What MTL looks like Going into season now

Take a look at what MTL looks like going into season now. Tell me if your satisfied!

Fans were a little upset because fans were saying that Bob Gainey gave Roman Hamrlik too much money. If you think of it. If he didnt sign him a lot more fans would of been saying: Now, who is going to replace Souray. Gainey might of over paid but atleast he got a replacement for Sheldon Souray. Well let’s take a look at MTL’s lineup. I find we are still missing the #1LW we need Higgins wont cut it.

_____ Koivu Ryder
Higgins Plekanec Kostitsyn
Grabovki Smolinski Latendresse
Begin Lapierre Kovalev

Markov Komisarek
Hamrlik Streit/Brisebois
Boullion Gorges/Dandenault

These line are satisfying with me. Only thing that bothers me is that who will take that #1 LW spot on are line-up because I find Plekanec Higgins and Kostitsyn have excellent chemistry and he cant break that up. Until Kovalev proves himself he stays there on 4th line with Lapierre and Begin. Hamrlik will be a nice shot down D-man and Streit will give that little offensive upside. Ryder will always put up a 30Goals season if he plays with Saku Koivu. Boullion will put up a 250-300 hit season if he stays healthy.

I find Habs should of tried a little harder trying to get Ryan SMyth in free agency but if a guy wants to play out West he plays out West. Maybe Habs can grab Selanne and put him LW even if his natural position is RW.

This is my 2nd article hope you guys like it. I look forward into reading the comments.

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  1. Zamphyr says:

    Like it or NOT…Habs fans will never be satisfied. The reason being we will always have histroy as a perception of what this team should be accomplishing. That perception will never happen again therefor we should try to forget what happened pre 90's…believe me we would be a much more jovial group.

    The most we can expect is the ultimate feeling of jubilation when the habs do win the stanley cup, but being a habs fan, that feeling will soon dissipate as the following season begins and we renew our constant harassment of the Habs organization as they fail to win it again. We are spoiled somewhat or cursed in having this perception. Should we feel pity for ourselves…NO…especially since there are still Leaf fans out there.

    As for next season, whatyou see is what you get…no more major moves until the second half. Bob does like to keep a little cash in the pocket just in case the team gets itself into a position to win. Thats what a good businessman does. The season will come down to goaltending …not a LW. Huet is human and will have bad games…our young goalies are just that…young, and. So there is a 50% chance that the habs do make the playoffs with the current roster…but sorry..no second round.

  2. Dre21 says:

    Selanne’s not going to MTL… habs fan’s have been dreaming for this for too long… let it go… as for the habs this season… i think they are a bit underrated at the moment… they can easily roll out 4 competitive lines… here’s how i have it:

    (brisebois)-gorges-cote alternate as 7th d-men although Breaze-by hasn’t signed…


    first line needs more consistency from kovalev.. 2nd line proved last year that they can play with anyone, even with higgins’ ankle and apparent shoulder problems… i really wanna see my 3rd line come together… i think lapierre and latendresse showed good chemistry last year, and with smolinksi centering that line, this could be a good 2-way line that can hit, defend and even score… 4th line is there for energy… hopefully begin stays healthy, if not bring up ferland, or S. kostitsyn, grabovski, etc…

    defence ain’t that different from last year… i do think hamrlik is an upgrade on souray… streit and brisebois will hopefully pick up the slack on the PP…

    and if this doens’t work, there’s always a way to imrpove at the trade deadline, hence the 1 year contract ryder signed, the attempt to add depth at defence,adnteh abundance of quality goalies in the system…

    now i’m not guranteeing a playoof spot, but i do think the habs will be darned close and might battle philly and toronto for the 8th seed…

  3. habsrock99 says:

    the #1 LW spot goes to Latendresse who proved that he can play well with Koivu. Kostoupoulos is gonna play on the 4th line with Begin and Lapierre. This is what the Habs look like going into the new season:


    Gorges/Dandeneault/Bouillon/Brisebois(if he accepts the Habs offer)/O'Byrne/Archer battling it out for the 5, 6 and 7 spots.


    Their's hopefully going to be a trade to open up some spots on Defence and the likely candidates that will get traded are Bouillon and Dadeneault.

  4. habsrock_19 says:

    i think this is a great line-up i mean the first two lines are good scoring lines (esepcially if kovalev wakes up) and the 3rd and 4th lines are gritty something we havent had much of in the past years.

    d will be okay but im looking forward to see what the goallie sitution is going to look like hopefully price is ready to be a star but i think he'll take atleast one more year but i do think he is ready.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    ryder scored around 12 even strength goals last year, he doesn't need koivu to reach that level.  ryder needs a great powerplay qb to maintain his 18 pp goal pace.

    kovalev earns too much money and is far too skilled to stay on the fourth line. 

    latendresse would be brutal on a defensive line,  the third line is the worst possible place for him. 

    kostopolous just signed a deal with the Habs.  he should make the team. 

    a hall of fame 500 goal scoring cup winner like selanne isn't coming out of possbile retirement to play the off wing for a team that didn't make the playoffs. 

    gainey may have replaced souray, but he still hasn't replaced rivet.  while i am potentially willing to give brisebois the benefit of the doubt, he certainly isn't as stready as rivet.

    this team has the potential to improve through trade or promotion of minor leaguers.  i think the roster has a lot of flexibility. 

