What can the Leafs afford really?

The perception has been, for a while now, that the Leafs have a lot of money to spend on Free Agents. Unless, they manage to unload some contracts somewhere, this is simply not true. Some of my numbers or guesses may be slightly off, but the overall picture is pretty much what I am laying out here. The most up to date look at the numbers are as follows:

Buyouts – 2 million (belfour .75, Domi 1.25)

Goalies – 2.464 million

Raycroft, 1.35 (qualifying offer only?, this could go up)

Telqvist, 0.589

Aubin, 0.525

Defense – 10.612 million

Kaberle, 4.25

McCabe, 5.75

Kronvall, 0.612

Forwards – 14.4136

Sundin, 6.33

Tucker, 1.596

O’Neill, 1.5

Ponikarovsky, .712

Kilger, 1.2

Steen, .9006

Pohl *, .5 (somewhere around this number?)

Antropov, 1

Belak 0.675

Total Committed: 29.5 million (approx.)

On Defense:

Unless they give up on, or trade Colaiacovo or he doesn’t play, they will be on the hook for around 900k (give or take). Karel Pilar might be brought in again for say 500K. You can pencil in a Marlie or two (depending on Pilar) out of Harrison, White, Bell, Wozniewski for 500k each. So, you add about 1.9 million for 3 more, in-system, D-men. Now, the Leafs have 6 D-men at about 12.5 Million


You would have to believe Stajan and Wellwood are back at about 1 million each. So that adds 2 million and we now have 11 forwards for 16.4136

What’s Left:

We need 1 more D-man, and 2 more forwards.

We have committed 33.32, give or take, so there is about 8 million left if we want to keep 2 million under the cap, which would be wise.

Patrick Elias is looking for around 8. I doubt he gets it, but I bet he gets 7-7.5 or so. Therefore, I see him as out of the question unless the Leafs can sign him for 6.75-7 and pay another D-man the minimum.

I suspect Gary Roberts (2.25) and Eric Lindros (1?) may be back, so we are looking at either unloading a current forward to make room for a new one, or just getting another D-man. If we unload a forward and save 1 million (optimistic), we have about 5.75 million to spend on a new forward and a new D-man.

So what can the Leafs afford if they sign their current people and pick up Roberts and Lindros? I am guessing that, best case, they can get a Langenbrunner and a Jay McKee type.

If they don’t sign Roberts and Lindros, they could afford Ellias at 7, another rookie at 500K and bring up another Marlie D-man… I just don’t see that happening.

This all assumes we *can* trade a forward like Antropov or Belak or Kilger or something and it assumes that we won’t give Raycroft a new contract at more money and assume we don’t pick up Pronger for Kaberle and Stajan (leaving us another million short, and now we need another forward)

Bottom line: It is pretty dicey whether the Leafs can afford any big names this off-season.

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  1. blarneylad says:

    finally someone sees the light, the leafs cannot sign every free agent big name!

  2. 92-93 says:


    there have been a lot of leaf fans who have suggested as much.

  3. 92-93 says:

    i dont think the leafs need to make a big UFA signing.

    McKee and maybe one more forward and thats it.

    the good thing about the contracts of Lindros (once signed), O’Neill, Tucker, Roberts is that they are up after this year – freeing up cap space for next year, but these guys will help the young players this year.

    the leafs need lesser-known UFA names, i’ve been saying this for awhile.

    they have their young core, they have their superstar core (sundin, McCabe, Kaberle) … they need the component parts to add and a three or two-year deal to McKee makes sense.

  4. Aetherial says:

    I like the McKee idea a lot. He is asking 3-4 though… and if I am the Leafs, I don’t want to go over 3… maybe 3.25 or something they could get him considering he actually *is* someone who would be interested in coming here.

  5. Aetherial says:

    I very rarely see Leaf fans put out serious rumors that have then signing a lot of big name free agents.

    believe it or not, they can add. In fact, around here, the Leaf fans appear to be more aware of the cap, and able to take it into account, than a lot of other people.

  6. 92-93 says:

    pohl is signed for 450K this year, 475K next year.

    i am not sure about the RFA amounts for Wellwood and Stajan.

    if i were JFJ, go after Arnott and if that doesnt work out … settle for Lindros, whose injury situation wont be clear until later next month anyways. let allison go.

  7. 92-93 says:

    McKee is a must … there are others out there … but if you are going to have McCabe and Kaberle with their pendulum swings from super-good offense and bad-defence, and a young defensive corp, McKee is a MUST.

  8. Aetherial says:

    Geeze, imagine if some wise-ass team signed Stajan or Wellwood to a 2 million dollar offer… the compensation is not all that high and it would really hurt the Leafs to match.

    Then again, they could do the same I suppose.

    I wonder how long it will take until someone starts screwing people with the RFA game.

  9. DJTOKid says:

    I think the leafs should persue groups of players like…

    a)Mckee 3yr/3mil per yr

    Salei 2yr/1.5mil per yr

    Cullen 2yr/2.5mil per yr

    Total: 7mil spent


    b)Markov 2yr/2mil per yr

    Poti 1yr/1mil per yr

    Arnott 3yr/3.5mil per yr

    Toatl: 6.5mil spent

    Thats all they need, two dmen and a solid forward, the rest is takin care of, I m of course assuming that the leafs get Roberts.


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