Tributes to Al MacInnis

I just read on St.Louis website that they are

hanging up one the jersey of the best d-man ever to play the game of hockey on April 9th Al Maclnnis.

He did alot in his career and played with alot of heart for 23 season with Flames and Blues

He is ranked 3 all time defensemen with 1,274 points and had one of the most hardest shots,that reached 105 mph now that would be scary

When he in his young nhl career he won the cup with the flames along with conn smythe trophy.

Here are a list of thinks that he did in the nhl..

13 nhl all-star games( 6 with the Flames and 7 with the blues )

norris memorial trophy

Won the Canada cup in 1991

Won Gold in 2002 in Salt Lake City

Thanks Ali

You earned this day and will be in the Hall same day as will

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    That’s great that the Blues are going to put his jersey up. A great, classy defenseman. I always admired the way he carried himself on and off the ice. But best defenseman of all time? Nope.

  2. robinson19 says:

    Orr, Robinson, Bourque, Lapointe, Savard, Coffee.

    Just some names you might have heard of.

    But great recognition for a man who certainly deserves to be mentioned among the greats.

  3. Laus723 says:

    i think big al could certainly be argued as one of the best d-man. i’ll never forgot him puttin roy out for a few minutes with a one-timer from the point right in the gut…all that goalie protection and he took the wind out of roy! (i liked roy a lot, just was amazed at the power al had)

  4. nyrules11 says:


    I cant read this. It’s giving me a headache.

    It’s amazing how we go with so few jersey retirements for years, then within 1-2 years were going to have retirement after retirement. Its the end of a era.

  5. BeLEAFer925 says:

    Individual team’s retiring jerseys is kinda dumb in my opinion. I mean its a great honour for the players and a lot of them do deserve it, but for most teams if the player is really worth retiring the jersey, nobody on the team would wear the number anyways. Nobody will wear 93 or 17 in Toronto whether its retired or not. I like the ‘honouring” of numbers that the Leafs do, where players can still where the numbers but the honoured players get a big banner in the rafters. Like does it make sense that Bourques number is retired by COL and not BOS?

    After enough time has passed nobody will be able to where anything decent in terms of numbers. I like the idea that the Leafs players have when they get offered or pick a number that may be special to the team like 7 or 27 etc… and they feel honoured to carry on the tradition of that number in Leafs history. Retiring number is okay for players who may have had tragic stories/deaths and stuff but other than that it gets kinda annoying. Especially when players who don’t really deserve it have numbers retired (ie. Pat Lafontaine). No disrespect but Pat Lafontaine was a great player who had to retire early but only 6 seasons in Buffalo and he gets is number retired? He did much more as a Islander, imo. Who cares that the fans loved him. Does that mean the Leafs should retire 28 in a few years because the fans love Tie Domi?

  6. PaulK123 says:

    I like the guy a lot but he ain’t the best ever, remeber of a kid from Canada named Bobby Orr?

  7. ranger_fan says:

    How is MacInnis the best ever defenseman when BOBBY ORR is the most talented player EVER

  8. Gretzkin says:

    I agree that some teams are a bit loosy goosy when it comes to retiring #’s.

    77 in Colorado, as someone mentioned before. Case in point.

    Bourque was a rental player on a stacked team, there to claim a cup before retiring.

    Good on him, but to have his jersey retired in Denver? Weird.

    Boston, for sure, but Denver???

    Anyhow, to hear that Big Al is having his jersey lifted into the rafters doesn’t surprise me one bit, and he deserves it.

    He’s got all of the hardware to prove it, and his name will never be forgotten, with his trademark, hardest slapshot, consistantly throughout his career.

    He’s my favorite all-time defenseman, and just to clear something up:

    Sakic91, in his article said he was ONE OF the best defenseman of all time, not THE BEST.

    Much like Bobby Orr is ONE OF the best hockey players of all time, not THE BEST (GRETZKY).

    Anyways, good work Al, you deserve it!.

    I can only assume that the game they are retiring it is against Calgary?

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