What should they do?

I honestly i’m not a leafs fan, but I thought it would be fun to write an article about the Leafs, so don’t be to harse. Okay i’m just gonna write what I think the Leafs should do.

To Pittsburgh: Brian Mccabe
To Toronto: Jordan Staal, Michael Oullette
-gives Pittsburgh a solid defense
-Pittsburgh get’s rid of a centre, and still get something in return
-Toronto get’s rid of an overpaid, but pretty good d man
-Toronto get’s a second line centre
-Toronto get’s a thirdliner
-Toronto dumps salary

To Tampa Bay: Andrew Raycroft, Hal Gill
To Toronto: Boyle

-Boyle replaces Mccabe
-Toronto dumps Gill’s salary, and speed (but not alot of speed to give up lol)
-Give Tampa two capible starters
-Give Toronto a d man that can skate
-Raycroft and Gill don’t have much value

Resign Sundin, and trade him, just so people will give more something up, because he wouldn’t be a rental player.

New York Islanders: Alexai Yashin
Toronto: Mats Sundin

-Toronto get’s a new francise player
-New York dumps salary
-Less risk for New York
-Toronto might by far get a better deal (if ashin get’s up the good work)
-New York get’s a leader

To Detroit: Nik Antropov, 2nd rounder
To Paul Kariya(I don’t think he’ll stay, but he might stay till the end of the season)

-Toronto get’s a good rental player
-Nashville something for Kariya
-Give Toronto an edge ahead of everyone to try and resign him
-Nashville get’s a good third liner

To Columbus: Kyle Wellwood, Carlo Coliachvo
To Toronto: Nikolai Zherdev

resign O Neil ($500 000)
resign Tucker ($3 000 000)
sign Kariya ($5 000 000)
sign Salo ($3 000 000)

Kariya 5.0-Yashin 7.5-Tucker 3.0
Ponikarovski 1.0-Staal 0.5- Zherdev 3.0
Kilger 1.0- Steen 1.0-Michelle Ouelett 0.5
Battaglia 0.5- Pohl 0.5-O Neil 0.5
extras: Suglobov 0.5

Kaberle 4.25-Boyle 3.5
Kubina 5.0-White 0.5
Salo 3.0-Bell 0.5
extras: Wozniewski 0.5

Aubin 0.5

total: 44.75 Next years cap: 46-47.5

That’s a pretty good team. A great first line, great second line (compared to most teams). Good third line, and an average forth line. Good defense, maybe better then it is now. Not bad goaltending, and still better then it is now. I know alot of my trade ideas aren’t very good, but I think these ones are pretty good, and it’s fair salary. There’s still room for thye deadline, and for a new contract (like a Marlies player who is playing great, but doesn’t have a contract, or a free agent).

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  1. buds8 says:

    Please…………..did you see that goal by Staal last night…..nobody wants McCabe unless it is for another overpaid underachiver with defensive liabilities.

    Keep Sunidn and Tucker, they are the only consistent scoring forwards and that has been the main concern this year.

    I would suggest just letting O'Neill go (he sucks all his goals are garbage) and Antropov go (even though I like him, but he once again has shown that he is inury-prone) and try to re-sign Tucker and Sunin for as little as possible (I dont think Sundin will take less than 6mill/yr and Tucker 3.5mill/yr)

    Then I would suggest to try and sign a winger for Sundin like Kariya (that you suggested).  he may take a pay cut to play in his home country – heck he did it to play in Colorado.

    The rest of the team is here for a couple of years at least and it's not that bad IMO.

    p.s. Toooooo many trades in your post!  The team isnt that bad!


