Time To Make a Choice!

The Leafs have fallen to eleventh place in the Eastern conference and are 5 points out of the last and final playoff spot (note: I am writing this article the night of the loss to the Sabers). The Leafs haven’t won a cup since 1967, and at the rate their going it’ll remain that way for the next few decades.

The problem with the Leafs is that they are a team built to make the playoffs, not win the cup.

They have had a few good runs at the cup and have made it to the conference finals a few times

since ’67, but haven’t appeared in the Stanly cup finals in 40 years! Even the Blackhawks were

in the finals once or twice since they last won the cup 54 years ago!

I am a Leafs fans and I want to see the Leafs win a cup before I die. I believe that I am not

the only one who wants this (except for Senators fans). For the Leafs to win a cup they must

rebuild, from the ground-up. Look at the Hurricanes, Sabers, and Senators, until recently they weren’t very competitive. They took 2-3 years to rebuild and now look where they are! They

are all expected to win the cup!

All of these franchises chose one player to build around and they did so. The Canes built around

Staal, the Sens built around Alfredsson, and the Sabers built around Briere. Its time for the Leafs to choose a young player to build around instead of just assembling a few free agents and hoping they will become a team! The Leafs have three of the best junior goaltenders, a few of the best young defenseman, and some of the best young centers. The player they should build around is Alexander

Steen, as I said the Buds have their defense, goaltending and centers set for the future. They need to start drafting wingers to compliment the style of play of Alexander Steen.

I don’t want to mention any trades but here are players the Leafs need to get rid of: McCabe, Klee,

Khavanov, Berg, Tucker, Belak, Wilm, Sundin, Allison, Lindros, O’Neill, Antropov, Czerkawski,

Domi, and Belfour for draft picks and prospects.

After a few year of drafting the Leafs should have a few wingers to play with Steen. After this they can go out and get one or two high profile free-agents and make a few trades for all-star players. If the Leafs don’t trade away any of their youth, this is how their re-built roster may look in a few years:












??????=free agent signings/draft picks

There that is what the Leafs should do!

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  1. Frenk_the_Tank says:

    I’ve said it before, but I think a good trade for the future could be

    To Tampa:

    Bryan McCabe

    (Optional:2006 Draft Pick)-it will not be a good draft year

    To Toronto:

    Brad Richards

    This could potentially solve some of their offense problems and if McCabe truly appreciates Toronto, he will resign with Toronto in the summer, not that I’m holding my breath.

    Could be a little unrealistic, but that’s my two cents.

  2. curtman96 says:

    WOW buddy….This is probably the dumbest shit i have ever heard in my life..Build around Alexander Steen??? Get a *****in clue….You think they can just trade away half the team for top prospects your out of your mind. Why would the rest of the league want the leafs garbage..Chad kilger on the first line, wow….hes a good checking line forward, possibly third line if he produces. Tellqvist will never be a starter for a stanley cup team….hmm what else dumb shit did u mention, oh ya Brad Leeb making the team, haha what a joke……That team wouldnt even make it in the AHL wheather its now or a few years from now……My suggestion is they drop quinn, bring up maurice…..trade whoever they can right now for whatever they can get in draft picks, which would be tough, besides the “leader” Sundin, kaberle, the rookies including stajan, kilger, poni and i would take a gamble with partin with mccabe right now and pikup whatever player or decent draft pick they can get and look forward to signing him for the 5 mill he will want in the summer, hes prolly not the best all around defencemen but hes one hell of an offensive threat and if he doesnt wish to comeback (this is toronto why woundt he) then we have an extra 5 mill to spend on another guy, maybe chara or redden who knows……lets just shake things up a bit

  3. PaulK123 says:

    Kilger is still young and has the potential to

    become a 35-40 goal scorer. Leeb isn’t to bad of a player and can be a good fourth line winger!

  4. hackm says:

    Chad’s turning 30 this year…

    The only reason he’s producing more, is because he’s getting icetime…

    He has no upside.

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