Where will Kovalev go? Palffy on the move? Which GM will fish Nolan out of the t

This Kovalev story is becoming an unsolved mystery. Who will be the one in guilt to steal Kovalev?

Where will Palffy Zig-Zag?

Where will the Great White Shark go?

Rumors from the Rangers is that they might clear up their roster if they fail to make the playoffs. My take on that.When Craig Patrick wants to trade his top players, he appears to be a kid writing a Christmas wishlist letter to Santa Claus. ‘I want this, that, those, and these.”

Apparently, sources mention that Craig Patrick requested Lundmark and Blackburn from the Rangers, and Zetterburg and Fischer from the Red Wings.

Now, Patrick will not get anywhere with those kinds of requests. I know he has to get the best deal, but this way of doing business makes other teams lose interest in negotiating with Patrick.

But anyway, let’s talk about the former Stanley Cup Champion. I like Alexei Kovalev, I actually hated Neil Smith trading him away for Nedved. Rangers needed a center, but Neil Smith could have gotten more than Nedved for a younger precious talented Russian player. However, Kovalev’s game changed during his stay as a Penguin, he turned out to be a great offensive player, but weak defensively. As said by the ABC commentators, Kovalev loves to play for the Penguins since they let him play his style. To me, that is a weak move by the coach and that is a way of spoiling a super star. Once Kovalev joins the real world out there, he would have to adjust to what most teams play…a defensive style game as well. Even back checking is required nowadays. Heck, if Bure can do it, I think anyone with speed can.

A team that will land Kovalev, will get a sharp scorer, good power play upgrade, and adds depth….especially if put on the 2nd line. Obviously, the risks are the turnovers from his stick handling from his end of the ice up on the opponent’s blueline.

What is he worth? Depends what the team has.

Forget the Avalanche. They are in need of a center, especially when trading Drury AND Yelle. With the loss of Sakic, acquiring Kovalev is out of hte question. Also, Patrick would obviously ask for Skoula, and the Avalanche are in no shape or form to lose ANOTHER defenseman. They already needed a defenseman when Morris was healthy. Also, inexperience behind the bench might not handle a player like Kovalev. Lecroix is autodestructing the Avalanche. You CANNOT have two inexperienced coaches (one the Head the other Assistant) coaching a veteran team.

New York Rangers, I see them as a long shot since the business relationship between Sather and Patrick is not going all too well. Sather didn;t want to give up too much for Jagr, and same with Kovalev. Give me a break, Lundmark AND Blackburn? It is a long shot. But, will the media blame the Rangers just as they did with the Jagr saga if they “miss out” on Kovalev? Oh that’s right, they won’t make up their mind, they’d blame them both ways.

Toronto Maple Leafs are an interesting team. They have the right “stuff” and Pat Quinn has the right idea. His team isn’t in such need of Kovalev at such a high trade value price. Actually, Quinn may acquire a top scorer elsewhere, if he is on the block for real. Quinn is NOT a bad GM. No stats prove that. Key stats for a GM: Playoffs. He has made the playoffs enough times to call him a good GM. Also, a good coach!

Anyway, my opinion is that the media is looking too much at the playoff contenders. I think any team that CAN afford him financially would make bids.

Remember when I was discussing about Quinn and his hunt for another scorer? How about Ziggy Palffy? Trade value is MUCH lower than Kovalev’s, however…he is more expen$ive. Quinn can let the media insist on Kovalev to Toronto rumors while eh works on another deal. Big question is, “IS Ziggy Palffy available?” I think he would be depending on L.A’s chances of sticking in the playoff hunt. Hey, you never know!

Owen Nolan, the Great White Shark, might be on the block. The Sharks might as well part with Nolan. Who says Mike Ricci can’t be their next captain! Nolan is the kind of player that would fit like a velvet glove on a team like the Flyers. Just imagine Nolan giving a dirty elbow wearing a Flyer uniform. Fits right, doesn’t it? The price tag on him could be quite too high, though. Obviously the first name to pop up is Simon Gagne. With Handzus down, things could change. The Philly-Inquirer had a pretty exciting article today:


Hitchcock and Gagne not on the same page. Just a small detail to point out. In my opinion, this is the THE BEST SEASON FOR AN EASTERN CONFERENCE TEAM TO WIN THE CUP. Colorado is weak, Kings are falling out, Sharks might not even make it, Blues could be tough, but very beatable, Detroit is beatable and same with the Canucks. The best season for the East to win the Cup. I say GM Clarke must take a chance at this, acquire Nolan even if it means giving up Gagne, and make sure that his team is playoff compatible. They also need a quarterback defenseman on the point.

And that brings me to…

Once again, and I will lose count soon, the Rangers might miss the playoffs. The only positive out of this season so far is Dunham, Holik and Barnaby, and the fact that their minor league system has depth; even better next season. They can still make the playoffs. Montreal lost Hackett, Islanders lost key players, Hurricanes are fading away and trying to pull the Panthers as well. Pittsburgh is a 2 cylinder engine (without Lemieux) running at maximum rpms. This is the best chance for the Rangers to take advantage of. So, chances are still alive. Not bad seeing a $45 million dollar team on the ice for a lengthy part of the season.

