Who could go where?

With all these rumors lately, there has been a lot of teams and names mentioned but nothing happening. So who could go where? Here’s a list of potential names that could be changing adress very soon….

1)Colorado : aebischer(1.9M), tanguay(3.2M) or hejduk(3.7M).

need : goalie

With a goalie needed, and a top 7 one, colorado will likely have to get rid of one of their 2 offensive stars but my bet is on hejduk. I also bet you that in 3 yrs max tanguay will have a ”C” on his jersey…that guy is their future!

2) Montreal :souray(2.1M), ribeiro(1.1M), zednik(1.9M), bonk(2.4M), maybe theo(4.5M)

need : top 4 offence or a n.2 center + defenseman

What montreal needs right now is a top 4 guy both in offence and defense..sacrificing theo for that

is useless since they’ll have to trade them for a goalie. Maybe a package deal but i’m betting on offensive player because a good defense is hard to get via trades these days…look for one of the youngsters like perezhogin or kostitsyn to be used as trade bait!

3) Buffalo : Martin Biron(2.1M)

I don’t think that his good playing recently is going to make him stay in buffalo…..i just think it’s giving Sabres GM a tool to ask for more. Right now there’s nothing that they particularly need, just will go for the best offer!

4) Chicago : aucoin(4M), calder(1.3M), maybe lapointe(2.4M), maybe khabibulin(6.75M)

need : offensive help

Wow did the hawks bid wrong this summer!

With Aucoin, lapointe and khabibulin some saw the hawks in playoffs…even if i didnt i thought they would of been better! the problem with the hawks is that they overpaid these players and their contracts are the only reason why these players don’t interest anybody else…

5) St-louis : doug weight(5.7M), keith tkatchuk(7.6M)

need : goalie +top 3 defense + offense(young players)

Losing macinnis, pronger and demitra without replacing them and trying to be competitive is mission impossible! Larry Pleau (blues GM) destroyed the chances of his team to be a contender…now has to try to get rid of his 2 big players! Normally, trading those 2 would of been easy, but once again weith the cap, nobody will take their big contracts!

6) Washington : brendan witt(1.7M), olaf kolzig(4.9M)

need : offense + defense

This team just has to rebuilt around ovechkin … their problem is that they’re still paying some of jagr’s contract that is still included in the cap…

they’ll have to stay last for about 1 or 2 more yrs…but then they’ll be really dangerous if they draft well!

7) Pittsburgh : ryan malone(0.75M), sergei gonchar(5M), leclair (2.1M)

need : top 4 def + offense

It’s a shame that all the money invested in veterans didn’t pay-off…it’s also a shame they don’t give a chance to malone…imagine building around crosby-malkin-malone…in 2 or 3 years the lemieux leclair recchi and palffy should all be retired or very close to doing so…they have their goalie in fleury…they are lucky that they can count on 3 of the last 5 first overall picks!!now they just have to build around that and wasting money on old names isn’t the way to do so!

8) Vancouver : maybe ed jovanovski(4M), maybe todd bertuzzi (5.3M), maybe brendan morrison (3.2M )

need : goalie

I don’t think vancouver is going to trade one of their big players for a big goalie because they’ll be stuck with 2 n.1 goalies when cloutier will come back…what they really need is a temporary n.1 goalie..a veteran like sean burke or even chris osgood! but i doubt they’ll trade their big players this year!

So these were the MAIN players that are most likely to be traded next…

the cap is making things that much harder!

waiting for your comments…

remember i didn’t forget all the luongo talk but i just don’t think florida will trade him!

all the salaries were taken from www.nhlpa.com

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  1. V3n0m says:

    Don’t think so, huh? Don’t worry, Weight will be in Ottawa by the trade deadline.

  2. V3n0m says:

    Weight is already coming to Ottawa as part of the “future considerations/player to be named later” portion of the Lalime trade. Sure, it looks like shit now, but then again, Pleau didn’t know Lalime would completely flame out when he agreed to it. They’re only waiting until the trade deadline so the Blues continue to pick up the bulk of his salary (which also explains why Muckler left some cap room, too).

  3. AltersEgo says:

    I heard that Crosby was going to join the Canadian Diving Team since he didn’t have what it takes to make the hockey team.

  4. Sundinfan says:

    Give up our most consistent scorer for a SOLID defenseman liek Tarnstrom? I’m game! Let’s throw in Hedjuk and Abby too to show our appreciation.

  5. Sundinfan says:

    The Avs are not going to trade for a goalie. We need defense. That’s the problem. Aebischer has proven he’s a good goalie in the past. We need to upgrade our defense, not our goalie.

  6. neilios says:

    Your kidding right Jovo straight up for Biron LOL thats funny I think Buffalo would have to throw in couple more players to pick a All-Star type player like Jovo,so who esle would Sabres have to offer up????I would say Drury and one of your Dman.

  7. habs79 says:

    That’s funny, so let me guess the trading with the Canucks is like buying from Nike. Your paying mostly for the name then the quality.

  8. dcz28 says:

    How would Edmonton know this anyways…i think the Edmonton media would like them to get Lang but nothing has been said in the Detroit media about Lang being on the trading block and i’m sure Holland would need a great offer to trade Lang since the Wings are among the top teams in the NHL and doesn’t need to be dealing anyone not to mention they want a shot at the cup…makes no sense to deal Lang unless the offer is too good by the other team and they overpay for Lang

  9. pepy23 says:

    Apparently Ribeiro will leave town, one reason is because he is not scoring and the other is that he has a few too many distractions in Montreal so probably a city like Colorado will be good for him since he will join his friend Brisebois, John Michael Liles would fit perfectly in Montreal.

    Other players who are not very useful in Mtl: Bonk, Sundstrom, Zednik, Streit, Souray,

    the only players who have a little value are Souray and Zednik.

    How about Ribeiro and Souray for Liles and Laperriere…

    Another possible trade is Theo for Brendan Morrison!

    Zednik for Brendan Witt works for me, since Zednik and Kovalev dont get along lets solve the problem

    let me know what you think

  10. pepy23 says:

    Weight as the future considerations Come on!

    Ottawa will get someone else, such as a young D

  11. pepy23 says:

    U will have to give much more than Pothier and Smolinski for Jokinen,

    i dont think Jokinen is going anywhere

  12. pepy23 says:

    Kurt Sauer, we have a lot of dead wood in Mtl already, Mark Streit anyone

    Mtl has to go with young talent and think about 3 or 4 years from now

  13. CdnBacon says:

    You on Crack Theo for Morrison!!! Who would Mtl. have in nets Rivet?? Come on …if Mtl trades Theo it will be for a goaltender.

  14. triple_deke says:

    Crack is right. Montreal fans would be hurling feces at the bell center if gainey gets rid of Theo

    and Morrison is not exactly a proven commodity

  15. triple_deke says:

    Possibly Zednik for Morrison if Zed and Kovalev are at odds with each other

  16. Purify says:

    Bertuzzi’s had worse damege in his carreer then being traded to Montreal…..

  17. MIKELOVESNHL says:

    y r we allowed to say shit crap ass but not *****

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