Why Montreal Is NOT Going to Trade Halak

I have reached my limit with Halak rumors. Already, 5 games into the season, he must have been involved in over 5 rumors…

I don’t see why everybody believes Montreal will be trading Halak. If they were going to trade him, do you not think they would have kept him around in the NHL to showcase his talent?

Well they didn’t, and the reason is quite obvious! They are keeping Price in the NHL so that he can be taught first hand by Huet, and gain some NHL starts in preparation for next season when he will take the reigns. Halak is in the minors for a bloody reason people! Gainey wants him to be ready for next season/after the trade deadline when Huet is gone. Halak will have about 45-50 starts with Hamilton, and he will have improved that much more, all in preperation for next season.

It makes no sense to trade Halak, when Huet will be a UFA at years end. Who the hell will we have in nets people? Yann Danis? You’ve got to be kidding. You can not honestly think that if Price goes down Danis is the guy to keep us steady while Price recovers! Halak PROVED that he could come in when needed (in the middle of a playoff race) and provide solid goaltending. He is the sort of guy you want on your team, a guy who was easily one of the only reasons Montreal was still in the playoff picture, yet he didn’t even complain when Carbo decided to go with Huet in the final game! Does that not show character to you? Which other player on the Habs roster would not complain after playing solidly for more than 15 games and then being benched in favor of a guy who hasn’t played in months??? In fact, which player on the Canadiens roster COULD play well for 15 games?

I’d just like to tell all of you guys to please SHUT UP with the Halak rumors. He’s not moving, I’m sick of hearing his name in every rumor on RDS so that they can make their bloody dream trades to bring in another low quality French Canadian player who’ll net no more than freaking 45 points!

If anyone will be traded, it’ll be Huet, and with the stellar play he’s been showing early in the year, we might be able to get something decent in return for him at the deadline
Until the deadline, Montreal will not be moving anybody on their roster, unless it is calling up Matt D’Agostini… So please, wait until the week before the deadline to give us your stupid NHL 2008 trades, I’m sick of them already.

Thanks to all the fans who agree with me that these rumors are getting out of hand.

(Message from HTR Admin) Calm down buddie … go for a walk or something but chill out dude … rumors are for fun and are just that rumors.

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  1. jody200411 says:

    "(Message from HTR Admin) Calm down buddie … go for a walk or something but chill out dude … rumors are for fun and are just that rumors."

    LOL and yet they still post it. Good ol HTR!!

    I remember Miksters article a month or so ago when he pointed out the reasons why HTR is better than Hockeybuzz. LMFAO!!

  2. THEGREATHAB says:

    You must not be paying attention to the AHL, Halak is flopping and Danis is the top goalie.
    I say trade Halak while he still has some worth, we do have another young prospect named Desjardins who is coming along as well.
    Also Danis is very underrrated, he was the best gaolie in training camp, and is now the best goalie in hamilton, I say give him a shot, and not just one game, give him 10-15 and see how he does.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    I heard a rumor Halak won't be traded.

  4. Mr_Canuck says:

    You do realize during that ' HOT ' streak by Halak last year, his record was undefeated at home, but on the Road:

    on the road? lost all 6, GAA close to 4 and a Sv% of .870

    You really think he's NHL ready ?

  5. senators101 says:

    I didn't watch the games but if there's such a big difference in his stats, maybe that could be attributed to the team's play on the road and not just his.

  6. HoustonHab says:

    Well, I did watch all of the games… Halak got hung out to dry by his defense most nights. I can still remember yelling at the TV.

    I am very impressed by what I seen of this guy so far. He has better rebound control then most goalies and if we trade him… it will come by to haunt us like Vokoun the other night.

    However, Danis is getting the better of him right now and we will see how long that last.

  7. senators101 says:

    Well that's what I was saying to the other guy that it might not necessarily be Halak's fault.

  8. Zamphyr says:

    Geez, MtlHabs09 is taking this to heart..I guess he's dating Halak and prefers the homelife in Hamilton.

  9. ICELIZARD says:

    You are tired of hearing Halak rumours… You do realize that this IS a "Hockey trade rumour" website?  And your claim that Gainey is getting Halak ready for next year is absurd!  Assuming that Price will be #1 next year, that would mean he plays about 60-65 games (minimum).  Are you suggesting that Halak rots on the bench for most of the year?  Dude, Price is the future, not Halak!  Price would be much better suited with a veteran backup (i.e. Huet) whom already has experience being a #1 goalie in Montreal and all the pressure surrounding it.  I don't see how Halak could help Price… Just because he has a picture of Patrick Roy on his helmet doesn't mean he's a star!

