What's wrong with the way they are?

As a leafs fan I always seem to find myself thinking, what’s the next move for the leafs? But today I ask, what’s wrong with the way they are?Whats wrong with leaving the leafs roster alone until the quarter mark of the season? They are about 1.25million under the cap and have a 24man roster. They have one healthy scratch at forward, two if you can’t Belak, and they have three healthy scratches at defense including Belak. They have healthy internal competition at all there positions and have alot of backup if the injury bug gets ahold of this team again, which it won’t. All they can do is increase there assets by keeping this team together, if the team does well then values go up.

As for the goalies, why trade Raycroft? Why give up on a guy who has just turned 27 years old and has a good 6 years left in him. They gave up a first round pick for the guy and he did win them 37 games last year. He can play very well, he’s just not made to play 72 games in a year. Plus their is no guarantee on Toskala, well I think Toskala will be much better then Raycroft, he could unfortunetly flop. Then what? We traded away the guy we gave up a first round pick for what? To free up cap space for a goof like Yashin? Nope, I don’t like it, the safer route is to just keep Raycroft until someone is desperate and you get as good of or better return.

They have a solid team now is what i’m saying and unless something great comes along, I don’t see the need to do anymore. And you know what? I give Mr. Ferguson Jr. alot of props for what he acomplished this summer, despite working for the most messed up front office in hockey. He addressed his goaltending need, added forward depth(one of whom is a 40 goal scorer), added a player who although only went 1-6 in the shoot out last year should be better then that and should help the leafs in that department. They already have a solid core of defensemen, which is wierd to say about the leafs, but is very true.

Blake Sundin Wellwood
Antropov Bell Ponikarovsky
Tucker Stajan Steen
Kilger Pohl Deveroux/Battaglia

McCabe Kaberle
Kubina Colaiacovo
Gill White
Kronwall, Belak, Woznewski


Just like that boys and girls, why mess with it? Unless it’s a A+ of a trade then I would leave this team alone. They are good enough to fight for there division title. They should finally get away from being a bubble team and should finish in the 2-6 spot of ther Eastern conferance and have a fun playoffs.

Til training camp….

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  1. PaulK123 says:

     The Leafs have 2 million in cap space; Clemmensen will start the year with the Marlies so his 0.8 million won't count against the cap, so we have 2 mil in cap space 🙂

  2. LEAFS877 says:

    I'm sorry when you said that Raycroft has a good six years left in him i lmao and stopped reading. He's 27 and hasn't come close to hitting his prime (If there is such a thing for him) and your saying he's got six years left. I'm sorry but that's pretty sad

    I don't hate Raycroft, I just hate his attitude and the deflating goals he allows. If he wins the last game of the season with a shutout and the leafs make the playoffs we'd be toast anyway with him in net.
    The point is we don't need a 2 million dollar backup, because Toskala is so much more promising.

    How can you possibly want him to stay, when Peca is waiting to sign.
    If there was no salary cap, by all means JFJ should keep him.
    That's not the case however

    To trade Raycroft and/or Kubina would be JFJ's best move yet!

  3. mapleleaf92 says:

    I couldnt agree with you more when you say trading raycroft and kubina would be the best move by JFJ

  4. Leafinc says:

    the leafs techically have 3.1mill to spend if they choose…..here's how the leafs sit with 2mill in cap space and have 24 players signed….you can only have 23 when season starts so 1 is gone and for say peca to come another one would have to leave….so say belak and woz leaf that gives the leafs 3.1mill with 22 players…..so they can sign a peca or yashin now if they choose but i guess they rather move players before hand.

  5. leafer16 says:

    They aren't good enough to win the cup they way the are right now which is good enough reason to keep making moves, one of which should be firing JFJ. Raycroft isn't needed anymore so something should be done to get rid of him and get whatever teams will give in return.

  6. Glucker says:

    no… we have 1.27 NOT INCLUDING Clemmensen

  7. Glucker says:

    wrong… they only have 1.27 of cap space… so from your numbers, those guys would give you 2.37

  8. m4gician says:

    what about Simon Gamanche?

    isn't he NHL ready, maybe good enough to play with the team at 1st or 2nd line?       

    Could be the Anthony Parker of the Leafs this year.

  9. Leafinc says:

    WRONG…ur probably lookin at nhlnumbers.com….they have leaf goalies over 4mill clemmenson doesn't not count against cap…so it should jus be 3.375….

  10. DJTOKid says:

    Your wrong bud, nhlnumbers is right, they don't even have Clemmenson on the total. I am going to teach you how to add…ok?

                   Raycroft              2million
                 +Toskala              1.375million
                 +Belfour buyout      .770million

    WOW what a concept eh? And Clemmenson isn't making 2mil a year.

    You're n idiot and owe people apologies.

  11. tucker4captain says:

    personally i think the leafs are in a pretty good situation right now. but if they were to make some changes it would definitly be…

    to phoenix: raycroft and kubina/mccabe
    to toronto: cujo and peter mueller/ or possibly doan, depending on if they want mueller and turris to play together

    if this trade did happened then the lines would be…

    steen-stajan-devereaux/battaglia/or mueller, if the other trade happened

    -williams, tlusty, belak

    kaberle-mccabe/kubina depending on the trade


    if the trade did not happen, then the lines would be



    -kronwall, stralman, harrison, woz

    this is what i think…
    now for my points and goals


    sundin-32 goals 49 assists…81 points
    blake-36 goals 29 assists…65 points
    steen-26 goals 28 assists…54 points
    tucker-25 goals 30 assists…55 points
    wellwood-16 goals 52 assists…68 points
    bell-24 goals 21 assists…45 points
    poni-20 goals 19 assists…39 points
    antropov-17 goals 15 assists…32 points
    stajan-16 goals 27 assists…43 points
    battaglia-13 goals 19 assists…32 points
    pohl-18 goals 21 assists…39 points
    devereaux/kilger-11 goals 18 assists…29 points


    kaberle-16 goals 49 assists…67 points
    mccabe-15 goals 41 assists…58 points
    kubina-7 goals 39 assists…51 points
    coliacovo-5 goals 25 assists…35 points
    gill-4 goals 18 assists…22 points
    white-4 goals 19 assists…27 points

    total: goals for…305 goals against…261

    i know that is stetched but tell me what u think

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