Thrashers on a long skid … are changes needed?

Scott Bales/Icon SMI

Many fans of the Atlanta Thrashers are beginning to take note of the early season slide of the Thrashers. Some feel that the slide actually started at the end of last season and continued through their short playoff run.

With the Thrashers off to a 0-4 start the thinking is that the Thrashers may have to make a move to stop the skid. Some of the possibilities include firing head coach Bob Hartley or making a number of player transactions. HTR believes that the Thrashers may look toward firing coach Hartley before making any player transactions because it is often the easiest move to make without changing the core of the team. With that being said there are a number of highly desirable players on the Thrashers team who would be able to fetch a quality return such as Hossa or Kovalchuk however it would be a little crazy for the Thrashers to seriously consider moving either of those huge talents.

What are your thoughts … make a move or fire the coach?