What are the leafs to do?

There is two days left until the free agents are allowed to escape their current nest’s and find a new burrow. Some teams such as montreal have been dumping salaries and will have a lot of play come sunday. Other teams such as vancouver are right up against the wall and have virtually no playing room. The leafs are a team inbetween. 

Depending on whether the cap is at 48 or 50 could change a lot of things for the leafs. If the cap is at 48 then they will have to go after a second tier UFA because they will only have 3-5 million to play with. Here is a list of players they should consider.

Vyacheslav Kozlov: Kozlov is comming of a very good year and could add just that scoring we need. The down side being he just had his 35th birthday and this is his best season yet. Also how good would he be without Kovalchuck and Hossa?

Fredrik Modin: Could pitch in 20 goals for a cheap price. down side is he is also in his mid thirties.

Eric Lindros: I know what your thinking people. The big E isnt comming back to toronto atleast i hope not. But think about it he could come at a VERY cheap price and if he stays healthy could be a 30 goal scorer.

Todd Bertuzzi: Would be a fan favourite in Toronto and could come at a cheap price and maybe he will fall back into his stride. Down side is he is very injurery prone and has a bad attitude.

Mikko Koivu: Yes he is a RFA but maybe convince him to come here and play against his brother often. He is young and has potential to pot 80 points. I see no downside.

Jason Blake: Nearly a top tier. We would have to pay around 4-5 million for him and we would not want it long term because he is older too. But he is much like darcy tucker. A quick goal scoring winging with an edge.

Michael Nylander: Did you see him in the playoffs? He would have got the most play off points had he went to round 4. Playing only 10 games he had 13 points. He would Command around 3.5-4.5 million. But how would he be without Jagr?

Well there is a list of second tier UFA’s the leafs should consider.
If they can clear some salary or if the cap is at 50 million the they should go after these players.

Ryan Smyth: Does not score many pretty goals but scores many much like Tucker. Although Smyth does have some injuries.

I would not go after Drury or briere because of there price tag. Drury only got 69 points and people are talking 8 million. Sundin got over 70 and people think he is overpayed at 5.5 million.

Paul Kariya: Would look very nice to sundins left. He is very quick and has a lot of tricks in his bag. Sundin would be his finisher. Who would go on the right wing would be hard though. Darcy Tucker? Kyle Wellwood? Mark Bell maybe.

If your have the cap space those are the only two i would consider. Scott Gomez is over rated he is not even close to a point per game nor is he an improving player.

Let me know what you think the leafs should do.

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  1. wielerj says:

    personally i feel that the leafs should chase a player like smyth.  and if for whatever reason smyth wasn't available, i would suggest chasing a player like smyth.  if smyth is a bit too expensive, i would backtrack a bit and try chasing a player like smyth.  if, however, smyth was committed to playing elsewhere i would resort to plan be and try to acquire a player like smyth.  and if all of those plans fall through i would have no choice but to pursue my interests in a player like, you guessed it, smyth.  there is no other player in the ufa pool capable of bringing to the table what smyth does night in and night out.  offence, defence, checking, penalty killing, leadership, heart, and a burning desire to play hockey and win in canada.  this guy is our man.  there are no other options.  it's smyth at all costs.  you can't possibly overpay for a player of his ilk.  he will make every player around him even better – including – yup, i said it… sundin.  that's it.  that's all.

  2. sundin_500 says:

    lol i agree with you but i felt if i made a thing of smyth smyth smyth for my first one i do not think they would publish it:P

  3. wielerj says:

    lol, welcome aboard… i'm sure there's millions more in leafs nation that also agree.  let's hope it happens.

  4. wielerj says:

    lol, welcome aboard… i'm sure there's millions more in leafs nation that also agree.  let's hope it happens.

  5. LEAF_FAN_1990 says:

    We need to forget about smyth…..he wants too long of a deal and its not worth it for someone that plays the way he does. first we need to trade kubina to clear cap space, then we need to make a run at kariya, avery, and someone like tkachuk if he doesnt sign with st louis. this could be a possible stanley cup contending lineup given the young guns step up and become consistent scorers

    Kariya      Sundin        Tkachuk

    Tucker     Steen          Wellwood

    Kilger       Peca           Avery

    Pohl         Deveraux    Stajan

    McCabe   Coliacovo

    Kaberle   Stralman
    Gill         White


  6. sundin_500 says:

    sorry that team could not contend you are forgetting three players. Bell antropov and poni

  7. PaulK123 says:

     That team could not contend, your an idiot, that is an amazingly put together team you retard.

  8. PaulK123 says:

     Ummm, no shit sherlock, everyone knew this going in, kind of a redundant article. The reason that people are praising Drury so much is because of his leadership skills, his hands, and his speed, he will get 85+ points with some wingers around him. 

     Forget about Smyth, he would be a perfect fit in Toronto but his agent is asking for 6 years, he is 33 and is a grinder, now at 39 will he still be able to grind and play like he does without getting injured, I don't think so. I also don't like Blake because he is a cancer in the locker room.

     My pick is Kariya because he has skill and has been around for a while, we can sign him for short-term (2 years) and see what happens from there. Plus he will come cheap compared to Smyth and Blake.

  9. sundin_500 says:

    oh that was an awfully nice thing to say lets bash a 14 year old kid trying to become a sports publisher, on his first article.

  10. PaulK123 says:

    i am in no way bashing you, i am just pointing out it was a redundant article and pointing out the mistakes lmao

  11. sundin_500 says:

    <FONT=50> IM GUNNA *****ING KILL YOU</FONT=50>

  12. sundin_500 says:

    LOL im kidding, but do you have a life?

  13. sundin_500 says:

    Im gunna kill you……….retard you have worse guys on that team than bell antro and poni

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