What was San Jose Thinking??????

GM Bob Gainey finally pulled off his first mediocre (I can’t call it big) deal of the year, sending Craig Rivet and a 2008 5th Round Pick to the Sharks for Josh Gorges and a 2007 1st Round Pick.
My question to all of you Habs fans is “How on earth can Bob Gainey keep ripping other teams off like this? “

I have no idea what San Jose thinks they will get from a guy who was a fifth defenseman on an 8th place team. But if teams are truly this desperate for defenseman than Gainey could be shopping Souray around for names like Getzlaf and Kopitar (the latter very unlikely, considering the Kings aren’t buyers).
And if you are, like me, interested in Souray still wearing the CH next year, then Gainey will have to get Kovalev and his 4+million out of here for some young prospect and a few picks to free up some much needed cap room to keep Souray, and hopefully, with the increase in cap space, to sign a scoring free agent, to move Montreal clsoer to its goal of a Cup by 2009.