure Mr. Gainey would agree with me, the best hope right now is to find the body so she isn't lost at sea. Although i'll still be praying for a miracle.

  15. christos says:

    This is sad news… we hope and pray for the best for the Gaineys.

  16. EasternHockey says:

    The announcement that someone was lost to sea was made before anyone knew that it was Gainey's daughter.  The fact that it was Gainey's daughter just put the news on the sports pages, and thus, on this page.

  17. simplyhabby says:

    A horrible story specially around the holiday season.  I sincerely hope that the mircale everyone wishes for happens.  My thoughts are with you and your family Bob!

    To HTR:

    Thank you for posting these type of articles because they are hockey related and as Lint pointed out, if you want to see it, write it.  But I must request that anytime there is an article with this type of nature, please disable the comments.  There was a few on here that really disgusted me and even though it is not your fault, the site loses integrity because of the few bad apples that take up shop in here.


  18. passionch says:

    Thought and prayers to the Gainey family.

  19. kmanwest says:

    This is in response to gg_idiot's incredibly insensitive remarks. You obviously have no class and your user name seems to be a direct reflection of your character. I know that people die and go missing everyday but this tragedy is affecting many poeple, not just Bob Gainey and his family. If you had any idea what the Montreal Canadiens mean to so many people of Quebec and Canada then you would understand why this is getting so much media attention. 

  20. PaulK123 says:

     Actually the Canadiens only affect people who are in Quebec, no-one else cares about them out of Quebec. The Leafs on the other hand have fans all over the country…

  21. jimbojones123 says:

    Wow, thoughts again go out to Gainey and family. I worked for the Stars when he lost his wife to cancer. Another hard one for the guy. Our thoughts with you Bob.

  22. gg_idiot says:

    Well, here we go. I said it was a horrible thing and I feel bad about it. Not exactly the definition of insensitivity now is it? Now using my username as an attempt to prove your point and discredit me is pretty darn cliche and, as I have proven time and time again to several dumbasses on these forums, my username [no matter how awesome] does not make you right. As for your point that I don't understand why this is receiving media attention, you are completly ignorant on that account as well. I know fully why it recieves so much attention, the purpose of my post was to point out the values we attribute to people such as Bob Gainey as opposed to other people. That is all, I did not say anything like "I am glad this is happening to Bob" or anything insensitive; quite the contrary as I believe this is horrible thing to happen to anyone [as you can clearly read in several of my posts above]. So, in closing, you are a dumbass and I hate you. Good Game, Idiot.

  23. camerak says:

    Sad news, but they have officially called off the search.  Prayers and thoughts to the Gainey family at this terrible time.

  24. I_hate_LA says:

    I also send my thoughts and prayers to Mr. Gainey and his family.  This must be devastating news to them, but I know there is still hope out there.  There can be miracles, so just believe and let God take care of the rest.

  25. kingcup says:

    It really takes a stupid arse to write a comment like that in moments like this. Grow up buddy, have respect for a dad who lost a kid and go trash talk on another post. And that goes to anyone making this political, fan related or whatever you wanna name it.

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