What was San Jose Thinking??????

GM Bob Gainey finally pulled off his first mediocre (I can’t call it big) deal of the year, sending Craig Rivet and a 2008 5th Round Pick to the Sharks for Josh Gorges and a 2007 1st Round Pick.
My question to all of you Habs fans is “How on earth can Bob Gainey keep ripping other teams off like this? “

I have no idea what San Jose thinks they will get from a guy who was a fifth defenseman on an 8th place team. But if teams are truly this desperate for defenseman than Gainey could be shopping Souray around for names like Getzlaf and Kopitar (the latter very unlikely, considering the Kings aren’t buyers).
And if you are, like me, interested in Souray still wearing the CH next year, then Gainey will have to get Kovalev and his 4+million out of here for some young prospect and a few picks to free up some much needed cap room to keep Souray, and hopefully, with the increase in cap space, to sign a scoring free agent, to move Montreal clsoer to its goal of a Cup by 2009.

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  1. xJayce says:

    I like Souray as a person and leader, he's great with the media (even though he's TERRIBLE on D, the media rarely critique his playing) and he's doing a great job on the powerplay. That being said, I REALLY hope we don't resign him to a long term contract. He's NOT worth 5M a year. If he does finish the season with 25 goals, I'm pretty sure we can sign a 25 goal forward for a lot less than 5M a year…

    Now, I heard that Tverdovsky is on waivers. Would it not make sense to pick him up, and trade away souray? From what I've read, Tverdovsky is a decent power play guy, and OK on D. He would in now be a replacement for Souray, but it would allow us to get something potentially interesting for Souray. And Tverdovsky is making about the same as Souray, salary wise. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. habby102 says:

    Completely disagree with xJayce. Souray has been one of the only bright spots in the last little while for the Habs. He's a great leader on and off the ice and what's even better he backs up his numbers and play with TEAM EFFORT. He's the first one to jump in there to protect one of his guys. A guy like that, with heart and a desire to play (in this city on top of that as he's stated before) that also puts up great offensive numbers for a D-man and is the heart and soul of your team IS worth 5M a year. Like the article says, I completely agree with it, get Kovalev and his 4.wtv M out of here and get some good young talent and make a push for the playoffs as well as setting up for the future. If everything goes well for Les Habitants, Gainey'll ship Kovy and his over-the-top salary and sign both Markov and Souray to 3-5 year contracts. Montreal getting rid of Souray is almost as stupid as the Oilers getting rid of Smyth (heart and soul of the team). The only acceptable reason I can see Gainey trading Souray is if he lets Sheldon go somewhere in the west coast to be near his family which he has said numerous times that he would like to be closer with. Anything other than that SOLE reason is unacceptable. Do everything we can to sign Souray now or in the offseason.

  3. habby102 says:

    Still can't believe Gainey pulled this off. Rivet and a 5th rd pick for a promising young D-man AND a first round pick?!!…..maybe the guys in SJ don't catch some of the Canadiens games or something and then Gainey lied to them and switched Rivet's numbers with Souray's…(yeah right….Rivet with 20+ goals…lol) don't get me wrong though Rivet had a lot fo heart and he was a good guy in the locker room but his play didnt justify paying him 2.5M and possibly losing out on keeping Souray just to resign Rivet. Gainey ain't done yet…..Say goodbye to uderachieving snob Kovalev who only "needs" to rest his elbow after he gets benched for playing bad and taking dumb penalties. Anybody who doesn't want to play here, Kovy, can get the hell out. We've got a good thing going on in the locker room and very promising young talent in the minors. We don't need a guy like him around.

  4. alex_nrv says:

    I agree with your disagreement!!!
    Souray's a better leader than the actual "C" on the team!!
    They won't rip-off the "C" from Koivu's jersey because he's been the image of the Habs for a long time… but they should in a near future…

    Let's see if Koivu's gonna cry about losing his beloved Rivet…

    Souray's the 2nd defenseman on the team… and there's no one pushing in his back! Komisarek is pretty descent for a defenseman, but he's not pushing Souray's positioning on the team!!!

