Wild and Red Wings updates

The Detroit News is reporting that the Wings are not likely to make a mega deal at the deadline this year and the startribune.com is reporting that Gaborik is well ahead of schedule and it set to return in about 2 weeks. Although it is noted that the Wings are unlikely to make a big deal it is also reported that “”When you’ve got a legitimate chance to compete for the Cup, you want to give your team every opportunity you can” but that “A trade, however, seems to be possible but not probable.” It is also reported that the Wings are not going to be making a trade for a goalie.
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Wild News and Update In Minnesota it is reported that Marian Gaborik is well ahead of schedule and it is set to return to the Wild lineup in about two weeks time. It is also noted that even if he “walks away this summer for nothing, Risebrough said he probably won’t trade Gaborik.” It is also stated that “Risebrough said Gaborik’s value to the Wild this season is worth more than he could receive in a trade.”
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