Rumors starting up… Bure might make the trip back to the NHL, after being off those knees for so long they might be ready for one last run in the NHL.

Others Rumors have Theo making a return??? But what team might he want to go to?? Can he get back in??

Niel Smith was GM but!!! never formally signed a contract.. according to Daily News….. but his signings this off season had his name signed onto the contract’s with the players he signed…. so they might be free agents again soon…. First… as a Rangers fan.. let me say AHHHH HHAHAHA the Islanders are a joke again. Good luck Garth… So Islander Fans…I have good news and bad… One you got a new GM right away… Second.. you lost your backup goalie…

But let’s go back a little… Pavel Bure… happy where he is??? yess…. well, kinda sorta… rumor has it he likes the idea of coming back into this new NHL…. so hey you never know… He does like the idea of playing with Ovichankin in Washington… but he wants to win soooo who knows…

Will those knees even last him half a season??? maybe… but he’ll probably play it very careful and might not be too effective… At age 35 and his last stats on the Rangers 19 Goals and 11 Assists in 39 games…??? hummm I could see a few teams throwing some money (not a lot) at the Russian Knee Brace. And seriously who knows??? He might do alright and even playing it safe this New NHL might be what he always wanted.

Reasons for Bure Rumors:.

1.Ovechkin has reportedly said that it would be an honor to play alongside the best Russian to ever hit the ice.

2.Reports have it that Bure has been working with conditioning coaches for the past year and his return could be this December.

3.Capitals, maybe Blackhawks, and Panthers have interest… contract talks said to be around 2 year deals.

Theo???. Sources say right now that the firecracker is playing in a league in Canada. He’s inching his way back to North America.. but will there be any takers?? and.. will their be any suspension time he might have to face? My guess is once again Theo could have 1 or 2 good seasons here in the new NHL which would again open up his game just as much as it would for Bure.. Word has it that Fluery is fine now since leaving the states… maybe a passion in Calgary to play would be a nice reunion.. those fans won’t get on him too much and I would love to see him come back and play…. it’s good for the game to have a firecracker in there like him.. passion for the game is always good and he has it again.

Bottom Line is Bure has the better chance… Fleury continues to get kicked out of leagues for being too crazy… not drug related… so Bure Rumors seem to be stronger.


When oh when will you learn..?? Daily news has reported that the Islanders will fight the Smith Contract so that they don’t have to pay him… Due to them never having him sign anything just yet to say he was GM…. but rumors have it that Smith’s name is on every contract that these new players signed this off season… soooo these players depending on how far this situation goes….. might not really be Islanders.. those contracts might be void….. and that would suck cause the Neil made some good signings…. So get ready cause some of these players could head back to being UFA’s and the Islanders…. well what is their roster then?