What to do with Andrew Raycroft

Now that Vesa Toskala has signed a new contract that will pay him 4 million dollars a year, double Andew Raycroft’s current salary, its pretty clear that JFJ declares Vesa has Toronto’s new number one.

There is no sense in carrying a 2 million dollar back up. The leafs could trade Raycroft to possible teams such has Phoenix or L.A. both need a goalie who could be a Number 1. This would also give the leafs an extra 2 million in cap space. Giving them a total of 4 million.

If JFJ wishes he could likley pursue guys like Shanahan or Guerin or Peter Foresberg, if healthy could be a consderation.

As for a Replacement for Raycroft, JFJ should try to get a goalie that would come cheap. Possibley Curtis Joesph, bringing back JS Aubin or maybe even look at at Justin Pogge (but he is a longshot). Cujo would be the best option.

So if Raycroft is traded the leafs could get their hands on Shanahan and also bring back Cujo.