What Do The Leafs Do?

There has been a rush of these type of articles, some of them credible some of them idiotic, this one will look to set them straight.

The Toronto Maple Leafs fans know this season will not be the year we end the drought. You might as welll make it 40 years since we last won the cup. The Leafs have to re-build. Its not a question of if? Its a question of when?

The trouble with the leafs re-building is that MLSE is

afraid that the fans in Toronto will not accept the re-builiding stage. What they don’t realize is about 70% of the Leaf nation will accept the re-building.

The Leafs have tried to buy their way to the Holy

Grail for about 8 years. They didn’t develop their own players and only now are they starting too.

Every year when the Leafs lose it hurts the coach,

management, and the fans in a big way and with

the way MLSE is heading right now you can add another 40 years. You cannot buy a cup in the new NHL, you have to work for a cup.

The Leafs will be facing Washington on Tuesday, it

will be their first game back rom the break and if they don’t win they will be in a situation where they have to face Carolina, Buffalo and Ottawa in the

next few games with no confidence. If they lose

over 70% fo these games they will solde to 10-11th

place in the conference and then they can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

I have laid out a plan for the Leafs in the next 3 years, the plan starts this year.

Year 1:

The Leafs have lots of deadwieght on their roster in

the form of Aki Berg, Alexander Khavanov, Kenny

Klee, Eddie Belfour, Clark Wilm, Nik Antropov, Jason Allison, Tie Domi, Mats Sundin and Wade Belak. These guys need to go for draft picks and prospects.

With the likes of Stajan, Wellwood, Harrison, Kilger,

Kronvall, Coliacovo, Racine, Rask and Pogge soon

to be NHLers it is the year to rebuild. The Leafs should trade Bryan McCbae incase they can’t re-sign him at a high price instead of losing him for nothing to free agency.

To Minnesota:

Jason Allison,

Bryan McCabe,

2nd round pick

To Toronto:

Marian Gaborik

Patrick O’Sullivan

To Montreal:

Ken Klee

Aki Berg

To Toronto:

Chriss Higgins

5th round draft pick

To Edmonton:

Ed Belfour

Alexander Khavanov

To Toronto:

Robbie Shremp

4th round draft pick

To Chicago:

Nik Antropov

Tie Domi

Mats Sundin

3rd round pick

To Toronto:

Tyler Arnason

Mark Bell

1st round pick


Leafs will have about 28 million dollars in salary

cap space with the new cap at 42 million dollars and will cost them about 9 million to re-sign who ever they need to, that leaves the Leafs with about 20 million dollars in space, here are the moves:

Sign Roberto Luongo:

4-years/6 million dollars

Sign Olli Jokinen:

5-years/4.5 million dollars

Sign Wade Redden:

5-years/5.5 million dollars

That leaves about 4.5 million dollars in cap space.

Year 2:

Head Coaching Job:

Fire Pat Quinn,

Call-up Paul Maurice

General Manager:

Fire JFJ,

hire Jack Nickolson (Team Canada Director)


Develop Shremp, O’Sullivan, Rask, Pogge, Higgins,

Racine, and Kessel?(Chicago 1st round pick)


Re-sign the remaining players and draft picks which

will leave the Leafs with 4 million in cap space.


The buds will have a goaltending crisis by this point with Racine, Luongo, Pogge, Tellqvist, and

Rask. The only moves the Leafs should make is to

Tellqvist and Racine. I can’t predict which teams will

need goalies at this point but Tellqvist for a first round pick and Racine for a defensive or offensive


Here is the roster:











There that is the three year plan for the Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.

34 Responses to What Do The Leafs Do?

  1. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    wow…..ok a few things there no *****ing way in hell Minnesota is giving up Gaborik but along with there best prospect in o sullivan? LOL both McCabe and Allison are UFA after this year so basically they are giving away their 2 brightest futures for guys that will be gone after 23 games…..not to mention Rolston > Allison

    The Habs trade ok that actually realistic

    The edmonton trade…….could someone PLEASE explain to me why they would trade schremp? the guy has 120 points in like 50 games in the OHL thats not the kind of player you trade especially for a goalie whos best years are faaaaaaaaaar behind him not to mention hes UFA after this year

    Sundin isnt going anywhere he has a no trade clause and i HIGHLY doubt he will waive it. Also Chicago is going to have a top 5 pick this year they arent gonna give that up dream on.