    And your comment about french-canadian players was tasteless, to say the least.  I'll trade Halak for a 45 points french-canadian player any day of the week!


  10. Habroller says:

    Steve Bernier?

  11. simplyhabby says:

    Hey what happened to my reply to a comment and the comment itself?  Was it getting out of hand or something?

  12. Milohabs says:

    If Gainey thinks he can re-sign Huet for another year or 2 at a decent price, then Halak could be moved. If He thinks Huet will walk, then Halak will be playing with Price in the big leagues next year.

    As far as potential trades, Kovalev & Ryder may be moved during the season or at the deadline. A defenseman could also be moved (Bouillion/Dandenault) although qwe won't get much for them.

    Next year, the Habs will have more young players making the jump and hopefully with all the cap space they'll have after Kovi, Huet and a d-man are gone, they'll be able to finally land a UFA who can play on a top line. 

  13. TheCanadianHozer says:

    I said it once and I will say it again. We don't need Halak. Danis would be a fine backup. Besides we need VETERAN leadership! We need someone who knows the ropes to help Price along his way. There is nothing better than being able to get advice from someone who has walked the walk before. Sure you need someone to challenge you, but a mentor is even more valuable. (Like an aged veteran of war showing an up and coming warrior how to become great!)

    Now, why WON'T we trade Halak? Beause we won't really get anything worthwhile back. Any team that really needs a goalie at this point (..Phoenix..) would rather get somebody who is more proven and a little older. Its a smarter move to hang on to Halak for now as his potential to help the Habs down the line is greater than what he can bring in via the trade market as of now.

  14. habsrock99 says:

    "I'd just like to tell all of you guys to please SHUT UP with the Halak rumors. He's not moving, I'm sick of hearing his name in every rumor on RDS so that they can make their bloody dream trades to bring in another low quality French Canadian player who'll net no more than freaking 45 points!"

    So, your beef's with RDS, not HTR??? Why not find their complain box and leave your comments with them. Hell, why not walk up to Bob Gainey and tell him Halak's not getting traded? As for your theory on French Canadian Players netting 45 points, can you even name the last French Canadian player Montreal traded for that netted 45 points???

    Sylvain Blouin? Sorry, 43 PIM not 43 Points in 2002-03

    Donald Audette? Sorry, 6 points in 13 games as a Hab in 2001-02 for a total of 13 points in 33 games

    Patrick Traverse? Sorry, 5 points in 19 games in 2000-01 but, he was a defenceman

    Gino Odjick? Sorry, 44 PIM, not 44 Points in 2000-01

    Karl Dykuis? Sorry, another defenceman with 19 points in 67 games in 1999-00

    Patrick Poulin? Only 10 points in 33 games in 1997-98

    Hmm, it seems the last time Montreal traded for a French-Speaking "45 Point Scoring" player was Pierre Turgeon in 1994-95, a year when he scored "only" 47 Points in 49 games but…wait…Turgeon seemed to score 96 Points the next year for Montreal! And they "only" gave up Kirk Muller, Mathieu Schneider and Craig Darby. Hmm, they also seemed to get Vladimir Malakov as well as Turgeon. WOW!

  15. ryrad8 says:

    who did the habs get for vokoun anyways

  16. MtlHabs09 says:

    My comment system is all f'ed up, maybe because of Opera, and I can't reply to anyone's comment directly so here: This is a reply to ICELIZARD: Maybe you should actually read the article next time? I said in case Price gets hurt. Huet will not want to sit on the bench for 65-70 games next season, Halak won't mind that… And to TheCanadianHoser: Phoenix doesn't need a 4th bacup goalie in the mix, he's definitely not going there. And HabsRock99, I really don't understand whose side you are on…

  17. MtlHabs09 says:

    I didnt mean that this particular French player will even net 45 points… I was just proving a point that some people would rather take a 30 point Frenchman than a 45 point Fin…

  18. habsrock99 says:

    I'm not on anyone's side. If he gets traded, he gets traded, nothing you, nor I, nor anyone else on this site can say will change the fact on whether or not he does get traded unless Bob Gainey and company read this site daily to get trade ideas. 

