Why a trade with COLORADO would make perfect sense!

Why trade with detroit for NO REASON, when you can trade with colorado.
First if Toronto would trade with colorado the trade should go like this.

TO COLORADO: 3rd round pick, Brendan Bell, Staffan Kronwall, or aleksander suglobov, which ever one works., and Green

TO TORONTO: Marek Svatos

And now i will explain why this would be an EXCELLENT trade, with lines:

Extra: Kilger(maurice will find a place for him)



Who agrees with me?

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  1. polastem says:

    I like how your explanation is actually no explanation…. Colorado won't accept this trade, and really… who wants Green? As for the line combination, it looks the same, except you took out kilger, and stuck in Svatos…. wow big difference…
    congratulations, you deserve the nobel prize for this amazing trade explanation.

  2. hockey_what86 says:

    Milan hejduk is who we need i am already thinking on what # he would wear ! 32 i guess cause poni has 23 ………..ok ok i may be getting ahead of myself but this is way more realistic trade

    to Colorado
    Bell/kronwall/woz/harrison   =   whitch ever one works
    2 rd draft pick or even a 1st rounder heck  

    to Toronto
    MILAN HEJDUK = goals = Playoffs

  3. Oley says:

    why would the leafs trade almost all of their defenceive deapth…… i wouldnt count on all four of them going. i predict Bell, steen for svatos.
    i would do that. i would even trade steen straight up for svatos.

    not that im a steen hater, i just think svatos is better and worth it. a change for both players

  4. WDF says:

    Hejduk would make much better sence. Recently Steen and Oneill have been playing great, Stajan has been alright but he is not a great offensive force, Hejduk would fit onto that line better then Svatos (who like Nagy, will continue not to put pucks into the net even with a change in teams).
    Its been a change in eras in Colorado, Svatos Wolski Stasny and Budaj are the future there. Hejduk leaving will give more ice to those 3 players which is only a plus to the Avs.

    And since everyone is making lines these days.


    I didnt include stajan because I believe to get Hejduk, they will want a good roster player like Stajan and maybe a second. But well worth giving up.

  5. 92-93 says:

    i have two theories on the'genius':

    1) he clearly is a guy/gal who doesnt have their head on straight. Here's a person who has posted 3 articles here at HTR and NO comments, not even in response to his/her article. the suggetions he/she have made are shallow, thoughtless, even if they were oriented in the right direction (i.e. 'fire JFJ'). The last article about how much Toronto sucks at the draft is just downright wrong on so many levels. and now this.

    2) thegenius is doing his/her thesis on hockey chat room discussions and HTR is one of their guinea pig sites. So this person purposely posts dumb articles in order to see and study and interpret the reactions from the HTR members. maybe its a discourse analysis or something. maybe its a thesis on 'expert' culture or something?

    in any case, its sad if its #1 and puzzling if its #2.

  6. DJTOKid says:

    Stajan and Bell for Svatos
    Kronwall, Suglobov, and 3rd pick for Guerin

    Before Tucker and Wellwood return…

    After Tucker and Wellwood return…

    we know the defenece
    we know the goalie

    and if they made the playoffs…

    what a dream I just dreamt….lol

  7. Gryphon says:

    We picked Green up on Waivers, if Colorado wanted they would have picked him up. ALthough, I have heard rumors that say we may trade for Svatos, I don't this is the trade. Your lines are a bit bad! Don't quit your day job!

  8. 42wellwood42 says:

    Colorado wont accept that trade. Alot of you guys dont understand…..If you want to get a skilled player you have a give up something more then minor players! A more realistic trade would be something like this.

    To Toronto: Marek Svatos
    To Colorado: Darcy Tucker, Brendan Bell, 3rd Round Draft Pick

    On Hockeyleaks they said Toronto is in talks with Colorado about Svatos and Hejduk so I think a trade like this could happen.

    To Toronto: Marek Svatos, Milan Hejduk
    To Colorado: Darcy Tucker, Brendan Bell, Ian White, 3rd Round Draft Pick

  9. 42wellwood42 says:

    Another trade we could do since Aubin isnt happy that he isnt playing more games and there was a rumour JFJ was trying to trade ethier McCabe or Kubina would be.

    To Toronto: John-Michael Liles, Jose Theodre
    To Colorado: Pavel Kubina, Jean-Sebastien Aubin, Chad Kilger

    Then our lines could be like this…

    Hejduk Sundin Svatos
    Ponikarovsky Wellwood Antropov
    Steen Stajan O'Neill
    Battaglia Peca Pohl

    McCabe Kaberle
    Liles Colaiacovo
    Wozniewski Gill


  10. Aetherial says:

    At least you are trying to put some thought into your suggestions… looking for players a team might want to move, matching salaries etc.