    Loungo is restricted after this year so you can forget that thought

    Jokinen what was his reason for not signing with florida again? O YEAH he wants to go to a contender! sorry leafs fans hes not going to toronto

    btw Shremp is a center dumb dumb

  2. PaulK123 says:

    I was thinking of the oher Shremp in College, hes

    a d-man

  3. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    edmonton doesnt have the rights to another Shremp thbere is only one schremp on edmonton and theyd be nuts to trade him

  4. 92-93 says:

    no offense because i have enjoyed reading some of your articles/posts. but you also seem to be one of the worst offenders on this site when it comes to making really unrealistic plans for the leafs.

    howabout this – why don’t you limit yourself to a couple of trades and a couple of free agent signings and put some restrictions on your imagination before posting your next plan.

    we know the leafs have to keep their young guys, we know the leafs should TRY and trade some of the older guys they have now and trim the fat. but do you realize that with each and every trade you propose, you are getting further and further away from reality. the reality is that the Leafs CANNOT and WILL NOT do very much because of the situation they are in. you also have to consider the perspective/needs of other GMs and teams when you make these trade proposals.

    if you limit yourself a little in making these plans, you’ll get yourself closer to the real situation facing the leafs.

    so, in a previous post last month, i proposed 2 trades (Allison and Klee for Leopold; Belfour for Conklin and a prospect) and a single off-season free agent signing (Elias). Now, I also included that it was unlikely for the leafs to land Elias or be able to trade Belfour with his contract and option for next year (but i also included reasons for why it might happen). I also included who should be resigned and who should be let go and who should be brought up from the Marlies (as well as who will be the prime prospects on the Marlies next year).

  5. toronto77 says:

    good idea, i don’t like trading mccabe, but if he doesn’t re-sign than we just really screwed ourselves. i think we should wait till we get someone decent to play with sundin and if still struggles, than trade him.

  6. 92-93 says:

    To Calgary: Allison and Klee

    To Toronto: Leopold (and maybe a mid-round pick)

    To Edmonton: Belfour

    To Toronto: Conklin, Ulanov, and minor league prospect Danny Syvret

    Alex Steen———-Mats Sundin———–Jeff O’Neill

    Ponikorovsky ——-Eric Lindros——-Nik Antropov

    Darcy Tucker——Kyle Wellwood——-Czerkawski

    Chad Kilger———Matt Stajan————–Tie Domi

    [Belak, Wilm]

    Bryan McCabe————————-Jordan Leopold

    Tomas Kaberle—————————-Jay Harrison

    Alexander Khavanov————————–Aki Berg

    [Igor Ulanov]

    ——————–Mikael Tellqvist———————-

    ———————[Ty Conklin]————————

  7. 92-93 says:

    Then, in the offseason …

    RELEASE/TRADE/WAIVE: Khavanov, Berg (for draft pick), Czerkawski, Belak, Antropov (for draft pick), Ulanov

    RESIGN: McCabe, Lindros

    BRING UP FROM MARLIES: Pohl, Kronvall, Battaglia

    FREE AGENT(S): Patrick Elias [or another free agent winger]

    THE SAD REALITY: O’Neill and Domi are probably stuck with the Leafs for another year (and probably Khavanov but I am keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll be traded or waived).

    FEEL GOOD STORIES: return of Coliacovo and Pilar

    Patrick Elias———Mats Sundin——-Darcy Tucker

    Alex Steen ———-Eric Lindros———–Wellwood

    Ponikorovsky——–Matt Stajan———–Jeff O’Neill

    Chad Kilger———–John Pohl————–Tie Domi

    [Wilm, Battaglia]

    Bryan McCabe————————-Jordan Leopold

    Tomas Kaberle—————————-Jay Harrison

    Steffan Kronvall———————–Carlo Coliacovo

    [Karl Pilar]

    ——————–Mikael Tellqvist———————-

    ———-[Corey Schwab or Ty Conklin]————–

    Payroll Total_______________ $42.5 million dollars

    Departures: Belfour [4.56 million], Allison [1.5 million], Czerkawski [500K], Belak [665K], Antropov [1 million], Khavanov [1.25], Berg [1.06 million], Klee [1.9 million]