  2. the_word says:

    Does anyone ever factor in the fact McCabe and Sundin have no trade clauses, its not like JFJ can shop them around to find a great deal.   All this rebuild the Leafs stuff is a little premature.  A few things that are being overlooked

    1) McCabe & Karberele aren't going anywhere for four years.  Leafs fans should count their blessing to have these two locked up.  They're great on the PP.   I don't have to sing the praises of Kaberele, when he plays aggresively, he among the best defensemen in the league.  McCabe is productive, he hardly deserves to be benched.  He is a defensive liability, if he wasn't he'd have a max contract, but he makes 5.75 million, thats market value for McCabe.  Trade him and the Leafs PP falls apart and there goes your offense.  Something to keep in mind, he's consistently in the top four leaders in points by defensemen.   What could make McCabe's D a little more consistent is cutting back his minutes a little.

    2)  Trade Tucker???  He wants 15 million for five years and he does everything (plays physical, scores goals, is an agitator who can draw pentalities, scores goals, will drop the gloves, scores PP goals).  The Leafs are in no position to trade away productive wingers.  Three million per season for 25-40 goals is a steal, especially for winger who brings intangeables on top of goal scoring.  Now the criticism is that signing Tucker is not thinking long term.  A five year deal, seems fairly long term. 

    3)  Trade Sundin, won't happen, no trade clause, the Leafs only shot a the playoffs is keeping him.  He may sign for less, if JFJ can promise him a winger.  If you can't sign him for less than 6 million, don't give him a no trade clause and then you shop him if necessary next year.

    4)  The Leafs are the 10 youngest team in the league and have depth in the farm system on defense and goal, the farm system isn't in that bad of shape.  In the cap era, you can't build a team via free agency, the Leafs have done an adequate job getting younger still staying competive.  They also have their top pick from last year's draft, and can draft a foward in the 1st rounder this year, they'll be ok.

    5)  What is the young core the Leafs are gonna build around?  Wellwood, Stajan, Antropov, Poni, Steen and Pohl?  Wellwood is the only bluechip player among this core.  Yet, if you're going to rebuild, these are your untouchables.  However, here are the players underperforming and responsible for the Leafs recent slump.  So maybe its better to address the problem rather than holding Kubina, McCabe and Gill responsible for the growing pains of this mediocre young core.  And stop shopping Tucker, McCabe and Sundin who are the players that can get the Leafs out hole. 

    6)  As for the young core of defense, they look really promising but aren't ready yet, give it a year or two.

    7)  Getting younger doesn't necessarily mean getting better, its counter productive to trade Sundin and Tucker simply to get younger.  Teams should never rebuild for the sake of rebuilding, rebuilding should only be pursued as a last case scenario.  The Leafs looked really good early this year, they'd be better served trying to recapture their game rather than blowing up this roster and starting over.

  3. 92-93 says:

    i pretty much agree with everything you’ve said (especially the comment about Kaberle).

    i disagree somewhat about Tucker. the leafs’ are in the ‘position’ to trade him. to put it another way their situation is ripe for a Tucker trade in the sense that they have hardly any solid forward prospects in their system (beyond Tlusty, Earl, and Williams – maybe Aubin). if the leaf can get a solid forward prospect for Tucker at the trade deadline or (as unrealistic as this sounds) a first rounder, they should trade him. if they cannot, then they should sign him to at most 3 years and 3-25 million a year. the notion of ‘long term’ shouldnt be limited to Tucker 5 years from now at age 35 or 36. it could be extended to a young prospect or pick who is the Leafs’ best player in 10-15 years from now.

    i like Tucker and would love to see him with the leafs, but the team doesnt have many tradeable assets, especially assets that are at their highest trade value ever and that could bring in something substantial for the future.

    the farm system has great depth – in terms of having 4th line guys and 3rd tier defencemen that is. they need better depth up front and to replace the guys who have already graduated.

    agreed about the untouchables. i do think, however, both Poni and Antropov are trade chips IF they get young players in return (well, maybe not Poni but Antropov). and yes there are some teams that would take Antropov, especially part of a larger package.

    i dont think trading Tucker is building for the sake of rebuilding. again, if trading tucker is considered in a vacuum, then it looks bad. but if you tandem it up with perhaps trading for or signing Nagy … then it doesnt look like the leafs are in ‘rebuilding mode’ does it?

