Thrashers on a long skid … are changes needed?

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Many fans of the Atlanta Thrashers are beginning to take note of the early season slide of the Thrashers. Some feel that the slide actually started at the end of last season and continued through their short playoff run.

With the Thrashers off to a 0-4 start the thinking is that the Thrashers may have to make a move to stop the skid. Some of the possibilities include firing head coach Bob Hartley or making a number of player transactions. HTR believes that the Thrashers may look toward firing coach Hartley before making any player transactions because it is often the easiest move to make without changing the core of the team. With that being said there are a number of highly desirable players on the Thrashers team who would be able to fetch a quality return such as Hossa or Kovalchuk however it would be a little crazy for the Thrashers to seriously consider moving either of those huge talents.

What are your thoughts … make a move or fire the coach?

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  1. Rico71 says:

    As usual, the coach will get canned.

    It is certainly not his fault that they have no depth at any position. They have 1 dangerous line…when they put Kovalchuk, Hossa and anyone else at center.

    Kovalchuk needs a center to function. They let Savard go. Hossa is a great regular season player…but in the playoffs, he looks more like A-Rod. He sucks. Holik is soooo washed up.

    Second, third and fourth lines and filled with…not much.

    Same goes for defense. Can anyone name, without looking it up, the 6 D that play for Atlanta?

    Goaltending could be good, but the players in front are of no help.

    Waddell is the man responsable for this disaster. Leaf fan hate Ferguson. I wonder what would be their reaction to having a guy like Mr. Wadd for a GM?

    He promises the playoffs…they don't make it. Talk about looking like an idiot.

    Sadly, a good coach will lose his job instead of the GM who is to blame.

  2. KingCanada says:

    The only player that i would want from that team would be Kovalchuk

    To Toronto : Kovalchuk

    To Atlanta : Antropov or Ponikarovski
                     Steen or Wellwood
                     Colaiacovo or a high pick

    I beleive that is around fair, especially if Wellwood is involved

    PS i would love for this to happen becose Wellwood and Colaiacovo are bandaids however unlikely, if i was Wadell, Kovalchuk would be on my list of untouchables…Hossa on the other hand maybe not but hes a choke, a talent but a choke.

  3. nyrhockey094 says:


    I wouldnt trade Kovalchuk if you gave all 6 of those players. Antropov sucks goat D!ck. Steen is OK, and I stress OK. Wellwood, eh.

    You want a fair trade?

    Ponikarovski, Wellwood, Colaiacovo, first in 08, 09, and 2nd in 08.

    Think of it this way, Ryan Smyth Fetched that amount. Kovalchuk>Ryan Smyth as far as talent goes.

  4. riseagainst says:

    Normally I'd say its to early to draw any conclusions but I don't like the look of Atlanta, they just don't seem to have a good core to build around.  Kovalchuk isn't the most complete player and it get the sense that he doesn't brin it every game and to be truely effective he needs some better teammates.  Hossa's whole contract thing I think is going to be a distraction, plus they don't have a strong enough goaltender and there d isn't good enough to make up for that.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     Ryan Smyth fetched the equasion of 3 first rounders I believe, not 3 players (1 Of which would be very good if he would ever stay healthy) and 3 high draft picks. I agree Kovalchuk is a better "talent" than Smyth so maybe a fair trade would be those picks and whichever player of those 3 that Atlanta wanted.

  6. Rico71 says:

    Kovalchuk is an awesome offensive talent.

    But he seems to have a few moves that he does all the time. He will come down a wing and blast a slapshot that either hits the goalie or zips around the boards and comes out the other side. This can give an alert team some fast turnovers.

    His other move consists of trying to blow through defenders with a few dekes. It doesn't work all the time. This might reflect his dip in goals.

    Hossa on the other hand…

    Needs to make a gutcheck every game. If he fails it, he's invisible for the game. If he succeeds, he dominates. The playoffs are another matter. He can't get it going. He disappears. He did it in Ottawa and now Atlanta. It is no wonder that Ottawa wanted to trade him. Heatley is by far a better player. You would think Hossa would burn it up to get a fat juicy contract this summer. Though…he will get it even if he scores only 20 goals. Look at the ridiculous Gomez contract. Teams are desperate enough to give him 7-8M a year.

    The 3 other lines are pathetic. The defense is even more pathetic. This team is gonna pull a Flyers season and dive into the basement this year.

  7. MR40 says:


    kk i'm done.

  8. MR40 says:

    PLUS Smythe was a rental player.

  9. 68north says:

    does this guy mean 1 for 1?