    Getting rid of Souray is pure insanity!!

  5. habby102 says:

    stripping koivu of the C would probably create insanity and unrest in the locker room and the city but sheldon DEFINETLY deserves to be a captain he acts like it already now. I would have no problem with trading away koivu and kovalev if that means keeping souray. he's a hard nosed, dont take no crap from no one…and HE CAN SCORE….unlike many other tough guys. he can fight, he can pass, he can score, he can hit, he can lead a team….he can play D….except not one-on-one lol ….he's amazing! the only jersey i ever wanna see him wear is one with a red, blue and white CH on the front of it.

  6. mtl_prince says:

    you guys are talking about gorges like hes the second coming. did you see the scouting report on him? hes not a #1 you know, not a #2, or even a #3 defenseman!

  7. xJayce says:

    I agree that Kovalev should be moved. I dislike any player that doesn't give consistent effort or energy. I dislike players that give up on plays because they miss the net. All in all, I"m not a Kovalev fan. I'm much more a Steve Begin fan.

    As for Souray, he's never played an 80 game season, and has never scored more than 15 goals in a season. He'll score 25-30 goals this season? He's having a career year. Will he ever score more than 15 goals again? He's going to be 31 I think, he's not getting younger. He takes too many bad penalties. He plays the role of enforcer, which is NOT what you want your leading scorer to do (especially when that means he gets taken out of a game in the first period). He plays physical, but doesn't do a good job of clearing the front of the net. Teams have actually begun challenging him because they know he's too slow to keep up, he's easy to skate around. He has a great shot, but is average on making and receiving passes. All in all, he's one of the worse in the league in +/- (in all fairness, none of the canadiens are GREAT on +/- except for maybe Perezhogin and Johnson). For anybody saying that Souray has been a bright spot, theyre only talking about a one dimensional game. I mean, Plekanec is decent, Streit is doing a great job for what is being asked of him, Begin is playing with enthousiasm (when he isn't hurt), Ryder may well hit 30 goals, Higgins may get 20-25 goals, Lapierre and Latendresse are showing a lot of promise for rookies. There are a LOT of bright spots on this team. If you want to keep Souray, make him a forward so he doesn't have to play in his own zone.

    For all those that say that Koivu is a terrible captain, and not the heart of this team, I'd like to remind you that as Koivu goes, the team goes. Koivu was on fire for the first half of the season, averaging a point a game, up until late december, when he went cold. As did the Canadiens. And when Koivu gets going, the Canadiens have an excellent chance at winning. Another case in point, when Koivu was knocked out of the playoffs last year, the Canadiens did nothing. It might have been Cam Ward, but everyone who watched the series (well, the broadcast people, anyways) tend to agree that losing Koivu was the turning point of the series.

  8. xJayce says:

    Josh Gorges, according to the scouting report, has the potentiel to become a 6th or 7th defenseman. I think they just have a young body to throw on the ice. Apparently he's a guy that plays with heart, and a verbal leader, which is good, we might need a bit more of that.

  9. xJayce says:

    As for Souray being the 2nd D with nobody pushing, I'd take Komisarek any day of the week over Souray. From what I remember, Komisarek is among the league leaders in hits and despite his physical play has about 76 PIM in 64 games, has great size, tied for the team lead in short-handed goals (2). I think a d-man capable of playing defense is more important than having a d-man only capable of playing offense.