    Kubina, McCabe, and Gill are overpaid. but they are here to stay and that is that. let us hope they all continue to improve (kubina is definitely improving and is beginning to settle in like i hoped … it takes time). McCabe will always be too horrible in his own end to justify his contract and Gill … lets not go there. but yes, on the positive, its certainly not the worst defence that has suited up for the Leafs in the past 10 years that’s for sure.

  4. 92-93 says:

    here's the thing … all of these trades dont make sense and there are too many of them.

    simple as that.

    but as a leaf fan, looking at Pittsburgh, Washington, and other young teams (some of which didnt have the advantages and picks that the Pens and Caps had) are right with or better than Toronto in the standings. More importantly, the have 5-10 million in cap space.

    for all the advantages that toronto has – and being able to spend up to the cap ceiling IS still an advantage – the leafs simply do not have the quality of youth and prospects that these teams have.

    Even teams like the Bruins, Habs, Isles have better farm systems and better younger players right now than the Leafs. The best thing for the Buds to do right now is to consider trading some vets even if that means they get players who are not yet for the NHL right now. why wouldnt they sacrifice this year? why didnt they sacrifice last year (trade McCabe for example)???

    well the answer is simply the unique market they play in. but for once, the leafs – IF the opportunity arises – should trade for youth or high picks.

    now, the other thing that people are forgetting is that this doesnt mean that this strategy is one that will keep the leafs from contending almost immediately. the turn over in the cap era, the crop of free agents in the next couple of offseasons  – all suggest that the leafs can go out and replace guys like Tucker with better more offensively explosive and younger players.

    two examples:
    names like Smyth, Nagy and Torres are both UFAs and if the leafs dont trade for them at the deadline they can sign them in the offseason. but this can only occur if they clear cap space in the meantime – and it doesnt take long to figure out whose salaries could contribute to that process of clearing cap space.

    so this isn't necessarily a 'long-term' vision in the sense that the leafs must rebuild. they can rebuild AND REMAIN COMPETITIVE at the same time.

    that is why trading Tucker to a team like Edmonton (who has loads of first round picks – thank you very much Pronger – and prospects, who is in danger of losing Smyth and Torres in the offseason) MAKES SENSE.

    that is why considering and trying to trade the likes of Gill, Antropov, even O'Neill makes sense (although its doubtful the leafs can get anything for them).

    and just to prove that i am not anti-vet, i can point to my earlier comment about keeping Sundin (they have to), about signing UFA vets or trading for them at the deadline and signing them right away, or even keeping Mike Peca – a vet who i see as being valuable in so many ways to the leafs. not just as a two-way forward, providing leadership, PK duties, etc. but also the example he sets for the leafs' current and future two-way forwards like Steen and Stajan.

    this strategy is the ONLY way for the leafs IMO. in the next few months, they are going to witness teams by pass them for the playoffs spots and all of these teams are going to be loaded with young talented with veterans mixed in. the leafs simply dont have that kind of talent and the mixture is of low quality right now.

    they have the right coach, the right systems, and some good young players right now and good vets, but they need more depth and they need shrewd decision making. hopefully, JFJ will improve and make those decisions and NOT make the ridiculous knee-jerk trades made in this article or the equally knee-jerk response of 'keep everybody, everything's fine.'

  5. 42wellwood42 says:

    Wow, that team is shit…

  6. Pony says:

    Better than the current as hopelessly unrealistic as it is.

  7. 92-93 says:

    back in Nov, James Mirtle posted on his blog what he thought the leafs' offensive production would be (i've put their current totals next to Mirtle's predictions):

    "Sundin 30 – 10
    O'Neill 25 – 9
    Steen 20 – 1
    Tucker 20 – 18
    McCabe 18 – 7
    Ponikarovsky 18 – 9
    Wellwood 15 – 6
    Peca 14 – 4
    Stajan 14 – 6
    Antropov 12 – 5
    Kaberle 10 – 7
    Kilger 10 – 6
    Kubina 8 – 0
    Suglobov 5 – 0
    Colaicovo 4 – 0
    The rest (Pohl, White, Earl, Gill) 8 – 6
    The total, based on those numbers? 231 goals."

