Toronto's tough guy

Every team needs a guy who will defend his team, a guy who can change the pace of a game with a fight. For many years the leafs had Tucker and Domi. Now Tucker is a goal scorer, and Domi is a TSN broadcaster. So where do the Leafs get their toughness from?

To be blunt, so far they’ve gotten it from no one. Tucker has had his moments, so has Belak, and Ondrus, but no player has established himself as the Leafs Enforcer. The Leafs have done well so far, which begs the question, do teams need an enforcer in the new NHL. Even if they don’t a clash of Enforcers is fun to watch, and makes the game more intense.

Belak is not the answer. He falls into the catagory of goon enforcer. He’s no good as a hockey player, he barely fights at all, and takes dumb penalties. He won’t be on the team once Kubina, Kronwall, and Colaiacovo get healthy.

Tucker is not the answer. He’s a good hockey player, don’t waste his talents on this.

I believe Ben Ondrus IS the answer. John Pohl is a good all around player. But I think the best way to take advantage of his talents is to keep him with the Marlies, then call him up as a fill in guy when a 1st or 2nd line scorer is injured. Quinn did that last year, and got 3 goals in 7 games out of him. Ondrus is the type of guy who will fight every now and then, and hit like crazy. He’s the type of player who can lay out a bone crushing hit, and change the pace of the game. And least of all, he’s a he;ll of a lot of fun to watch.