What would Iggy fetch?

As the debate heats up over whether Jarome Iginla should be traded to accelerate a rebuild, one of the biggest questions that needs to be asked is simple: What is the captain’s worth?

The Calgary Flames owners have a pretty good idea what he means to the club financially and otherwise.

But how much is he worth on the NHL’s open market?

If Flames GM Jay Feaster were to start shopping the 34-year-old Calgary icon this summer, what could he expect in return for the most important player in club history?

A poll of more than a dozen NHL GMs and executives found there would, in fact, be plenty of interest in the 11-time 30-goal scorer and the returns would be significant.

That said, there were several complicating factors in their minds, limiting the number of suitors and how much they’d be willing to pay.

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles could be the league’s pending labour strife stemming from the imminent expiry of the current collective bargaining agreement. With one year left on his contract at US$7 million, a team trading for Iginla would risk trading away important assets and getting nothing in return if the season is cancelled like it was in 2004-05 due to a lockout. He’d then be a 36-year-old unrestricted free agent.

“I wouldn’t take him unless I could get him to extend his contract first,” said one GM, who insisted on remaining anonymous as such talk would clearly be tampering.

“If that would be possible, then he’s worth a top-six forward and a first-round pick.”


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  1. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    This depends on the year it seems – like a couple years ago Penner was worth a First round pick and a very decent prospect. As a rental player Hossa was worth a top prospect (Angelo Esposito who obviously never panned out) Colby Armstrong plus a first round pick – of course the Penguins also got Pascal Dupuis in that trade so to a team on the cusp of greatness be willing to give up atleast a Prospect a Roster player and a first for Iginla?

  2. MystifoLeafs says:

    With the way Pittsburgh is going I could see them going after Iggy.

  3. reinjosh says:

    I'm sorry to hijack this thread but I need to. I'll still post about Iggy though, just not in this comment 😛

    What the hell is going on in these playoffs?
    Shaw running Smith (although TBH, I don't think it was intentional)
    Carkner's dummying of Boyle (I don't blame Dubinsky at all for what he did. I would have gone ballistic on Carkner if he did that when I was on the ice). I don't actually have an issue with the first punch or two. but the ones when Boyle was clearly on teh ground undefensble and Carkner is ground and pounding him?
    Then the Philly/Pittsburgh game tonight just getting crazy? With Grossman kneeing a guy, Asham (I think) head hunting, in addition to all teh other shit. 
    And what the hell is Crosby doing pulling that shit on Hartnell? You just came back from some pretty serious injuries and you were clearly pissed off about the way some players were giving you cheap shots. You can't act like that and expect to get a free ride. I'm sorry but Tortorella and Milbury may have been correct…And I'm not one of the Cindy Crosby dumbasses. I've respected Crosby for the most part but he's not doing himself any favors.
    Great game though 😛 Exciting lol
  4. reinjosh says:

    I figure it will work out to be something similar to the Burns trade. I know the age difference is much much more, but Iggy's impact on a team is also much much higher IMO. 

    1st, good to top prospect, and a roster player of some value but more or less a risk (like Seto). 
  5. toronto77 says:

    The only thing that teams that are on the cusp of winning a cup are willing to give up for an Iggy is draft picks and/or prospects. Which is what Calgary should be asking for in the first place. Once they trade Iggy they are officially starting a major rebuild, and may take the path of the oilers, but getting draft picks/prospects for a player like Iggy would be a good head start.

  6. frankinboltonleafs says:

    This first round has been insane! I just watched not 10 secs ago Brown taking out the last Sedin twin standing.

    Re: the Sens….I hate the Sens…that's implicit as a Leaf fan. That notwithstanding…I love this new incarnation of the Sens and I'm cheering for them. If I'm not mistaken they owned the Rangers in the season. Kinda like they owned us in the past. Only to be spanked by us in the first round. They aren't falling down now. I love what Carkner did and thought Boyle turtled. I love that they didn't retaliate on the Haligren hit but went out and won the game. I wrote before I have a new respect for Chris Neil. Now if only Spezza could pick it up a bit. Torts has got Richards and Gaborik playing like third line checkers. Man I'd love to see them knock of the Rangers!

  7. frankinboltonleafs says:

    The last Sedin twin standing is back on the ice still standing…WOW!!!!

  8. frankinboltonleafs says:

    Sorry…I'm flippin back and forth between here and the LA/Nucks game….you mentioned Philly/Pens. Philly is playing against "the best player in the world". It's been hammered into everyones head through the media that Crosby is the "best player in the world". Seems Philly is answering that call and it can't be so surprising what's happening there. I will say I don't see Bylsma or Torts surviving this year if they can't find a way to move on. We were talking here in the garage tonight about how the Pens maybe wished they had brought in Carlyle before we did.