    Additions: Elias [approx. 5 million], Leopold [$1.05 million], Pohl [450K], Battaglia [450K], Kronvall [450K], Harrison [450K], Conklin (or Schwab) [1.15 million], Belfour buyout [1.5 million]

    Returnees: Sundin [6.8 million], Lindros [approx: 2.25 million ], Wellwood [approx: 1.25 million], Tucker [1.6 million], Steen [720K], Kilger [475K], Ponikarovsky [700K], Wilm [450K], Domi [1.25 million], O’Neill [1.5 million], Stajan [approx: 1.25 million], McCabe [approx: 5 million], Kaberle [4.25 million], Pilar [700K] Coliacovo [approx: 1 million], Tellqvist [450K].

    With the expected hike in the cap next year to about $42-45 million, the leafs will be able to re-sign most of the guys they want (UFAs and RFAs) and have more money left over to get a few more other free agent players as the season progresses and their needs become more evident (flexibility that they do no have now). Damien Cox has suggested that as the Cap ceiling rises, teams like the Flyers, Wings, and Leafs will regain some of the advantage they once had. If the league minimum goes up it shouldn’t make that much of a difference in the payroll.

  8. 92-93 says:

    RELEASE/WAIVE: Conklin/Schwab, Domi, O’Neill

    TRADE: JF Racine

    RESIGN: Leopold, any young restricted FAs,

    BRING UP FROM MARLIES: Robbie Earl, Justin Pogee

    FREE AGENT(S): A free agent RW to provide a veteran presence on the third line

    THE SAD REALITY: Maurice probably won’t be head coach but I am going to put him there anyways hoping that Quinn will move aside to let Maurice and the young guys take over.

    Head Coach: Paul Maurice

    Patrick Elias———Mats Sundin——-Darcy Tucker

    Robbie Earl———-Eric Lindros———–Wellwood

    Alex Steen———–Matt Stajan—-[free agent RW]

    Ponikrovsky———–John Pohl————-Battaglia

    [Wilm, Kilger]

    Bryan McCabe————————-Jordan Leopold

    Tomas Kaberle—————————-Jay Harrison

    Steffan Kronvall———————–Carlo Coliacovo

    [Karl Pilar]

    ———————–Justin Pogge———————-

    ——————–[Mikael Tellqvist]——————–

    Pogge and Telly will be splitting time evenly but remember that it takes a long time for goalies to develop.

    In the Marlies:

    FOWARDS: Jeremy Williams

    DEFENSE: Ian White, Vorobiev, Woz, Syvret

    GOALIE: Tukka Rask

  9. The-President says:

    PaulK you criticized me for my post, but yours is by far,,, worse then mine. You need to step into reality, get a better understanding of the Leafs, and other organizations, and maybe your articles will show some validity. Don’t criticize me when you need to fix yourself. Oh yeah and wait, did you not try to make me look dumb by saying where do the stupid Gaborik rumors come from, my ass… well dont turn around and put him on your team then buddy. Also lets see hmmm, Redden-HAHAHA, Sign Olli Jokinen, I got news for you buddy, he is going to be traded at the deadline, and he is going to end up staying with that team. You dont even know how to assemble the lineup right. You have everybody in the wrong spot. Gaborik is a RW, Kessel is not going to be a top liner, Bell is a LW, Steen is a 3rd line center. Arnason is a 2nd line center. Wellwood plays RW when not playing C, Kilger is a LW, Lindros on the fourth line, what is the point of having him on the team? Kaberle as the #1 over Redden, you must be smokin crack, Yeah Rask is going to be ready next year sure guy… You basically just took all the players that i said the Leafs should get in Trades and just signed them, total stupidity. I dont know but do you expect that lineup to win the Cup, or be a big Question Mark? Think before you post.

    I suggested getting Gaborik, Luongo, Jokinen, Bouwmeester, Vandermeer, Bell, and Arnason. You just took all of my ideas and signed them.

    Take alook at my trades and you will see how much better my deals are:





    2nd rounder

    & 4th rounder


    Florida for:





    Antropov, Stajan, Kronwall, Wozienewski, 3rd rounder for:

    Bell, Arnason, and Vandermeer.


    Trade Allison, Wellwood, and a 1st rounder to Minnesota for Gaborik.


