What should they do?

I honestly i’m not a leafs fan, but I thought it would be fun to write an article about the Leafs, so don’t be to harse. Okay i’m just gonna write what I think the Leafs should do.

To Pittsburgh: Brian Mccabe
To Toronto: Jordan Staal, Michael Oullette
-gives Pittsburgh a solid defense
-Pittsburgh get’s rid of a centre, and still get something in return
-Toronto get’s rid of an overpaid, but pretty good d man
-Toronto get’s a second line centre
-Toronto get’s a thirdliner
-Toronto dumps salary

To Tampa Bay: Andrew Raycroft, Hal Gill
To Toronto: Boyle

-Boyle replaces Mccabe
-Toronto dumps Gill’s salary, and speed (but not alot of speed to give up lol)
-Give Tampa two capible starters
-Give Toronto a d man that can skate
-Raycroft and Gill don’t have much value

Resign Sundin, and trade him, just so people will give more something up, because he wouldn’t be a rental player.

New York Islanders: Alexai Yashin
Toronto: Mats Sundin

-Toronto get’s a new francise player
-New York dumps salary
-Less risk for New York
-Toronto might by far get a better deal (if ashin get’s up the good work)
-New York get’s a leader

To Detroit: Nik Antropov, 2nd rounder
To Paul Kariya(I don’t think he’ll stay, but he might stay till the end of the season)

-Toronto get’s a good rental player
-Nashville something for Kariya
-Give Toronto an edge ahead of everyone to try and resign him
-Nashville get’s a good third liner

To Columbus: Kyle Wellwood, Carlo Coliachvo
To Toronto: Nikolai Zherdev

resign O Neil ($500 000)
resign Tucker ($3 000 000)
sign Kariya ($5 000 000)
sign Salo ($3 000 000)

Kariya 5.0-Yashin 7.5-Tucker 3.0
Ponikarovski 1.0-Staal 0.5- Zherdev 3.0
Kilger 1.0- Steen 1.0-Michelle Ouelett 0.5
Battaglia 0.5- Pohl 0.5-O Neil 0.5
extras: Suglobov 0.5

Kaberle 4.25-Boyle 3.5
Kubina 5.0-White 0.5
Salo 3.0-Bell 0.5
extras: Wozniewski 0.5

Aubin 0.5

total: 44.75 Next years cap: 46-47.5

That’s a pretty good team. A great first line, great second line (compared to most teams). Good third line, and an average forth line. Good defense, maybe better then it is now. Not bad goaltending, and still better then it is now. I know alot of my trade ideas aren’t very good, but I think these ones are pretty good, and it’s fair salary. There’s still room for thye deadline, and for a new contract (like a Marlies player who is playing great, but doesn’t have a contract, or a free agent).