Trade Winds in the Windy city

The Chicago-Sun Times is reporting that the Black Hawks may be looking to move out one of their three goalies. Lalime has played very well of late while sitting in for the injured Khabibulin however due in part to Lalime’s good play the possibility has arisen that the Hawks could look to deal the Bulin wall.

Making the situation a little problematic is the huge contract of Khabibulin. He was signed to a monster contract as a UFA several summers ago and several seasons are still remaining. Although he is a great goalie, many teams may be unwilling to take on the risk as they could end up in the Jose Theodore situation where the Avalanche are stuck with a monster goalie and average goalie.

Read the whole article here,CST-SPT-hawk20.article

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  1. mikster says:

    I definitely do not see the purpose for the Hawks to keep Khabibulin. They have too long of a road to reach a good team’s playoff status and Khabi is no longer a young spring chicken.

    Tallon should just sell this guy at whatever price he can get. Boucher and Lalime is a pretty decent tandem to have for this kind of team.

  2. papichulo71 says:

    Moving an injured/underachieving goalie with a $7M price tag is easier said than done. 

    The only thing I can think of is a 3-way trade involving Tampa Bay and NYI, with Khabibulin going back to the Lightening, Yashin moving out West and Richards filling in the void when Blake jolts.  Of course there would be compensation picks included tied to each players performance.

  3. Raaper says:

    Hey maybe they can swing a deal for Theo and we will take Bullin one for one and play them till the end of the year and see if they still want a job. Both teams are out of the picture for this year so what have they got to loose.
    Just a thought.

  4. TheDonkey says:

    They have no chance of moving this guy.  He is an anchor around their necks.  No chance he moves before the final year of his contract. 

  5. mcpeach2 says:

    ahhhhh WINDY CITY HEAT!  They should trade Khabibulin.  Get whatever you can for him except players who have large contracts that go past this year.  They have some good young kids who will be ready next year. 

  6. tancred says:

    I was thinking that NJ should get either Boucher or Lalime out of Chicago.  That way, they could give Brodeur at least three games down the stretch where he could rest up, and they'd have a tested former number one goalie in there.  Would also be nice for if (Heaven forbid) Brodeur gets injured sometime between now and the playoffs.  I don't know how good Clemmenson is supposed to be, but they're obviously not playing him, and I'd have more faith in a more experienced goalie like Boucher or Lalime.  

  7. rob121 says:

    For so many years the Blackhawks were pathetic in nets. Now they finally get a real goalie and they're crying to move him. Loveable losers. Like the Cubs. Why don't you build a team around this guy and see what happens. The good fans of Chicago deserve at least that.

  8. TheStryker says:

    I think the Hawks will be a very good team in a few short years. They have a very good young core of D-men in Seabrook, Barker, Keith, Vandermeer. They just need a bit more scoring depth. I think they should resign Handzus. With Toews comming up, if Ruttu can stay healthy and of course Martin Havlat. If they can sign a goalie in the off-season, I can see them being a playoff team next year.
    With that being said, I think Mr. Gainey and Mr. Tallon should have a talk.

    Perezhoghin, Samsonov, 2nd rnd pick
    To Chicago
    Lapointe, Aucoin, Smolinski

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