Top Ten Players This Year

The following is a list of ten of the most dominant players to emerge this year in the NHL.

1. Jarome Iginla: Not a bad season for someone who was left off the all-star ballot. He leads the league in points and goals. The most impressive thing about Iginla is that he is doing all this alone; Dean McAmmond and Craig Conroy are his linemates. His nine power play goals are one less then the Philadelphia Flyers team total.

2. Brendon Shanahan: This guy is a terror when ever he is on the ice. This is exemplified by his three short-handed goals this season, mixed with five power-play goals. His eighty penalty minutes show off his style of play. Granted his stats are impressive due to his linemates in Detroit, but he is the heart and soul of the Red Wings.

3. Eric Lindros: Sorry Philly. Look at the Rangers record compared to last years. Mike York was marginal player going into this year and Fluery was fresh out of rehab, twenty games latter this motley crew is the hottest line in the league. Czechmates out…FLY in.

4. Roman Turek: Fred Braithwaite or Roman Turek…hmm. This guy was taken out of St. Louis philly-style and has done the impossible in Calgary. Second, in the league in wins with a goals against under 2.00.

5. Patrick Roy: Yeah I know his record is one game above .500, but five shutouts this season so far. I know the Avs aren’t doing to well but with Roy’s 1.85 gaa and 93.0 svp there is no reason they should be.

6. Mark Parrish: Well, he was out-performed Peca and Yashin. This Isle has seventeen goals, and is actually played some time on the penalty kill. This may be a fluke, or it is evolution.

7. Theo Fleury: Maybe his indirect thwarting of the Tkachuk trade last year was a good thing. This guy gives it his all everytime out on the ice and his paring with Lindros reminds you of another Lindros paring. Sure their styles of play are drastically different, but the results are the same.

8. Markus Naslund: This guy is in Paul Kariya hell, but is making the most out of it. He just keeps getting better every year. He is on pace to match his 2000 marks.

9. Tomy Salo: Having a great season for the Oilers. Doug Weight who? It is hard to point at one player on the Oilers who is deserves the credit (Symth, Carter, Niiminaa) but I’ll give it to Salo. He has four shutouts, gaa near 2.00, and svp near 92%.

10. Simon Gagne: Yeah a bit of an exageration, but this guy has been juggled throughout the line up and has produced the most for the Flyers. This guy is the future: not Tanguay and not Lecavalier.

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