Tributes to Al MacInnis

I just read on St.Louis website that they are

hanging up one the jersey of the best d-man ever to play the game of hockey on April 9th Al Maclnnis.

He did alot in his career and played with alot of heart for 23 season with Flames and Blues

He is ranked 3 all time defensemen with 1,274 points and had one of the most hardest shots,that reached 105 mph now that would be scary

When he in his young nhl career he won the cup with the flames along with conn smythe trophy.

Here are a list of thinks that he did in the nhl..

13 nhl all-star games( 6 with the Flames and 7 with the blues )

norris memorial trophy

Won the Canada cup in 1991

Won Gold in 2002 in Salt Lake City

Thanks Ali

You earned this day and will be in the Hall same day as will