What MTL looks like Going into season now

Take a look at what MTL looks like going into season now. Tell me if your satisfied!

Fans were a little upset because fans were saying that Bob Gainey gave Roman Hamrlik too much money. If you think of it. If he didnt sign him a lot more fans would of been saying: Now, who is going to replace Souray. Gainey might of over paid but atleast he got a replacement for Sheldon Souray. Well let’s take a look at MTL’s lineup. I find we are still missing the #1LW we need Higgins wont cut it.

_____ Koivu Ryder
Higgins Plekanec Kostitsyn
Grabovki Smolinski Latendresse
Begin Lapierre Kovalev

Markov Komisarek
Hamrlik Streit/Brisebois
Boullion Gorges/Dandenault

These line are satisfying with me. Only thing that bothers me is that who will take that #1 LW spot on are line-up because I find Plekanec Higgins and Kostitsyn have excellent chemistry and he cant break that up. Until Kovalev proves himself he stays there on 4th line with Lapierre and Begin. Hamrlik will be a nice shot down D-man and Streit will give that little offensive upside. Ryder will always put up a 30Goals season if he plays with Saku Koivu. Boullion will put up a 250-300 hit season if he stays healthy.

I find Habs should of tried a little harder trying to get Ryan SMyth in free agency but if a guy wants to play out West he plays out West. Maybe Habs can grab Selanne and put him LW even if his natural position is RW.

This is my 2nd article hope you guys like it. I look forward into reading the comments.