Trade Deadline Reality

We all remember the Luongo for Bertuzzi trade, so far it has been a complete bust for Florida. Come this summer Bertuzzi will become a UFA and more than likely will leave Florida. What if Vancouver made a push for him at the deadline?

Bertuzzi for maybe a 3rd rdp and Krajicek. Seems plausible for Florida since they’ll get nothing for him come the summer and I can’t see another team making an offer for Bert. We all know they’ll need some more scoring if they’re going to do anything in the playoffs. Now this would only become a reality if Vancouver can sneak its way into a playoff spot or just outside of one prior to the deadline. This is also pending the status of Bertuzzi’s current back problems. His salary would be down to approximately 1.3 M, the Canucks have 1 M in cap space and with Krajicek going the other way they will have enough money.

Bottom Line: Dont be suprised if Bert’s back in Van before the seasons end

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