If the Rangers don’t make the playoffs, it is rumored, and believed, that the Rangers will (THANK GOD) finally dismantle their team. Rangers have trade bait, and defensemen are their strength for trade bait. Weird eh? Mironov could be traded, as well as Malakhov. Flyers, Red Wings, Avalanche, or Maple Leafs could very well use a defenseman like Malakhov. Brian Leetch could be gone as well. COuld be a big change for the Rangers, and I am all for it!!! I would rather see the Rangers with a younger team from their organization and a lower payroll. But, the rich fans and Hockey Ignorant Jim Dolan will mostlikely NOT accept that.

Anyway, that’s all.

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  1. pffinlr says:

    This was an ok post but obviously posted by some frustraed Ranjerks fan. If the best player on your team is Matt Barnaby, something is terribly wrong. THe reason the media gives the Ranjerks such a hard time is because it’s well deserved. This is a mediocre organization, at best. Come on, it’s an Original Six team but it lacks the air the other O.S. teams do not. THe LAUGHABLE moves this team comes up with are legendary. It makes for good print and that’s why they are considered such a joke. Even the “mighty” Messier cannot bring this team from the depths of mediocrity. Plus, they employ some of the biggest cheap-shot artists in the game today. Kasparitis (sounds like a disease which doesn’t let you position yourself well) Holik, Barnaby, Lindros, etc, etc. No wonder they have a dirty rep. A dirty rep with a pathetic front office=an O.S. team which has the equivalent of a 90’s expansion team’s historical significance. Enjoy the links.

  2. Forsberg21 says:

    Oh and by the way, most teams do put offensive guys on the power play. Why do you think guys like Ziggy Palffy and Pavel Bure(in FLA when he didn’t care about defense at all) on the Power Play. If they were just worried about defense, teams would only have the third and fourth line guys out there, while the top two lines get a rest. That’s why Lemieux was on the ice when shorthanded, becasue he was a threat offensively, and becasue he could skate like the wind back then.

  3. pffinlr says:

    Kovalev is BRUTAL defensively. There’s no way he would fit into Hitchcock’s plans. Plus, he doesn’t have the mindset of someone who is willing to put offensive numbers on hold for a Cup. You’re telling me Gagne AND Seidenberg for Kovalev? Plus who will replace Seidenberg? MCCallister? lol. This idea is a nightmare.

  4. pffinlr says:

    IslesfaninHotlanta…are ya nuts? EVERYBODY was laughing and talking about Roenick’s comments. Snow’s comments sounded like a pre-teenager’s foul attept…they fell about 3 feet short of their mark and the only reason his comments made print is because Roenick blessed him with a witty reply. Dude, everyone was clowning on Snow after this, you gotta realize that. Maybe you missed the boat.

  5. Anvil says:

    I am a Pens fan and I really hate to see Kovy leave at all. However, I think that his trade is inevitable, but I think that with the push the Pens are making for the playoffs, they are going to hold onto him until the end of the season unless a really good offer comes through.

    I have heard the current offer by the Leafs and it sounds like a good deal, but I don’t see it happening. I think that if anything, the teams who are already in the top 8 spots are gonna try to hold onto their players unless they are in real need for a specific player. The Leafs would be giving up too much and could lead to their demise in the playoffs if the deal goes through. And the Pens could use a good denfenseman and a foward or two…and some cash would not hurt.

    To me, a Pens fan, we have seen Kovy grow immensely as a player and now possilby could be saying goodbye. What angers me is that if this deal goes through, the Pens are essentially acting as a minor league team to the other bigger market teams. We bring in a player, let them mature and/or improve then give them up only to do the whole process over. What I want to know is, when will this stop?

    I definitely won’t be suprised to see Kovy go in the off season, but I don’t think now is the right time.

  6. CaptainModano says:

    you hear things in your paper? i just read mine….

  7. tohspals says:

    The Kings cant move him for 3 reasons.

    1. Without a superstar coming in return for him the limited offense generated would dissapear.

    2. He has a bargain price tag so getting someone else with the same level of production would cost more.

    3. LA is a fragile market which this ownership knows and the season ticket holder base will go from our all time high of 11K back to the post Gretz days of 5K within a year if not immediately if a major talent at the NHL level is not coming in return. We are finishing the first five year plan they sold the fans so to fire sale now would ruin the credibility and momentum built the last 2 seasons.