    Trade Klee, Lindros, Berg, to what ever teams would be interested in them, but if thats not possible just let them walk next summer. Along with Belak get him the hell out of here!

    Here would be the Leafs Cup Contender Lineup:










    Now tell me my solution is not better.. Thank you I rest my case. Don’t embarrass yourself by belittling other Leaf Fans and declaring that you have the best input on the Teams future, because this is one of the most stupid articles written on the Leafs.

    Go hang out with Goose, hes retarded too.

    and oh yeah before you mention my trades giving away promising talent, save it buddy, do you want to win the Cup or do you want to be an average team. All of our Prospects are Wayyy Overrated.

  10. The-President says:

    Let me just add on the Prospect part just to set you “straight”, because sometimes people are “idiotic”

    You need to readjust your views on the Leafs Prospects, Let me help you:

    Wellwood, he is only going to be a 2nd liner to a 3rd liner at most, I think I would rather have Gaborik, instead of a “Richard Park” type of player. Gaborik has the potential to change a game, Wellwood will never bring a Cup to Toronto.

    KronWall, notice the W its not Kronvall, but anyway, he will only be a #5 or #6 Dman, I would much rather have Vandermeer, Vandermeer is young, let me tell you something you may not know, Vandermeer is just as old as Wozienewski, yeah thats right, and guess what, Vandermeer has the potential to be a #3 Dman. In case you are wondering Wozienewski is 26, yeah thats right, 26, He is an old prospect who just broke the League, well let me tell you, that just goes to show you that he sucks. He will never amount to anything other then a #5 or #6 Dman, so lower your hopes. You might say to yourself now, who would want these crappy prospects, well guess what they are overrated so that is good considering Trade Bait. Pogge, Oh Wow, how he is Overrated! The guy won a medal in back of an awesome team, and a Defense that is like the Senators, but in Juniors Skill. He has good trade value due to his victory, I dont want to be dissapointed when he doesnt pan out to be the Goalie everybody thinks he is going to be. In case you have forgot, Torontos Defense Sucks, so Good luck Pogge. He will be nothing more then a Lalime, thats the way I see it, a goalie that can perform above his credentials, thanks to an awesome defense. Trade him to a Defense 1st team like Minnesota. Open your EYES PAULK123, it isnt hard to see. I want to win a Cup, not have players that we Toronto Fans overhype, I want players that are diffference makers, and will keep us a perrenial playoff team. Our prospects as of now arent cuttin it buddy, all they are ever going to be are average players, with the exception of Rask.

    Oh yeah you forgot to mention Stajan, Listen up the guy is wayyy Overrated all he is going to be is a 3rd liner for his career, IT is a good thing you are not the Leafs GM, because then we could add another 20 years to waiting for a cup.

  11. BleedinBlueEH says:

    LMFAO! There is NO way that Minnesota and Chicago would do those trades. Luongo is not a UFA at the end of the season, he is a RFA, I think.

    Also, Schremp is a forward.

  12. The-President says:

    he has one more year left

  13. Hoondog2 says:

    you’re all *****ing crazy if you think we should trade Sundin. He’s the best Leaf of all time, a classy leader, and a great hockey player. Most teams dont ever get a player of his calibre. How we forget the years. We need to get rid of BAD players, rebuild with youth, and sign some young free agents. The Leafs have a ton of cap space after this seaon.

  14. Aetherial says:

    I seriously doubt they will get all that for Belfour. I do see Belfour maybe headed to Edmonton but ONLY if they agree to pick up his option next year.

    Because of salary, the Leafs will have to take something expensive back and/or something not that great. I am thinking a 2nd rounder or Ulanov + 2nd rounder. Or Belfour for Peca straight up.

  15. Aetherial says:

    Your trade ideas are ridiculous.

  16. Aetherial says:

    They don’t have a ton of cap room. ESPECIALLY if they sign McCabe, who will be around the 5.5 million range.

    Also, if they can’t trade Belfour… and I think they can’t, then they either pay him or have to pay about 1,5 million to him, that DOES go against the cap.