    I responded with numbers that i thought were closer to the mark – feeling that many – including Mirtle – were underestimating the Leafs' offence and were not worried enough about the Leafs D and goaltending. My numbers came to about 250 goals. Right now, through 32 games (and before the – IMO – the inevitable emergence of Sundin, Steen, Kubina, and Coliacovo) the Leafs have scored 100 goals. They are on pace to score more than 250 goals. 

    Here's my projection after the leafs' first 32 games:

    Sundin 36, Tucker 34, O'Neill 22, Ponikorovsky 22 
    I really believe that once Sundin recovers from his injury he will catch fire – particularly after January. Tucker will cool off substantially (others would suggest he would be good for 40 goals but not me). O'Neill and Poni are both on pace for at least 20 goals and will probably score more.

    McCabe 20, Stajan 20, Steen 15, Kilger 15, Wellwood 14, Antropov 14, Peca 13, Kaberle 13
    These are the secondary goal scorers for the Leafs IMO. I see Steen really beginning to get hot in the next few weeks. Everyone else chips in a goal here and there periodically. In any case, I expect 15 players to get 10 or more goals and 6 20-goal scorers on the leafs this year.

    Coliacovo 10, Battaglia 10, Kubina 9, Pohl 7, White 5, Bell 3, Suglobov 3, Gill 3. 
    Coliacovo and Battaglia are the key here. Already Battaglia is providing 4th line offence that Mirtle did not anticipate. he'll continue to chip in the odd goal. Coliacovo is going to be a solid top-4 D-guy and Kubina will benefit and improve as well.

    The total, based on those numbers? 288 goals.

    The problem with the leafs – as it always the case – is not Offense … its defence (and this includes the poor play of the forwards coming back to support the Defence too). Here's the thing, the leafs are giving up 3.5 goals per game. So if they dont score at least 4 goals in a game, they are usually in trouble. during their recent skid they were not scoring, and that sometimes happens with clubs – they just go cold offensively. no big deal. but with the leafs, with their shaky goaltending and poor defence (horrific PK in recent games too), they just couldnt afford to NOT
    score goals. When they could only muster 3 goals or less, it wasn't enough.
    When the leafs score 4 goals or more in a game, they are 13-1-2 (their lone regulation loss in the 7-4 loss to Buffalo). When they score 2 goals or less, they are 1-12-3 (their lone win – a 2-1 shootout victory over Florida). And such stats illustrate how their goaltending and defensive just hasn't been able to hold up. They are not a team that has been able to play in tight low scoring games.

    The leafs are going to score a lot of goals IMO … but they are going to give up a lot of goals too. In the end, they must play better in their own end if they want to make the playoffs. that's the long and short of it. hopefully they'll continue to adjust to Maurice's systems.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Pittsburgh would NOT trade Staal for McCabe, that’s crazy.

    I don’t think any of those trades would be possible unfortuneately, but I do think Yashin would be an awesome pick up if Wangy would trade him.

  9. woodsco85 says:

    Oh My Freakin God. Im gettin so sick of these god damn "WHAT TORONTO SHOULD DO" and the worst thing is this one comes from someone whos not even a fan of the team. Please this has to stop. Its the same thing everytime. Here, how bout i make the next post.


    Like seriously thats what pretty much everyone of these posts have been. Why have a not seen a WHAT SHOULD PHILLY DO, or a WHAT SHOULD THE BLACKHAWKS DO. I know both of those teams have tons of fans as well.
    Please someone show me a time where a team has gotten rid of 10-15 of their starters in one year and been a repectrable team afterwards. JESUS PEOPLE, GIVE YOUR HEADS A SHAKE! AGH

  10. LeafsLegacy says:

    Good observation! Maybe that trade for Pronger would of made miracles!