  10. lukeleim says:

    Kyle Wellwood, Nikolai Kulemin, Alexei Ponikarovsky and John Pohl to the Atlanta Thrashers for Marian Hossa, Bryan Little and Steve McCarthy

    Hal Gill to the Nasville Predators for the Predators' 3rd round pick of 2008.

    Vesa Toskala, Bates Battaglia and Robbie Earl to Los Angeles Kings for Patrick O'Sullivan, Jason LaBrabera and the Kings' 2nd round pick of 2008.

    Alexander Steen – Mats Sundin – Marian Hossa
    Jason Blake – Matt Stajan – Darcy Tucker
    Patrick O'Sullivan – Bryan Little – Nik Antropov
    Chad Kilger – Mark Bell – Boyd Devereaux

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe
    Carlo Colaiacovo – Pavel Kubina
    Ian White – Steve McCarthy
    Andy Wozniewski

    Andrew Raycroft
    Jason LaBrabera

  11. mikster says:

    Yeah, the GM needs to be changed and i expected him to get fired when his team was swept in the first round.

    He lost his defense, completely, and did not compensate it by signing any other d-man. I expect Markov to sign there at some point. He has to because the Thrashers have to. They need someone on D.

    Also, i find it hard to believe that after nearly a decade of drafting the Thrashers do not have a couple of decent prospects that became NHL’ers. Poor drafting, very poor and that’s the GM’s fault because he selected a bad scouting staff and has made no attempts to improve his team’s farm system over the years.

  12. nyrhockey094 says:

    Why do you Leafs fans think you can throw trash at the Thrashers and get a premium player like hossa in return. Hossa> 3x wellwoods. You obviously didnt read what I said above.

    Hossa is more valuble then Kovalchuk. Hossa can do it all, even kill penalties. Kovalchuk does not, and talent wise they are damn near equal.

    If im trading Hossa to the Maple Laughs I want Wellwood Coliacovo Steen/Stajan 1st, 2nd 3rd at least.

  13. nyrhockey094 says:

    Ok fine fine, Wellwood, steen, Stajan, Coliacovo, 1st.

  14. neilios says:

    Thrashers will never trade Kovalchuk but maybe Hossa just because he is a free agent,and I dont think he would wanna sign back in Atlanta just cause they have no C's.If he dont sign by the trade dead line I think he will be outta Atlanta and the team with lots of cap room next year is the Canucks with about 14 million to play with,so I would say the Canucks and Thrashers would make good trading partners.I can see a deal go down something like this and this is if the Canucks lose out on the Forsberg sweepstakes.

    To Thrashers-kesler1.9mill,Cooke1.5mill,edler or Bourdon,and 1st rounder
    To canucks-Hossa6mill and McCarthy700thousand

    I think that would be a good trade for both teams the Thrashers get a stud Dman prospect and couple decent gritty players and Kesler just needs more playing time maybe playing with Kovalchuk would wake him up,and for Hossa I think he would love playing with the Sedin boys he would get about 60 goals playing with them.

  15. neilios says:

    New Canucks lines after they trade for Hossa or sign Forsberg

    Sedin Sedin Hossa
    naslund Morrison Pyatt
    burrows Rypien Shannon
    Cowan Linden Ritchie

    Mitchell Bieska
    Ohlund Krajieck
    Salo McCarthy
    Isbister,Raymond,Edler or Bourdon,Weaver on the bench

  16. nyrhockey094 says:

    finally a trade that makes more sense, Ive heard ALOT about edler… and all good to…

  17. Rico71 says:


    Go back and play with your Xbox.


    When have you seen 7 player deals? It happened what…10 years ago? The Flyers-Nordiques for Lindros trade and a multi-player deal between the Leafs and the Flames.

    That's about all I remember over the last 10+ years.

    And what a bright move to deplete your team and farm system for Hossa who is an UFA this summer.

    So…keep dreaming.

  18. Rico71 says:

    So…the Canucks trade away their best 2 young defensive prospects away to get Steve Mc Carthy? He's never gonna be more than a 4-6 defenseman.

    Then they also trade away Cooke and Kesler + a 1st round pick for Hossa. Sure…Hossa would help the offense of the Canucks. I would put him with Naslund and Morrison, not the twins. The twins are ok with Pyatt.

    The problem? Hossa is an UFA this summer. What if he decides to sign elsewhere? Ouch…

    The Canucks will have received Mc Carthy for all those players and the 1st round pick.


  19. neilios says:

    I said Bourdon or Edler and Canucks would probably sign Hossa right away when they tarde for him.

  20. nyrhockey094 says:

    Im not a Thrashers fan, im a rangers fan. Hossa a one of a kind player. Hes got it all. exceptional offensive skills, sound defenseive sense, and can even PK.

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