Whats wrong with the Leafs

It seems the Leafs can do nothing right.

According to many Leaf fans, the Leafs suck because the ownership doesn’t want to win.

Other fans will tell you Its because Peddie doesn’t know how to run the organization.

Then there are many who claim JFJ is a terrible GM.

There are some claiming Paul Maurice is just a bad coach.

Of coarse we cant forget the many fans who say this is a talentless team.

And then some fall into the category who say they are terrible deffensively.

Oh, and we’re 5 games into the season.

Oh, and we have the 8th best record in the east.

Oh, and we have the 2nd most goals for in the NHL(and the only team with more has played 1 more game)

Oh and Sundin is 4th in the NHL in points, Stajan 10th, Antropov 15th

I’m not here to say this team will win the cup this year, but the critisizm from the fans and the media had been embarassing. Fans have called into radio stations saying they hope the leafs lose; analysts have said the Leafs have to play the trap or they’ll be a bad team. People on this site have wrote articles saying JFJ needs to be fired, Maurice needs to be fired, Raycroft needs to be traded, McCabe needs to be traded etc…..

People, it is 5 games into the season. Toskala is double Raycrofts GAA, Simon Gamache is on Pace for 80 goals, and Wozniewski has more goals than Crosby. Wait until the month of December before you trash this team to bits.