Whats wrong with the Leafs

It seems the Leafs can do nothing right.

According to many Leaf fans, the Leafs suck because the ownership doesn’t want to win.

Other fans will tell you Its because Peddie doesn’t know how to run the organization.

Then there are many who claim JFJ is a terrible GM.

There are some claiming Paul Maurice is just a bad coach.

Of coarse we cant forget the many fans who say this is a talentless team.

And then some fall into the category who say they are terrible deffensively.

Oh, and we’re 5 games into the season.

Oh, and we have the 8th best record in the east.

Oh, and we have the 2nd most goals for in the NHL(and the only team with more has played 1 more game)

Oh and Sundin is 4th in the NHL in points, Stajan 10th, Antropov 15th

I’m not here to say this team will win the cup this year, but the critisizm from the fans and the media had been embarassing. Fans have called into radio stations saying they hope the leafs lose; analysts have said the Leafs have to play the trap or they’ll be a bad team. People on this site have wrote articles saying JFJ needs to be fired, Maurice needs to be fired, Raycroft needs to be traded, McCabe needs to be traded etc…..

People, it is 5 games into the season. Toskala is double Raycrofts GAA, Simon Gamache is on Pace for 80 goals, and Wozniewski has more goals than Crosby. Wait until the month of December before you trash this team to bits.

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  1. the_next_agent says:

    I completely agree with you here it is only five games in but they are making the same mistakes.  Pinching when were not supposed and there are still bad on the PK.  I'm not saying we need to drop a bomb on this team, the Leafs just need to trade McCabe.   We can get a lot in return, we can get Trent Hunter and a prospect.  We would have a lot of money for a deadline deal that could bring in someone big.  The Leafs would have roughly 6 million in extra cash.  If Atlanta keeps struggling they could get Hossa.  imagine Hossa Sundin Blake, that would be scary.


  2. rydyas30 says:

    The Leafs have to many offensive minded d-men!! And with Colaiacovo coming back there will be yet another,so what would be the logical course of action???hmmmmmmmm it's not rocket science now is it!!! Trade one of  McCabe or Kubina. I know McCabe has the no trade/no movement clause but can he not be bought out?? They did it to Yashin on the Island. In Jersey they sent two players down that were making big bucks( Mogilny, Matvichuk .sp.) it's a business it's not personal, so why is it that JFJ doesn't do something that would benefit his club now and for the future??? I'm not one of these doom sayers, I believe the leafs will make the playoffs this year but I also think that they should be thinking more about moving deep into the playoffs and not just making them. So JFJ make a bold move, do something out of the ordinary, make a splash. Give us some hope, show us the love that we deserve, bring us that parade we have been longing for,for so long.

  3. KingCanada says:

    "Oh and the leafs are tied for LAST in goals against" forgot to mention that didnt you.. lol

    But yes the Toronto media was unfair with the leafs so early into the season saying that we needed to rebuild ect.  They are just saying and re-inforcing wat the general public thinks of the team.  People wont want to read about stuff they dont care or agree with.  People like being "right" so thats why the media has been so ruthless.

    example.. Toskala wins his first game, played well but not amasingly and they say we have a new number one goalie, he won the job bla bla bla.. Raycroft didnt play much worse then him, its just fan bias.

    I dont like jumping the gun so early in the season but the GM BS has been going on for years, NOT JUST 5 games into a season.

  4. Hoondog2 says:

    Lets at least wait until we get our full lineup healthy before we come to any conclusions.  My personal feeling is that this team is good, and will make the playoffs, and who knows from there.  Sundin is #13, this is his 13th year, if the hockey gods have anything to say about it, this is our year…….I'm just saying…….

  5. leafy says:

    I concur, there is absolutely no basis for trashing this team.

    Contrary to what people say, the Leafs have talent.  They are by no means the 1977 Canadiens or the 1982 Islanders, but they're not dog-shit either.

    People laugh at me for predicting 100 points, but wait until around December to get a better read on the season.  Then you can trash me if warranted.

    I believe the Leafs have the defensive depth, scoring and now even the goaltending to have a highly successful season.  They'd better, or I'm not going to hear the end of it.

  6. jarcpitre says:

    To me it doesn't seem that the players are buying into Maurice. He states that his team has to stay out of the box to beat certain teams, then they go and get more penalties than the night before. The overall team defense right now is terrible and the 2 that miss assignments are Kilger and McCabe. Maurice should send a message and start sitting out players who perform below what is expected. Maurice has to do something as has to do it early, you would think he would since his ass is on the line.

  7. Carlton60 says:

    I think Maurice needs to go back to an old Pat Quinn system – dress 7 defensemen and 11 forwards.  In the past game, Belak was a -2 and Newbury was a -2.  Their combined ice-time was only 79 seconds!  Why bother with a full 4th line when the 4th liners aren't producing???

    On another note…  the extra defenceman could help on the PK if our D ends up spending as much time in the penalty box as the 3rd period of the last game…

    I'm not suggesting this as a full-season strategy, but it may help for the time being… at least until Wellwood and Bell are in the line-up.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Nik Antropov: 4 goals, 3 assists in 6 games. Leads the league in plus-minus. And remember when Crosby tried to fight him and Nik manhandled Crosby?

    Antropov rocks! I heart 80

  9. mojo19 says:

    Good idea. You don't want to put a guy like Stralman or Kronvall in as the 7th guy though, if he's only going to play like 5 minutes a night. But maybe Brian Muir?

  10. mojo19 says:

    Let's make that 5 goals and 4 assists for 9 points in 7 games. +2 tonight, as long as Lidstrom doesn't go +3, Nik still leads the league.

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