  10. MtlHabs09 says:

    This is the guy who originally posted the message. Josh Gorges is not a 1st 2nd or 3rd d-man becasue he is only 22 years old. The only d-men that are 22 or less that are on a team’s first or second pairing are Dion Phaneuf and Ryan Whitney. At least, they are the only ones with any major role and who deserve to be up there. Josh Gorges is entering the stage in his career where he will either make it or break it.
    But Gorges isn’t even the important part of this deal. Even if San Jose manages to get in the Western Finals, the 26th overall pick would not bother me one bit, considering Bob Gainey┬árealises not to draft another goalie and pick up some much needed forwards.
    It hurts me to say it, but if Montreal does fall out of the playoff picture, they should aim really low, so that they would have the chance to trade up in the draft to aquire somebody like Esposit (I know I’m dreaming).
    The bottom line is, Montreal got a guy who can develop into a 4th, 5th or 6th d-man in return for a guy who was already a 4th, 5th or 6th d-man, AND they got a first round pick.

  11. habby102 says:

    no no, he's a #6 d man with the potential in his career to be a top 4 d man, but he's a good young defenseman that is a proven winner in Kelowna and we got a first round pikc back as well for a bum like rivet.

  12. darcysucker says:

    Great deal for the habs, they actually managed to get something for Rivet, honestly I would've taken a bag of cups, and when I heard they were getting a 1st rounder, wow!  I think the current habs defensive line-up is quite solid, and I hope it stays intact next year, Komo-Markov, a great 1-2 punch, Komo is awesome, he plays solid defense and hits anything in site, and Markov is a great puck moving defenseman, one of the hidden gems of the NHL, signing him should be Gainey's #1 priority.  Then you got the speedy combo of Bouillion-Dandenault, Bouillion is awesome he's a little tank, he's small but he hits hard and plays his heart out and can provide some offensive punch, as for Dandy, he's fast and solid defensively with a lot of playoff experience, he was a top 6 defenseman with Detroit for many years, then you got Streit who's been a great revelation, solid on D and great on the PP, he basically took Rivet's job away, made him dispensable and then there's Souray, who's had a great season, but will cost a lot, he is worth it, but he is susceptible to injuries, he has a bad back and wrist problems, do you really want to spend that much money on a guy that might not play?

  13. xJayce says:

    Is Gorges going to be playing at all this year? I'm guessing that with him in the lineup, Streit is going back to playing on the fourth line. That would leave Gorges and Souray together. Gorges apparently is a decent stay at home D, might be a good match for Souray, who's a bit one dimensional on occasion <cough cough>.

    The only reason why I was a bit worried about losing Souray is because I have NO CLUE what D we have coming up the farm. After doing a bit of research, apparently Alexei Emelin is a decent prospect, hard hitting 21 year old with good skating and a decent shot. Would love to see him next year. Losing Souray wouldn't be such a big deal. It would basically mean our forwards (the guys who are actually suppose to SCORE) would need to put a little more effort into their game.

  14. glennbauer says:

    the fan 990 just reported than aaron downey has been put on waivers!!! i think the habs are trying to make some room in the salary cap. with rivet gone anfdif downey gets taken on waiverds(highly doubt it), they'll have 2.5M  to go get a forward!!

  15. mkultra says:

    what's your point…rivet neither is a #1,#2 or even #3 defensemen

  16. mike11 says:

    i was really impressed with what gainey pulled off for Rivet, but this is nothin major, like he said and will not affect the lineup to much. i hope his next move is to clear kovalev, great player, but no heart! and this is a team waiting for youth to take over completly, let them prove their stuff by letting em have some roster spots.

    try to also find something for souray, there is no way we sohuld resign him and make the sam mistake the leafs did with macabe! dont get me wrong i like both guys, but their not forwards! their first priority should be defense and their both pillons at that.  Even if we cant find someone for souray, trade em for picks, its no biggy, we got plenty of tlaent on the farm, give Andrew Archer a shot, hes already better then souray and rivet ever were in their own end. bottom line is dont resign souray, if nobody wants em in trade the let em walk and spend money on forward (blake, smyth, guerin)

     Once kovy, and maybe souray r gone i think Bob should pursue Blake from Island, he is an excellent little player that has lots of potental! his contract is up after this year and i believe we could sign him lomgterm and would have room if we dont resign Souray.

    but yeah, hes little,  it looks like our BIG power forward will have to wait til free agency to doon a habs jersey, price is way to high and Gainey will not risk our future one bit!  