  9. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Bylsma will not be fired…Don't forget last year he was knocked out early since he was missing Malkin and Crosby.

    But yeah, Philly deserves this series…And they'll get it.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    I am starting to give up on the fact the Flames will move Iggy and/or Kipper.

    The owners will balk. They want to at least show they are going to compete and try and get playoff revenues. I believe they will continue trying to patch the lineup up with the Matt Stajans and Lee Stempniaks of the world and tell the fans they are building a winner. They will likely mortgage the future.

    Honestly its a lost cause. It will be a travesty if Iggy leaves as a UFA for nothing.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    And with the uncertainty of the CBA, which expires in Sept, who knows if anyone will put in a offer considering the season next year could be at risk.

    How could you possibly rent Iginla if there isnt a season and he becomes a UFA?

    Its the perfect excuse for the Flames organization to use to keep Iginla around.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    The Pens D is atrocious and cannot handle the size and speed of the Flyers.

    They miss Niskanen, but not sure he would make a major difference.

    Its something they will have to address in teh off-season. Paul Martin is brutal. Having him and Letang together and 2 minor leaguers on the 3rd pairing is costing them the series for sure.

    Yes too, Fleury needs to be better, he has been outright awful, but, still the Flyers have had free access to the net.

  13. hockey_lover says:

    These playoffs have been WAY exciting, thats for sure.

    My thoughts on the Pens/Flyers series … basically: WTF?

    First off … the Pens defense is absolutely freaking dreadful. How is it possible that last year (when Sid and Malkin out), they were one of the best defensive teams in the league and had the #1 PK. This year, with Malkin playing, they were STILL an above average defensive team and top three PK.   Enter the playoffs … and the defense has been DREADFUL. Everyone is pointing the finger at MAF but come on .. the guy cant do it ALL. Yes, he has let in a few softies but he has also had to deal with COUNTLESS breakaways and 2 on 1's and guys left alone at the side of the net having a beer and a sandwhich. Its absolutely dreadful to watch.

    As much as I am a Crosby fan, he isnt doing himself any favors. The slapping the glove away from a guy as he is reaching down to grab it. Really Sid? For gods sake. I get it .. emotions running high, you hate each other. I get it. I really do. But thats SO childish. Ugh. 

    Philly is a good team, no doubt about it. But the Pens are making them look like a team of ABSOLUTE allstars .. Philly isnt THAT good.

    I dont even know what else to say. Its been disheartening to say the least. Before the playoffs, I said it was 60/40 the Pens win but if the Flyers win, I wouldnt be that shocked. If the Pens lose, they lose. But jesus christ .. show up.

  14. nordiques100 says:

    they're allowing Philly to play their game, not play their own game.

    they are not letting the Flyers feel overwhelmed without Pronger in the lineup. They should be with who they can throw out there.

    Kubina and Lilja look like Savard and Robinson out there with their shut down ability. Thats not right.

  15. reinjosh says:

    I kind of have the same feelings. It's a little frustrating to watch as a fan. I feel like its going to be a Sundin thing all over again. He's already mentioned that he's not sure he wants to be on the team if it rebuilds, what more does ownership need? Do they still think they have a shot at winning with this team?

  16. albertateams says:

    I'm still optimistic that a change is coming this offseason. I hope that at the draft they make a big move. Hopefully, one of the contenders that gets knocked out early makes an offer the Flames can't turn down for Iggy. Change is coming, it doesn't necessarily have to be the tank job the Oilers have been going through. I hope Feaster / ownership will trade Iggy / Kipper while trying to remain filling in short term free agency and a youth movement.

    The uncertainty of the CBA is working against the Flames, so hopefully that gets sorted out.

  17. albertateams says:

    I’m still optimistic that a change is coming this offseason. I hope that at the draft they make a big move. Hopefully, one of the contenders that gets knocked out early makes an offer the Flames can’t turn down for Iggy. Change is coming, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the tank job the Oilers have been going through. I hope Feaster / ownership will trade Iggy / Kipper while trying to remain filling in short term free agency and a youth movement.

    The uncertainty of the CBA is working against the Flames, so hopefully that gets sorted out.

  18. nordiques100 says:

    My feeling is they will bring back Jokinen, replace the salaries of Sarich and Hannan on D, with what they hope is an upgrade. However pickings are slim on D.

    Also, they may cut loose the likes of Stajan, Babchuk and Comeau and add more free agents like Jokinen.

    They can hope they get that amnesty clause to buy out guys like Stajan. They have cap commitments of already $46 million. so they have work to do to shed salary.

