Veteran Gelinas to Canucks?

According to “the Vancouver Canucks are close to a deal with the Florida Panthers that would send veteran Martin Gelinas to Vancouver in exchange for either one or two draft picks.”

If perhapes the ‘Nucks were to pick up Gelinas only $200 000 of his salary would count against the cap.Not sure on the credibility of this website, however they were first to report that Marco Sturm re-signed with Boston almost two hours before it went public. They were also one of very few sites who posted the Tkachuk deal last night.

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  1. Williams1505 says:

    i'd go for it

  2. smokz13 says:

    gelinas would be a great guy on the team as he wouldn't mess with the chemistry on the team since he is a former nuck and is familiar with the hockey mad city of vancouver and knows about the pressure the team faces on a regular basis. to tell the truth he would probably love to be in the limelite a little since the panthers get less coverage than lawn bowling in florida

    linden – morrison – cooke
    d. sedin – h. sedin – pyatt
    naslund – rypien – gelinas
    bulis – chouinard – green

    ohlund – salo

    mitchell – bieksa

    fitzpatrick – ?



    if its true then all the nucks need is help on the back end and they would have a very nice team, one with the ability to do a little damage ib the playoffs. if they were able to get a d-man that can eat up the min then thy would have a nice rotation in the back end

  3. jonnygf40 says:


  4. aam2007 says:

    fact: Gelinas has been to a Stanley Cup final with all 3 western Canadian teams.

    So I think if you look at it obejctively, if he is acquired by Vancouver, the Canucks will automatically be the team coming out of the west. Good deal from where I am standing.

  5. papichulo71 says:

    Are there any other active members from that '94 team outside Gelinas and Linden?

  6. smokz13 says:

    krajicek hasen’t looked good in a nucks uni this year and would be a good 7th d-man on this roster unless the nucks can trade him for some help on the blueline.

  7. rangers914 says:

    is mclennan still playing???i think he was the goalie for the nucks not positive thought…last time i saw him he was backing up luongo in florida

  8. BieksaForMVP says:

    Oh god, he's been retired for atleast 6 years lol. You might be thinking of Mclennan who is backing up Kipper, and Luongo last year, but Mcleane (or however you spell it) has been retired for awhile now.

  9. BieksaForMVP says:

    We need a centre. I think if we get someone it's Jozef Stumple. I know for a fact we won't get Smolinski, because we need more an offense player, and Stumple will be quite a bit cheaper for whatever reason. I honestly don't think it will go though, becuase we've had quite a few of these lately and none have happend.  

  10. Damiencore says:

    No seriously…who cares…really…Its Gelinas…he won't even be noticed…

  11. Damiencore says:

    Haha if you are being serious I want whatever it is you're smoking. Dude get real, he is a role player…he will not single handedly bring a team like the nucks to the cup. Get real. He won't even be noticed at all

  12. Damiencore says:

    Yeah you're thinking of Jamie Mclennan  ( former Islander,Nuck and Panther)

    The old 94 Goalie was KIRK MCLEAN…I am not sure who he played for after the  nucks…it might have been the panthers actually.

  13. TheDonkey says:

    Not being much of a Canucks fan, I hope you are right.  But, I seem to remember Jellynuts scored a hell of a lot of key goals during the Flames run a few years ago.  And he was supposed to just be a role player then too.  I don't know if he is too old now.   I have not seen him play since that Calgary run.  But  I would take that guy in a heartbeat if I was Vancouver.

  14. smokz13 says:

    he was traded to the hurricanes with gelinas for geoff sanderson, enrico ciccone and sean burke in 98. then was traded to the panthers for ray sheppard 2 months later. in 99 he signed with the rangers for 2 years. retiered in 01.

  15. aam2007 says:

    Are you sure? I think he puts them over the top.

    Of course I am not being serious.  Although it is true, the reason I brought it up is I remember watching game 1 of the 2004 Cup finals, the last year it was on ESPN. They had the panel discussing the series beforehand and for some reason they saw fit to have Chris Berman on it who when talking about hockey never fails to A) make a superficial analogy involving football and B) mention the Habs teams of the late 70s.  This time he added a reference to Gelinas pointing out his trips to the finals with the Oilers, Canucks, and now Flames. But he said it like he was pulling the curtain back on a valuable secret. The rest of the panel just looked around like …..okay……

  16. farmer says:

    Ronning – LINDEN – Courtnall
    Bure – Craven –  Adams
    Sandlak – Memesso – GELINAS
    Lafayette – MacIntyre – Walters
    Odjick – Valk (Spares)
    PECA – Injured

    Lidster – Brown
    HEDICAN – Glynn
    Murzyn – Dirk


  17. Damiencore says:

    hahaha wtf ??! chris berman doing hockey…man…well then sorry for taking that the wrong way…I miss hockey on ESPN though…

  18. Damiencore says:

    Haha oh man I remember Enrico Ciccone…everyone in philly HATED HIM and that defenseman tampa had…umm Michele Petit ! haha

  19. Westcoastexpress says:

    Rypien has yet to play a game for the team this year. Remove him, and insert Burrows. Rypien will not play on the big club this year. Reid and Moran have passed hime on the depth chart.

  20. smokz13 says:

    thanks man. i was in a rush when i wrote it and was actualy thinking he would be trade bait. was going to put in reid.

  21. smokz13 says:

    um…. your missing slger, babych, carson, diduck, hunter and um….lumme from your list.

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