    Our main priority in the offseason should be to sign markhov long term, hes a great puck mover, aND to sign Blake *if available*. 

    let me no what u think
    IN BOB WE TRUST …………….. CUP IN 09!!!

  17. habsoverserver says:

    Kovalev back from IR – no room for Downey. 

  18. darcysucker says:

    The only big time prospect we have is David Fisher, the guy we drafter last year, but he's still a project.  As for in the AHL, there's Jean Phillip Cote, who played well last year with the big club, and had a shot at playing with the team this year until he got hurt in the preseason.  I'd say keep Streit on defense, he's more useful there, besides we have plenty of forwards who can play on the 4th line

  19. mtlfan11 says:

    In exchange of Craig Rivet we got a 1st rounder and Josh Gorges…
    In exchange of Ladislav Nagy Dallas got a 1st rounder and Mathias Tjarnqvist.

    Who would you take first in your team….Nagy or Rivet?

    In Bob We Trust

  20. mtlfan11 says:

    Alexei Emelin is coming from Russia next year and he'll play with the team… There's also Pavel Valentenko doing well in Russia this year…

  21. mtlfan11 says:

    The Habs have two options before the deadline

    1. They keep Souray and they try to sign him in the summer but his good friend and buisness partner told le Journal de Montréal that Souray had always waited to test the market to know his real value and his daughter lives in California and he wants to see her more frequently which is very normal I think. So keep Souray for the playoffs and loose him in the summer.

    2. They trade Souray because his value very high.  If we got a 1st rounder and Gorges for Rivet, what can we get for Souray?  Anaheim wants him… Why not? Bobby Ryan? Ryan Getzlaf? Corey Perry? Imagine Anaheim… Pronger, Niedermayer, Souray, Beauchemin….

    Bob Gainey and Pierre Boivin told the fans all the year they'll go for the cup in 2009.  If Gainey finds somedy that is willing to pay the price… Souray will leave Mtl.

  22. EasternHockey says:

    Bob Gainey is very good of getting rid of dead weight… but I'd like to see him make an actual decent exchange.

  23. habby102 says:

    Gainey is a very smart GM and business man who knows when to cut his losses and his dead weight (i.e. Ribeiro, Rivet, and soon to be Kovalev) He was about to do that with Samsonov (not that he isn't anymore) but then Samsonov started playing better and is finally contributing to the team. I think Gainey will land a good scoring forward while using either Samsonov or Kovalev for bait. The idea being maybe a one for one deal forward for forward that maybe a change in scenery wil ejuvenate these underachievers (Guerin for samsonov/kovalev, zherdev for samsonov/kovalev?) Gainey WILL do something. He came through by cutting the dead weight at last years deadline (BYE BYE THEO!) which is looking to be one of the best trades of that year. Gainey will come through for the Habs and the city, who's hopes are with him. 


  24. darcysucker says:

    You're right, I forgot about Valentko, he was awesome at the World Juniors, hopefully Emellin can do well, he's a Kaspiritis type guy, and so is Valentko, what we lack is a good offensive defenseman, but we have a few with the big club and they're pretty young.  But you can't expect these guys to be great, the only one who has potential for greatness is Fisher

  25. rojoke says:

    They can sign a 25-goal forward for less than $5 million a year.  But his name is Michael Ryder (still has an outside shot at 30 goals) and as many people want him dealt as Souray.

  26. EasternHockey says:

    Sorry, Samsonov hasn't really been doing much.  Odd, how he wasn't playing last night (what was the excuse, he has a cold?).

    Anyways, the 1st round pick from San Jose isn't that great, since it was previously acquired from New Jersey.

  27. libralounge says:

    yes…gainey did fleece san jose on this trade!
    he probably should keep souray (even if he is this season's mc cabe) because along with koivu he's one of the few players on the habs with heart. turf samsonov and kovalev for guys that want to play for mtl.

  28. LeafsRule110 says:


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