    Try to pick guys who had bad seasons as reclaimation projects. They've done that with Bertuzzi, Tanguay and others hoping they can turn things around in Calgary.

    I see them maybe signing Huselius and Brad Boyes for cheap like 2 million or less on 1 year contracts. Maybe a Jarrett Stoll too since they've been a terrible faceoff team. (doesn't this smell like Lindros, Jason Allison, Alex Khavanov?)

    They'll probably look for an established coach like a MacT or Hartley instead of a rookie bench boss and try to compete solely for next season.

    Thats how i see them going about it and trying to get to 7th or 8th.

    I can definitely see the likes of Backlund, Nemisz maybe as trade options to get a quick fix, especially for their D.

    The West is deep so I dont like their chances. If they do get in anyways, I think they're 1st round fodder. So its not ideal.

    I think they could get as many as 8 assets trading both Kipper and Iggy. But I cant see, after 3 missed seasons the team wanting to be out of the players for 3 or 4 more years for sure as they rebuild.

    If they think fans wont accept it they're stupid. The flames fans know, they're going nowhere.

  19. TimTheBone says:

    I don't buy ANY of the comments about Crosby being a baby and whiner and childish… if you play hockey I call you hypocritical…. Hell Gretzky was just the same way… if you think gretzky never slew footed anyone and speared someone you're insane….

    and back to the hypocritical thing… If you've EVER played in a beer league at the least then you've seen and most likely done much worse than slide a guys glove three feet…. I know i have… and a beer league ain't for no Cup named after Stanley…. I personally hate when i hear all these whining and baby comments and what not…. For Fack sakes Milbury jumped into the stands of an arena and beat a man with his own shoe ….. Milbury should STFU….. This is hockey…. this is hows its always been and it always will be…. players do shit to piss off eachother… plain and simple.. doesnt matter who you are…..

    Head hunting is a different discussion… Steckels hit on crosby and all the other BS head shots are what needs to change… nothing else…

  20. reinjosh says:

    That's the point though, this is the NHL not a beer league. 

    And even then, yeah it happens. You get in the heat of the moment and do stupid shit. But most people admit that. Crosby couldn't and I lost respect for him there. I'm usually a pretty big Crosby defender but he lost some of my respect last game. 
    Steckel didn't head hunt…
    And I think PJ Stock and a bunch of other analysts actually pointed out that the Philly guys didn't actually go after Crosby's head. They made a point of not going after him, because of his head and because he can't fight. 
    The same can't be said for Asham or Neal though. 
  21. reinjosh says:

    I want change. If Feaster can do that without trading Iggy, that's fine by me (I'd prefer to trade Iggy and then resign him, I think it will help the change move quicker but I digress). 

    I have a problem if no change happens. This team isn't going anywhere without serious change. 

  22. TimTheBone says:

    No steckel didn't head hunt the way Asham did… but if you think that was coincidental contact, you're kidding yourself… Steckel knew exactly where he was and what he was doing…. was his intention for Crosby to be injured as he was??… probably not, but that shouldn't make it alright… he easily could have stepped out of the way….

    And your first line doesn't hold any validity to me… just because it's NHL hockey doesn't mean that all the beer league chippyness should be banned, or shunned, or frowned upon, or whatever…. at the end of the day it's hockey plain and simple… Cherry is always clamoring for the "good ole days"…. It was even worse as far as dirty play goes, and the yapping back and forth and getting under players skins hasn't changed one bit…. only the ability for fans to hear about it has…

    and I'm not talking about head hunting crosby last night,…. never even considered it…. I meant it in general…. just all the head shots that don't need to happen….

    Crosby saying he hates the other team won't make him lose respect in my books…. why does he HAVE to always be politically correct…. why can't he just say yeah i hate that team…. (sub-text being that they are under his skin and in his head)….. who gives a shit about whether he admits it

  23. JoelLeafs says:

    Zack Smith has been a beast. Hope they can come back and send it to OT.

  24. Steven_Leafs says:

    agreed, people flip out on Crosby's comments and actions when everyone else in the league are doing the exact same thing. All it is is a bunch of Crosby haters watching him looking for an excuse to *****, which I find hysterical. lol

  25. thisgamewelose says:

    Not every player is talking about how that should be taken out of the game. This isn't a beer league. You can't just run your mouth about players and coaches, and if you act like a d-bag on the rink…you'll get called out for it. Crosby has all the talent in the world, but every play he's looking for a penalty, when a lot of the time he's the one instigating. As much as your sick of hearing about how much Crosby whines and complains, many of us are sick of hearing about how respectful, classfull and how much Crosby has matured in the league…The guy acts like a total dick on the rink and whacks everybody. Yeah, others do it, but don't talk about players needing to respect each other, then become one of the dirty players in the league. 

