Time To Clean The House

Okay, enough! The Maple Leafs are getting out of hand. I can watch this foolish play night in and night out. Back in the olden days, the Toronto Maple Leafs were a great team. Similiar to a Detroit, and sometimes better than Ottawa. We need that old Leafs tradition back. A solid team that makes the playoffs year by year without question. Here is how to get them back on track. Fire general manager John Ferguson. The Maple Leafs have a very strong organization and they can afford to spend big bucks for a good gm. A gm with much experience and deep hockey roots. Someone remote to who they have now.

1) First of all, the season is approaching half way and general managers around the league are looking for players who can enhance their chances of winning the Stanley Cup. Someone who would be on any gm’s plate is Mats Sundin. I know he wants to win the cup as a maple leaf, but seriously, don’t you think he’ll come to realize it won’t happen, unless he gets traded. Detroit is a true cup contender this year and their are making a run for it with all the pieces in place. The only thing they need is a proven leader at center. And who else rings a bell, but Mats.

2) Bundle Andrew Raycroft and let’s say, Alex Steen or Matt Stajan into a deal that would send a couple of draft picks over to Toronto. This would show Maple Leafs fans and even the league that the Toronto Maple Leafs are committed to rebuilding.

3) After you make those trades, you are committed to rebuilding. You are ready to make some high selections in the draft. The reason why those trades above are so crucial is you recieve draft picks. The Leafs should look at having 2-3 draft picks come June. That way they can enrich their organization with youngsters.

I know you might be thinking why would you trade Raycroft or Steen. Well, Justin Pogge is soaring in the AHL this season and he is ready to go pro next year. Almost everybody wants Steen and you can get a lot for him if you are willing to give him up. In the offseason, after the draft, the Leafs should consider signing some second string free agents to replace Sundin until their prospects develop into real NHLers. Then, the Leafs will start looking good. After 2 or 3 years, you will tell what the Maple Leafs have done to turn this organization around. Maybe you’ll hear announcers saying Stamkos comes up the ice, passes it to Boychuk, he shoots, scores. Leafs win and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals!

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  1. Hockey_Insider says:

    Wow…ok, I'll start from the beggining.

    1) Yes, with a struggling Leafs club, lets send our best player, and seemingly only leader away- this seems logical to you? Maybe if the Leafs were playing like bad, bad –like really bad– hockey do you make a youth move like that. And the leafs aren't that bad right now, like Don Cherry said, they're missing their best defencemen, and their best goalie- what do you expect? Wait for Vesa to come back, and they'll get back on track.

    2) Again, you had you're thinking cap on today didn't you!? Lets bundle up the crap we don't want (Raycroft) with a YOUNG budding player like Steen for what…a prospect? So you're trading Steen basically for a guy who will take 2-3 years to get at the level that Steen is playing. And not many "contenders" would want Raycroft holding them down, it would be more likely to see him traded to L.A, Pittsburgh or Tampa- teams that need goaltending.
    3) After you make those trades you're not showing you're commited to rebuilding!!! You're showing you'd like to throw away your loyal stars, and package your crap with your young puzzle pieces for a couple of prospects who may or may not turn out to be NHLers. You still wont be ready to take a high selection in the draft cause the Leafs will still hang around in the standings, cause with your trades they still have a core of a hard working team–not playoff bound I mind you, but not bottom of the standings either– and they will get stuck with a pick like they have gotten in the most recent years. And those picks you're talking about are worse value cause you got them from "contenders" so they're near the bottom of the order picks.

    You're after thoughts: Well I'm puzzled about your decision to dump Steen, but I don't think any Leaf fans will disagree with a moving of raycroft. Pogge's doing well in the AHL–not quite soaring– but he has been doing very well as of late with that 3 game win streak. But you have to remeber that the AHL is much, much different than the NHL, so it willtake some time for Pogge to adapt. Now remeber all of that money that the Leafs have thrown at players (e.g Blake, Kubina, McCabe, Toskala, Gill, etc..) well, it leaves you no more room to start wasting on second string players, sorry. You have very little cap space, and then you have to worry about  signing all of these wonderful prospects you're talking about once they get good- start spending money on more second stringers, and you've got yourself into a bigger mess than the Pens have with all their young talent. Even if the Leafs did turn themselves around in 2-3 years, they're still gunna go in the circle of hockey and start to suck again, and then there will be the same talk from Leafs fans, but then it will be " Trade Stampkos for some prospects" (who you have so kindly labelled as a future Leaf)  , or it will " Bundle this crap with this youngster" etc…
    And then for your closing statment, even if you did hear that from an announer, you'd only be dissapointed when the Leafs fail once again to bring the cup home.

     So, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you're story was well…not well. But whatever happens with the Leafs doesn't really matter to the big guys who call the shots cause they bring in the money anyways..but thats a whole nother story.

  2. Hockey_Insider says:

    Wow, pretty go–

    -oh wait…we have a salary cap.

  3. Hockey_Insider says:

    …no comment

  4. lookche says:

    I haven’t looked at the official numbers, but it seems as if everything would fit under the cap. Good luck getting Hossa to sign a 2 year deal, though.

  5. my_sphincter says:

    Raycroft sucks, so losing him is no problem.  As for Pogge soaring in the AHL… Pogge's win-loss record is better as is his GAA.  Seeing that his S% is still as dismal as it was last year, it seems to me that the change in stats is more a reflection on the Marlies' play and not on Pogge's play.

  6. 92-93 says:

    a lot of hab fans seem to undervalue Pogge.

    i wonder why that is?? hmmm
    in any case, his save percentage is better than it was last year.
    its the same thing with Antropov and a whole bunch of other leafs and leaf prospects. credit the teammates but not the player. its a classic way of undervaluing a player and i do it myself sometimes.
    but Pogge's play is much more consistent this year than it was last year and the big thing is this: its PROGRESSING and evolving.
    he still has those raw skills and still has that quickness and size. but now he is adding other dimensions to his game and he is not overplaying the puck like he once did. 

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