  8. Kraftster says:

    Alright, we’re disagreeing on a bunch of different levels. For one thing, I am not quite sure I am following when scoring goals or setting them up was not for the team? I would classify a team player as someone who is not selfish with the puck, sticks up for his guys, shows heart. I’m intersted as to what you would add/subtract from that. Mario is not selfish with the puck, he has far more assists than goals. I’ve been to many penguin games and seen Mario stick up for the rest of the Pens, and when he’s got that fire in his eyes, there isn’t anyone in the league with more heart. THe penguins are not a good team defensively. When a player plays 20+ minutes of hockey a night, and the team has a D that is subject and inconsistent goaltending, that means there is a 33% chance that when the other team scores a goal, mario is on the ice. A weak defensive team = lots of minuses. Agreed this statistic lends itself to poor defensively play. On the other hand, the Pens do not play an all offensive gun slinging style like they did a couple years ago like you seem to keep saying. With really only 4 guys that can play that way, it’s not very conducive to have other scrappy goal guys playing wide open east to west style hockey. I watch most penguin games, they have even resorted to the 1-4 sometimes this year. Mario is also on the ice for all 2 minutes of the pp most times. That means any shorthanded goal that is scored is another minus. I think that justly explains his =/- differential. While it is a -4, I don’t think that really says much of anything about Mario’s INDIVIDUAL play. That isn’t a -4 for 4 times the other team scored because of mario’s missed assignment, that is very much a statistic that is team related. A guy like Mario lemieux is far more valuable closer to the blue line when the puck is in his own end. When mario breaks out of the zone it’s like he sees everything that is going to happen. When there are 2 wingers on the ice that will never see the game as well as he does, why not have those guys dig behind the net defensively and get the puck to mario to jump start the breakout. Despite this Lemieux i still often times backchecking in his own zone behind the net. You are right, a leader should inspire, motivate through his play. Mario does. He IS the greatest player in the game. He IS the most complete player in history. A leader brings a last place team to the stanley cup in 4 years. A leader makes a 40 goal scorer out of Rob Brown, 100+ getter out of Dan Quinn. A leader is Mario Lemieux. For what he is. And what mario lemieux is is NOT the most defensive center in the league. He is the most gifted player on the ice!

  9. pffinlr says:

    No doubt he’s not done a wonderful job. However, when the issue turns to the CBA, why is he more vilified than Goodenow? They are both to blame for this mess. The onwers and players are both after the same thing, more money. They both have that right. But Goodenow’s not even talking to Bettman about the CBA in order to avoid a lock-out. US, the fans, are the most important group. Players and owners come and go but hockey fans are lifetime members. Right now, they are losing us and Goodenow better open his eyes to reality. My wife andI can easily go to an minor pro game for under $20. I’m not saying it has to cost $20 for an NHL game but over $100 is waaaaayyyy out of control. Goodenow, needs to start talking because right now he’s the biggest reason talks aren’t happening.

  10. pffinlr says:

    1. Getting ANYTHING in return for Lindros was a steal. It could have been worse, ask Patrick about the Jagr trade.

    2. Why on Earth would anyone want Recchi, Desjardins or Therien? I would like to see them gone too but the Isles aren’t going to give you something with value for any of them. Especially Therien. If the Flyers could even get a bag of new pucks for him they should jump all over it. No one is paying $2.6 mil for a #6 d-man…welll, except for the Rumprangers (go figure). Clarke knows his only hand to play is his draft picks and cash. What team wouldn’t want those, plus a future prospect? They can’t trade away any more prospect goalies because they’re almost all gone. Speaking of prospects, IMO Clarke’s first job is to sign Pitkanen to a conract not a trade. The Flyers could have a solid group of top-4 d-men in 2-3 years: Johnsson, Pitkanen, Woywitka and Seidenberg make for a good mix of skill and size.

  11. philly-schmoo says:

    this is a replt to the philly pit trade, gange would stay home, but clarke has wasted good talent in lame trades before, remember niniima, or forsberg wearing a flyers sweater?? how about Brind’amour??, anyway I think maybe premeau, brashear, desjardins, would be a better fit, since most of us in this town are disgusted with the named players, and hey where do you guys find this info, email me @ philly_schmoo@yahoo.com

  12. pmrocks says:

    I see the Rangers going after Jan Hlavac and trading Mikael Samuelsson as reported in the NY Times on Feb. 2. Then, I see them acquiring Miroslav Satan for Dale Puriton and Rico Fata. If they were to fall out of contention by the Trade Deadline, Brian Leetch will be gone. He will definitely be traded to the Red Wings for Jiri Fischer and Henrik Zetterberg. Hopefully with all the players coming back from injuries the lineup will look like:

    Bure Lindros Satan

    Barnaby Holik Petrovicky

    Dvorak Nedved Hlavac

    McCarthy Messier Lundmark

  13. Trek505 says:

    get rid of McCarthy and Messier…and bring up players such as Garth Murray and John Tripp…so that we finally have atleast 3 rookies up playing…then next year start bryce lampman who has been playing amazing in the minors and bring up Fedor Tjutin our great defensive prospect from Russia…so our team looks like

    Bure Lindros Satan

    Hlavac Nedved Dvorak

    Lundmark Holik Tripp

    Barnaby Murray Petrovicky

    Tjutin Poti

    Bouchard Malakhov

    Kasper Lampman

    (then maybe resign Leetch after he has been traded as a rent a player)

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