  6. Dre21 says:

    i think latendresse would thrive on a 3rd line with smolinski and lapierre… botht those guys are very responsible defensively, and latendresse could bring some physical play to that line and little more offensive punch… y'know, throw his body around like he did last year… i think it'll open up even more oportunities offensively for him…

    we'll see come october what carbo decides…

  7. habsoverserver says:

    very reasonable.  but i expect latendresse to play on the second or fourth line. defense may miss rivet's minutes. 

  8. habsoverserver says:

    i think koivu's line needs that physical play more than smolinski's.  latendresse's hitting, fun as it is to watch left him out of position too often.  that's why i worry about him on the third line.

    he's still just a kid and could easily overcome those issues.  but i think his upside is greater on offense and he would benefit more from koivu's offense than smolinski's defense. 

    also, montreal has a plethora of rookies who could play third line and are thin on the offensive lines with really only koivu, higgins and possibly plekanec as proven long term options.  kovalev and possibly ryder will be gone next year.  habs have more room for latendresse to develop one th first or second line than the third line. 

  9. habsrock99 says:

    Latendresse is Montreal's missing link between scoring and physicality. Putting him on the 3rd line would be like putting Jeremy Roenick on the 3rd line in his 2nd season. Montreal has lacked a power forward for way too long. And now that they have a power forward "prospect", everyone wants him on the 3rd line, where he'll just end up like Begin. Lapierre has limited talent and the only real reason he playing on Montreal is because of his heart, grit and determination as well as his ever improving face off ability.

  10. ferron says:

      I think that Koivu's line will be the first line come openning day but Plekanec's line will finish the season as the first line and I also think that Latendresse wouldn't play well on the checking line.

    Latend-Grabov-Kovalev            xtras=Chipchura,Begin,Murray,Locke,Ferland

    Bouillon-Gorges/Dandenault/O'Byrne and hopefully not Brisebois


  11. Avim86 says:

    I find that Latendresse-Lapierre reminds me alot of vinny lecavalier and st-louis but less talented and less dynamic…but I still see similarities!

  12. habsgod says:

    guys!,guys!, guys! my fellow habs fan! you guys have to stop putting kovalev on the fourth line come on guys cut him some slack! yeah he pissed me off at times last season just like he did to you guys too! but let's get real here guys! this guy is the most skiiled and best player on this team by a mile! not even close!there isn't one player on this team that could tape this guys stick! in terms of talent! i know he doesn't bring it eveynight!but when does their isn't a more dominate player in the game period! this is how i see the lines on opening night,(1st line) higgins, koivu, ryder(2nd line)lattendresse, plekanec , kovalev (3rd line)begin,smoliski, kositsyn,(4tth line) kostopoulos,lapierre grabovski. with carbo mixing and matching between the 3rd and 4th lines! as for defence this is how i see it! komisarek, markov, hamrlik, bouillion, streit,dandeneault o'byrne, gorges, valventenko as depth! i didn't put brisebois in mine until he officially signs! i think huet and price will be the goaltending tandem with huet starting and price taking over mid season i think halak will be dealt along the picks or prospects to add a top 4 defence man as our top 3 are as good as any body (i love the hamrlik signing) big time upgrade over sheldon-skate -by-me- souray1hamrlik will do for markov what he did for phaneuf in calgary finaaly markov will be an elite defenceman (he was close) then you'll see ryder dealt because gainey isn't going to get duped by a player saying that he will sign and then won't and when ryder is dealt it'll be a deal that will benefit us big time! ryder will go for a first r.d. pick and a player with either grabovsky or kostitsyn taking ryder's spot a gradual promontion for one of these guys!i hope it's grabs he reminds me of datsyuk same talent and skill level!

  13. habsoverserver says:

    totally agree.  btw, that year, roenick's linemates were goulet and larmer and it helped him blossom into a 40 goal scorer. 

  14. habsrock99 says:

    What is up with everyone putting Latendresse on the 4th line? He was their last year and because of the minimal talent and ice time he had to work with, he didn't score. Now, when he moved to Koivu's line when Higgins went down, what'd he do? Scored in his first game with Koivu. I'd guess that Koivu assisted on at least 12 of Latendresse's 16 goals last year. Latendresse is Montreal's brightest player outside of Carey Price. He was 19 and made the team. He's the power forward Montreal has lacked for almost 2 decades. Begin, Kostopoulos and Lapierre will be the 4th line because all 3 are yappy lil bastards who have sum talent. Lapierre isn't as talented as everyone thinks he is because if he was, he would have seen time up on the top 2 lines when Kovalev was demoted to the 3rd and 4th lines last year. People always say that Montreal lacks size in their line up yet we have Latendresse who is 6'2" and 229 pounds, almost the size as Komisarek. And he's a lot quicker than people give him credit for. Hell, he almost made the team as an 18 year old in his first training camp.

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