  11. LeafsLegacy says:

    Ummm.. this is actually the stupidest thing I've ever heard. BrYan McCabe for Staal and Oullette, that is NEVER going to happen, considering interest in McCabe is not even high and has A NO TRADE CLAUSE in his contract. The only thing you can trade is O'Neill and Tucker. Tucker the only one who will have interest from other teams

  12. LeafsLegacy says:

    Maybe a signing of Brian Leetch??

  13. 92-93 says:

    naaah. trading Steen and Kaberle for Pronger? not a good idea from a long-term sense.

    I am glad they didnt make that move. They dont need Leetch either. they have 6 offensive D-guys on their roster right now – one of whom is not producing (kubina). Plus, they got Stralman and Harrington with the Marlies. even if its short term, no need for leetch, he'll just take playing time away from Coli, Bell, and White.

  14. leebrien21 says:

    no offence but i feel like slapping you for even mentioning Alexi Yashin's name in the same thought as the toronto maple leafs and mats sundin . . . A) former senator =NO NO B) have you seen the effort he puts out on a night in night out basis . . .what';s that you haven'!?!?!  . . .of course you haven't because eh puts forth no effort . . he's rolling in that gravy money and coasting . . i had almost forgot he was in the league untill the isles signed depietro and EVERYONE started ripping them for having 2 mediocher players under big contracts for looooong periods of time . . .that;s just my take

  15. LeafsLegacy says:

    True.. =D

  16. 92-93 says:

    i think the leafs should try for a winger though and try to get rid of some of their bigger contracts if they can – and i do consider gill and O'Neill and belak's contracts to be too much even if they only make a combined 4 million.

    they free up that much, they can easily sign Nagy in the offseason or trade for him at the deadline (or someone else – maybe Smyth if he is availble in the offseason? maybe a Smyth-Tucker deal could go down at the deadline?).

  17. Aetherial says:

    Yes you can rebuild and remain competitive.

    The fact is, you simply have to stop trying to buy a team. Spend up to  the cap, use your signings to address holes in the roster/prospects and steadily improve both the depth on the farm and the talent up front.

    It is not rocket science. It sometimes means you trade away productive vets.

    I think JFJ is either too stupid, or has his hands tied by MLSE. Whatever the reason, I have been a Leaf fan too long to see any reason why their stupidity will change.

  18. Aetherial says:

    Sundin would garner a lot of interest. Besides the injury this year, he has shown no signs of slowing down and the injury was not a chronic type of thing.

    Remember, the rangers were inetrested in Shanahan to the tune of 4mil.

    Remember what St. Louis got for Weight… Weight is not in the same class at all as Sundin, not even remotely close.

  19. 92-93 says:

    i think JFJ just isnt creative that way. he pre-ejaculates in contract negotiations when it comes to resigning Toronto's veteran players (thats the only analogy i can think of).

    and i think 'spend to the cap' is ok too – as long as a lot of these deals are just one-year deals or even two-year deals and not long term ones, which is what i assumed you meant anyways.

    again, Allison and Lindros weren't that bad for that reason IMO. same thing with Peca. 


  20. koolcracker says:

    You bench McCabe until he says "I dont want to play in Toronto anymore" then you find a team that is willing to take on his huge contract. Sound like the Islanders to you? thats how you can get Yashin.

  21. shimy1221 says:

    yashin has the second biggest nhl contract..noone wants that…

    i agree with getting rid of sundin…hes very consistent and he obviously wants the cup badllllly….if they trade him, he will be going to the west…..i suggest him going to phoenix for doan and nagy who are two amazing players on a crappy team.

  22. Sundinrocks13 says:

    Sundin for Yashin is stupid and McCabe for Staal alone won't happen let alone Oullette

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