  17. leafs8917 says:

    when is everyone gonna learn, there not gonna trade the whole team, we will be lucky if they make 1 or 2 trades……….this is real life not a video game..

    if u don t know what your talking about stop posting garnage…..schremp for belfour is so funny, if they where even offered taht ever , gaurentee the deal would have been done already…….plus he s not a defence men….d-men done get 120 points in 50 games.

    anyway stop posting garbage

  18. 92-93 says:

    why do you have Schremp as a defenseman?

  19. The-President says:

    Your rediculous, what do you want Asham, or a guy like Fedoruk? Huh? Do you want to have a stanley Cup Calibre team? Or do you want the Leafs to be in mediocrity for the rest of the future?

  20. The-President says:

    because he thinks he knows what he is talking about

  21. Aetherial says:

    I *want* to trade Berg to Washington for Ovechkin.

    Which is about as likely as the things you suggest.

    Keep your deals simple… it is hugely unlikely that GM’s can make big complex deals work.

  22. leafs4cup says:

    why would you re-sign lindros and on top of it give him a raise with all the centermen the leafs have we shoudn’t spend a dime on lindros he is only good for 30 to 40 games, if that, and aint half the player he used to be, he should retire.this team you have is no better, their worse.they have no wingers, true wingers that are top six anyways a 37 yr old first line center whos lost more than 1 step and makes 7 million ,a washed up injury prone 2nd line center and no hope in hell of signing elais,their d has no toughness to them whats so ever a strong fore check will expose this defence big time.its time to trade are assets and rebuild around wellwood steen pony stajan kaberla,carlos, wuz,harrison.it was a good run but time is needed to rebuild.trade sundin allison mcabe tucker those four players not to mention berg and antropov will get some great returns(trade for young wingers ,theres lots of good defencemen come july 1st} from teams that are making a run at the cup.calgary,edmonton,vancouver,philly,carolina etc. would love anyone of these players.if jfj plays his cards right he could get some nice youth and picks for these players and i know the owners would never have it but i would tank the rest of the season a get a top 5 pick because even if we make the playoffs were done in 4 games.

  23. the_canadian_game says:

    belfour to edmonton for ulanov, prospect(pouliot)

    allison, wozniewski to calgary for leopold and kobasew

    antropov, klee, prospect to chicago for arnason and bell

    Derek Morris or Willie Mitchell or Filip Kuba in off-season

    Next years lineup-




    Kilger-Wellwood-edm prospect




    Tellqvist and Rask

    no pogge because he needs to develop still.

    id say those trades are very possible because were getting players that other teams dont want.

  24. The-President says:

    Dude im not a retard

  25. Rufusy says:

    Why does everyone think that reddens going to come here, its not like the leafs have first dibs on players, ill be seeing redden back in ottawa

  26. Rufusy says:

    oh by the way, fergie wants to rebuild the team, upper management and the teachers union that owns half the team wont let him. Its ether leafs make the playoff or fergies fired ive heard, i expect the leafs to be buyers

  27. Rufusy says:

    Rask needs to develop, his what 18 still, why but him back up when he has a good 5 years to play 50 60 games a sesons not like 20. going to be doing the same thing that they did to telly

  28. Rufusy says:

    if the leafs dont take belfours option then they ow him 1.5 so your around 44 million with leave you ither over the cap or no room to trade

  29. Rufusy says:

    best thing i have ever heard was berg and a 5th rounder for iginla, now thats funny

  30. Rufusy says:

    Luongo is a RFA or something but he wants to leave flordia and if a player goes to abbritation then the next year any team can make a bid on luongo highest bidder wins and flordia has to match the highest bidder or his gone somewhere. Watch for Luongo going somewhere for alot

  31. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    No Sundin? No Domi? NO TUCKER????


  32. 92-93 says:

    actually – i included Belfour’s buyout.

  33. 92-93 says:

    yeah its all fine and great to propose to trade guys like Sundin. tell me – who will take him and his contract?

    that is EXACTLY what i mean about constructing plans here on HTR. you have to consider the REALITY of the situation. why not add Elias to Sundin while he is here in toronto?

    my plan has all the young guys – and has more young guys on the way. as for lindros – fine. don’t resign him. not a big deal to me.

  34. leafs4cup says:

    trading sundin is more realistic than signing elias.and if you give sundin a contract extention i think you could lighten the pay load for next year to make him more affordable to other teams,not sure how it works but thier are ways to reduce his contract by adding years,but im not 100%

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