  26. Steven_Leafs says:

    If Calgary goes the re-build route, I think the Leafs should make a play for Kipper. They could use a strong veteran goalie in the short term while Reimer develops even if Kipper is brought in to only play 50 games.

    To TOR:

    rights to Jokinen
    2014 conditional pick (depends on success in the 2013 & 2014 playoffs and whether Kipper re-signs with us)

    To CGY:

    2013 4th round pick

    Calgary gets a young up and coming defenseman and a decent looking goaltending prospect for Kipper. I added in the rights to Jokinen since he is a big centerman, not exactly the 1A center we were looking for but he should do well centering Kessel, and if not a short term contract wont hurt us much.

    I'm not sure if this would be too much or not enough, I'm curious to see what the Flames fans think.

  27. lafleur10 says:

    you'd have to give up way more,calgary isn't going to give kiprusoff away for that little of a return they would ask for schenn + a 1st and maybe more gauranteed.

  28. Steven_Leafs says:

    no chance Kipper is worth 2 5th overall picks. I could see him fetching more than my offer on the open market but no chance any team would consider giving up that much for a 36 year old goalie with one year left on his contract.

    I even doubt someone would pay that for Iginla. Think of it this way, would you give up Subban + 3rd overall for Iginla? Then no way Kipper goes for something like that.

  29. albertateams says:

    I think he's a little high but you are way too low.

    Schenn was a 5th overall pick but his stock has really went down the last two years, he's maybe worth a mid to late 1st round pick. There is no way the leafs trade there first this year Burke would get lynched. Something closer would be Schenn + 2013 1st or Colborne  + 2012 2nd.

    If Kipper goes on the market I think their would be a lot of interest. The free agent goalies are pretty thin this summer. Also, Kipper is 35 and has two years left on his contract (5.8 cap hit, 5m next year 1.5 the final year in actual dollars). The contract makes him desirable to teams that don't care about the cap hit or need to get to the floor and spend less actual dollars.

    There's a huge difference in your comparisons. Kipper makes TO a virtual lock in the east to make the playoffs. Goaltending was without a doubt the trigger that unraveled the leafs season. Iggy in Montreal doesn't make them a playoff team. Montreal has so many more problems it just doesn't make sense to do the trade as they are at least 3 years away. TO is closer than there 5th worst record. There goaltending was just pathetic.

    There probably isn't a huge list of teams for either player due to NMC, cap issues, financial issues, or existing lineups teams that would probably at least kick the tires:

    Possible teams for Iggy: NYR, BOS, STL, WAS, PIT, DET
    Possible teams for Kipper: TO, TB, NJD, DET, CHI, SJ


  30. Steven_Leafs says:

    lol you didn't read the posts that carefully, I didn't say Montreal should trade for Kipper, I was just talking value-wise, if they needed him, they would pay that kind of value.

    Also, no way Schenn is only worth a mid-low 1st round pick. He may not be the 5th best player in the 2008 draft class but he has more value than that.

    I did screw up Kipper's contract though, I thought he only had 1 year on this deal, which makes the offer I made pretty pitiful, lol. That being said, Schenn + Colborne + 2nd is way too much for a 35+ year old goalie IMO.

  31. albertateams says:

    Iggy to mtl not Kipper. I think you need to reread that part. 

    Schenn's been a healthy scratch several times… just saying his value isn't a top 10 pick any more.
    I think you might have misinterpreted my trades, there are two trades.
    Kipper for Schenn and 2013 1st
    Kipper for Colborne and 2nd.
    I think that clears it up a little. I'm a huge Colborne fan from his days in Camrose so I probably over value him. 
  32. Steven_Leafs says:

    haha my bad, I read that 'or' as '2013 1st or Colborne'. lol.

    I think to give up on Schenn (especially if his trade value is less than Colborne) is a really dumb idea. Defense, especially defensive D-men, take time to develop and unless your getting a key guy like Getzlaf for Schenn+ then there is no point rushing to trade him.

    Colborne and a 2nd is solid value (assuming it is the 35th overall pick in 2012 and not the 2013 pick) for Kipper though, I would do it, best thing for the Leafs and Reimer doesn't get rushed.

  33. albertateams says:

    I like Schenn its just puck moving d men that are responsible in their own zone are in so much higher demand than a traditional stay at home D man. The latter is usually added at the deadline. He still has a role to play but I see him more as a 4-6 d man at 3.6 million per he's not a huge bargain either.

    I'd still like him on my team but wouldn't give up much to get him. 

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