    I would not trade Kubina for Theodore. The fact is Kubina might fetch you something useful if you took some bad salary back… but Theodore is taking back too much of a bad salary. He is maybe the most untradeable player in the league.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    How about this,

    Kubina to St. Luois for McKee(gives thm a guy to play with Brewer, us a better defensive forward)
    Tucker to Calgary for Boyd and a 4th round pick

    Trade Kronwall, Harrison, Bell to Colorado for Budaj
    Sign Antropov to a 4 year extension worth 6 mil, Poni 4 years worth 8 mil.
    Extension for Stajan:
    next season- 950K
    09- 1 mil
    10- 2 mil
    11- 2 mil
    12- 3 mil
    13- 3 mil
    cap hit 2 mil over 6 seasons
    Extension for Steen:
    next season- 870K
    09- 1.5 mil
    10- 2.5 mil
    11- 2.5 mil
    12- 3.5 mil
    13- 4 mil
    cap hit 2.5 mil over 6 seasons
    Extension for Wellwood:
    next season- 950K
    09- 2 mil
    10- 3 mil
    11- 3 mil
    12- 4 mil
    13- 5 mil
    cap hit 3 mil over 6 seasons

    This increases these players cap hits this season, and lowers them long term.

    This means th Leafs have 36.225 mil tied up in 16 players(roster holds 23).
    White-long term1.5 mil
    Colaiacovo- long term 1.5
    Battaglia- 2yrs 1 mil per
    Devereax- 2 yrs 1 mil per
    Peca- 1 yr 2 mil

    SIGN- Carter 1 yr 2.25 mil




    Cap hit 46 mil

    Short term, Defense and goal stay the same, lose O'neill and Tucker, and Gain Carter.

    Short term, the team loses out. However, Long term, when Stajan, Steen, and Wellwood setle as quality players, they wll be less exensive.

  12. WDF says:

    Lose two 20 goal scorers already and replace him with a guy whos struggled all year?
    And Budaj is Colorados goalie of the future, they will want a pretty penny for him maybe Pogge for Budaj straight up.

  13. 42wellwood42 says:

    Think of it this way… Kubina for Liles and Aubin and Kilger for Theodore.

  14. dstntml says:

    The Avalanche woud never accept that. Here is what I would do though.

    To Colorado:
    Matt Stajan
    Ian White
    Brendan Bell
    Jeremy Williams
    2nd round pick
    4th round pick

    To Toronto:
    Milan Hejduk
    Marek Svatos

    To Vancouver:
    Jeff O'neill

    To Toronto:
    1st round pick

    And yes I do think O'neill would land a 1st round pick, considering how much Tkachuk went for, because they both have the same amount of goals and points.

    Ponikarovsky – Sundin – Hejduk
    Steen – Wellwood – Svatos
    Tucker – Peca – Kilger
    Battaglia – Pohl – Devereux

    Kaberle – Kubina
    McCabe – Colaiacovo
    Gill – Kronwall


  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    as crazy as these rumors are, I keep hearing that the Leafs are talking to the avs about Hejduk and Svatos. the only consistent name i've seen imn stajan, but bell, steen, tucker, o'neil, and even sundin has poppped up in these rumors. the avs would be dumb to pull a deal like this., so i dont think it will go through

  16. baltic_thunder says:

    If the Leafs want to make the playoffs they better start wheeling and dealing. While Svatos would be a nice addition, Hejduk would be even nicer. And we have enough youthful talent to send the other way in either case. If the Leafs lose to the Canadiens on Monday night then panic is sure to set in. JFJ can't afford to be idle. And any manager is kidding themselves this year if they think that there will be any trade deadline bargains. The price just keeps rising in this sellers market.

  17. baltic_thunder says:

    Theodore is the most untradeable commodity in this league! Most nights he can't even stop a beach ball!!!

  18. superman1914 says:

    You leaf fans are ridiculous with these trade dreams, who in is right mind would want all the crappy players you are mentioning c'mon

  19. mojo19 says:

    you could probably write a thesis of your own on hockey chat rooms. If you do send me a copy.

  20. mojo19 says:

    Kronvall, Sugurbob and a first rounder not a third for Guerin.

  21. mojo19 says:

    Yeah that looks pretty good, and if the cap continues to rise I like what you've done with Wellwood, Steen, and Stajan. However, I don't know if Stajan will be worth all of that. And my guess would be that the Colaiacovo camp would want a short term deal, probably 2 years at around 1.5 per year, with hopes of getting a big raise to 3 or 4 mil in a couple of years.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Where is everyone hearing these rumors, someone please give me a link

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