What Does Gainey do ???

After hearing Saku Koivu talk at yesterday’s golf tournament, Habs fans should have reason to be worried. As much as the Habs brass show’s confidence that Koivu will be fine, inside they are shaking in their boots. What does Gainey do. Does he go into camp and see if any rookie is ready to make the jump ? Does he see if Kovalev or Higgins can play in the middle this year ? Does he look to make a deal ? Does he put his confidence in Bonk to play on one of the top 2 lines ?

1. Habs don’t have many prospects at center

Chipchura – Not thought of as a first or second line guy.

Grabovsky – Don’t know much about him, he has a high skill level, but is very small

2. If Kovalev or Higgins move to center, who will take their place on the wing ?

3. Who is available to aquire via trade, and who do we offer ?

4. Bonk can hardley play on a fourth line it seems, so what would make him be able to keep up on a 1st or 2nd line.

So Habs fans what is Gainey to do ???