Vasicek To Long Island

According to Hockeybuzz, the New York Islanders have signed center Josef Vasicek.

Vasicek, native of Czechoslovakia had 6 goals and 16 assists for 22 points in 63 games last season. He started the season for the Hurricanes then was traded to the Predators. He made $1.3 million last season, expect him to get a slight paycut.

12 Responses to Vasicek To Long Island

  1. Polecat says:

    He's decent when he is on the ice, but that's problem!  He's always nursing an injury.  I think he's had two knee surgeries already.  Good luck.  You're going to need it with him.

  2. wadeaminute says:

    He might have some talent, but is still a C maybe B- class player. A good fourth or third liner, but nothing more. Just make sure he dosen't break something before opening game.

  3. the_word says:

    I'm liking the Isles, they're signing all the miscellaneous free agents no one else wants with seemly no rhyme or reason.  It'll be interested to see which player has a good year and cashes in on a fifteen year contract extension. 

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    Well with this signing there starting to look like cup contenders

  5. MR40 says:

    What the hell is Garth Snow doing? He honestly has an entire team of 2nd and 3rd liners, and 4th defensemen. If Dipietro plays poorly there finishing last in the NHL.

  6. the_word says:

    Yeah, but he's got solid goatending.  The Isles remind me of a Western team, who could it be?  A team of grinders with a bunch of 3/4th defenseman that is completely dependent on goaltending…..

  7. gizzy77 says:

    I was hoping they would take a chance with Jason Allisson, Vasicek has the talent to be a 50 point guy with more ice time an better linemates.  Ted Nolan also coached this kid when he was younger. 19 goals a few years ago not bad.

  8. gizzy77 says:

    I will take him over Randy Robitalle.

  9. the_word says:

    Close, they did play them in the first round last year though

  10. MR40 says:

    Well i'm thinking of a team with two superstar twins, 4 defensemen that could be top 3 on ANY team in the NHL except Anahiem. A player who not that long ago almost won NHL MVP, and could be VERY deadly if finds chemistry with someone this year. A potential 70 point centre. Good quality of 3rd line players which is what you want on your 3rd line. A former 1st round pick who's never gotten a chance to play top line minutes yet, who could become quite good. And a superstar goalie. 

    Oh yeah thats the Canucks.

  11. the_word says:

    Superstars twins? I think fringe all star forwards is a better label for them. A blueline of 3.5 million dollar defensemen qualifies as a collection of 3/4 defensemen. The best being Mitchel who is the perfect 3rd defenseman on any team. Almost won the MVP? Dude, join the rest of us back here on earth. Burrows, Linden, Pyatt, Cowan etc…. are filler. Potential 70 point center (lmao). Like I said, one dimensional team dependent on goaltending, that is makes every win look ugly and is 50/50 to win any given playoff series no matter the match up. 50/50 over four rounds, I don't like those odds.

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