What Do The Leafs Do?

There has been a rush of these type of articles, some of them credible some of them idiotic, this one will look to set them straight.

The Toronto Maple Leafs fans know this season will not be the year we end the drought. You might as welll make it 40 years since we last won the cup. The Leafs have to re-build. Its not a question of if? Its a question of when?

The trouble with the leafs re-building is that MLSE is

afraid that the fans in Toronto will not accept the re-builiding stage. What they don’t realize is about 70% of the Leaf nation will accept the re-building.

The Leafs have tried to buy their way to the Holy

Grail for about 8 years. They didn’t develop their own players and only now are they starting too.

Every year when the Leafs lose it hurts the coach,

management, and the fans in a big way and with

the way MLSE is heading right now you can add another 40 years. You cannot buy a cup in the new NHL, you have to work for a cup.

The Leafs will be facing Washington on Tuesday, it

will be their first game back rom the break and if they don’t win they will be in a situation where they have to face Carolina, Buffalo and Ottawa in the

next few games with no confidence. If they lose

over 70% fo these games they will solde to 10-11th

place in the conference and then they can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

I have laid out a plan for the Leafs in the next 3 years, the plan starts this year.

Year 1:

The Leafs have lots of deadwieght on their roster in

the form of Aki Berg, Alexander Khavanov, Kenny

Klee, Eddie Belfour, Clark Wilm, Nik Antropov, Jason Allison, Tie Domi, Mats Sundin and Wade Belak. These guys need to go for draft picks and prospects.

With the likes of Stajan, Wellwood, Harrison, Kilger,

Kronvall, Coliacovo, Racine, Rask and Pogge soon

to be NHLers it is the year to rebuild. The Leafs should trade Bryan McCbae incase they can’t re-sign him at a high price instead of losing him for nothing to free agency.

To Minnesota:

Jason Allison,

Bryan McCabe,

2nd round pick

To Toronto:

Marian Gaborik

Patrick O’Sullivan

To Montreal:

Ken Klee

Aki Berg

To Toronto:

Chriss Higgins

5th round draft pick

To Edmonton:

Ed Belfour

Alexander Khavanov

To Toronto:

Robbie Shremp

4th round draft pick

To Chicago:

Nik Antropov

Tie Domi

Mats Sundin

3rd round pick

To Toronto:

Tyler Arnason

Mark Bell

1st round pick


Leafs will have about 28 million dollars in salary

cap space with the new cap at 42 million dollars and will cost them about 9 million to re-sign who ever they need to, that leaves the Leafs with about 20 million dollars in space, here are the moves:

Sign Roberto Luongo:

4-years/6 million dollars

Sign Olli Jokinen:

5-years/4.5 million dollars

Sign Wade Redden:

5-years/5.5 million dollars

That leaves about 4.5 million dollars in cap space.

Year 2:

Head Coaching Job:

Fire Pat Quinn,

Call-up Paul Maurice

General Manager:

Fire JFJ,

hire Jack Nickolson (Team Canada Director)


Develop Shremp, O’Sullivan, Rask, Pogge, Higgins,

Racine, and Kessel?(Chicago 1st round pick)


Re-sign the remaining players and draft picks which

will leave the Leafs with 4 million in cap space.


The buds will have a goaltending crisis by this point with Racine, Luongo, Pogge, Tellqvist, and

Rask. The only moves the Leafs should make is to

Tellqvist and Racine. I can’t predict which teams will

need goalies at this point but Tellqvist for a first round pick and Racine for a defensive or offensive


Here is the roster:











There that is the three year plan for the Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.