  19. Rico71 says:

    The Expansion Draft when Nashville came in the League.

    They could only protect 2 goalies. They chose…Jeff Hackett and Jose 'Top Corner' Theodore.

    That was a BIG mistake. Vokoun wasn't all that good back then…but he showed great potential.

    Another lost player.

  20. Rico71 says:


    Take a chill pill or something. Halak is not the 2nd coming of Roy. He is a small goalie with a good technique. Once players and coaches know him better, they will go top corner on him…just like Theo, Legace and other small goalies. He is vulnerable when dropping in his butterfly style. He drops as soon as the puck is shot at him…opening up the corners.

    Halak at best…could be an ordinary 1B goalie on a weak team. I would love to have him back up Price next year…but do you seriously think Gainey will want a combination of 2 rookies having around 50-60 games between them? I don't think so. Halak's agent stated that his client wants to be a#1 goalie. Halak knows damn well that it will NEVER happen in Montreal.

    He is presently sulking in the AHL and hurting Hamilton. I watched 2 of his games and he sucks. It is bad for him that Price was chosen to be the #2 in Montreal this year. Halak had good games last year in Montreal. He is unhappy and I know he will not want to rot in the AHL another year.

    When I reported that Halak could be possibly traded, I simply repeated what Yvon Pedneault said on the air in the Panthers-Habs game.

    …and yeah…I would take a 45 point scoring french player ANYDAY over a washed-up journeyman like Smolinsky and a 4th liner like Kostopoulos. Maxim Lapierre and Jonathan Ferland would do a better job than him…at a lesser price. If they make stupid mistakes like giving the victory to the other team…they would be rookie mistakes. Not a mistake coming from a SUPPOSEDLY good defensive player like Kostopoulos. This guy is getting paid 900 000. Great signing Gainey…sheesh.

    French players will always be welcomed in Montreal…because we are french speaking people. The same would happen if a team was based in Finland…they would prefer finns. Its only natural.

    That it why a very ordinary player like Steve Bégin is loved here. He would be an unknown player in most teams…but not in Montreal.

    I'd just like to tell all of you guys to please SHUT UP with the Halak rumors.

    This is rather funny. This site is actually…a Hockey Trade Rumors site!!!

    I posted an article about a trade rumor. Not a rewrite of some lame reasons why the Leafs need to fire this and that. We heard all that stuff 25 times already this month.

  21. Habbertime says:

    It's too bad that everyone takes things so seriously, Rumor are just that, Rumors nothing more.
    Most of which are just comments made by the Montreal media or by the average fan.

    Personaly I think we could get some decent value for Halak right now before he tanks it in Hamilton. Danis in a good backup and all he'll ever be since Price is here. Starting the year in Hamilton would have done Price wonders in my opinion, not that he's bad but once Huet is traded at the deadline then you call him up or slightly before.

    Rumors I've read and could learn to like:

    Kovi for Tanguay. I would do it along with some draft picks or minor package deal.

    Koivu, kovi and Halak for Marleau, Bernier and pick. This is a tough one because of Koivu being included but he wants a contender and that would put SJ on top in another conference. Helps the Habs as well and gets them younger for the same cap.

    This is my thought:
    Sign Ryder to more than a one year deal and go from there and PLEASE get rid of Brise-by at all costs!!!
    Bring up Lapierre put D'Agosti back for now.

  22. habsrock99 says:

    One bad play doesn't automatically put you on the trade block because if it did, Plekanec would be shopped around right now after that horrendous game against Ottawa. He turned the puck over pretty much everytime he touched it.

    Kostopolous will find a groove and is a good veteran leader. Hate to break it to all Habs fans, Maxim Lapierre isn't all that good. Neither is Jonathan Ferland, Corey Locke or Duncan Milroy.

    Now, as for French Canadians being loved in Montreal, one thing to say to that. Brisebois. The guy's hated by the fans and even though he's made some pretty bad decisions this year, he's also made some really good plays that have saved goals. The only reason why Brisebois' even here is because he's finishing his career where it belongs, in Montreal.

  23. modk09 says:

    this website is SERIOUSLY going to the shi#er….

  24. Archion113 says:

    Whats wrong with this article?

  25. Rico71 says:

    Better to trade Ryder before he pulls a Souray on us and leaves for the team that pays him the most $$$.

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